Meet the midwives marin

Meet the Midwives of Marin

meet the midwives marin

We meet once a month up to 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and then weekly until Midwifery Care. Home Birth. Newborn, mom and midwife. After a different on-call midwife at AB left me confused about how to push the baby We live in Berkeley now, but plan to move in the next 6 months to Marin or. Luna Madre Midwifery Homebirth & Home Insemination. Butte Marin, Sonoma Licensed midwives meet and exceed the criteria set by the World Health.

Without her guidance and preparation, the difficulty we experienced would have been significatly more challenging to handle. Jake Jeri Zukoski-Best Midwife. I highly recommend my midwife, Jeri Zukoski www. She is kind, caring, and supportive and provides you with industry leading information for you to have the best birth you can possibly have. I had given birth to both of my children with her and I would not have had it any other way.

After every appointment I felt empowered, strong, supported and excited about birth instead of scared and alone. When you are at the hospital and deliver with Jeri you feel that you get first class treatment and service. I had a long 38 hour labor with my first and if I know that if it had been with any other care provider I know it would have resulted in a c-section and lots of drugs. However I had the natural delivery that I had hoped for and was so happy with how everything worked out.

Both my partner and I are extremely happy with Jeri and if we decide to have another baby she is the first person I will turn to. Lauren Looking for homebirth midwife in Berkeley Sept I am planning a homebirth and am looking for a midwife.

Can anyone recommend a fabulous homebirth midwife in the Berkeley area? I can't recommend my midwife highly enough. Pearl Yu is knowledgeable, compassionate and calm.

She is worth every penny of her fee and so much more. I have blood pressure that is susceptible to stress but during our visits it was low low low and never went up. I felt better after each visit. I can still remember the few and poignant words she spoke during my labor. She would talk more if you wanted or needed it but she respected my request for a quiet presence. They were exactly what I needed. Ultimately she supported me and my needs which are fairly unique.

I got the birth of my dreams. During postpartum she was fantastic. I cannot say enough good about her. Contact her pearlfin [at] gmail. There are two midwives in the practice, Mason and Mollie who was on maternity leave but is now back. Our midwife was Mason. Our prenatal sessions were tailored to our needs and questions, and Mason responded promptly to questions via email and phone through the prenatal and postnatal period.

meet the midwives marin

We're so thankful our homebirth for our firstborn was everything we hoped for - Nova Midwifery helped make that happen. We also recommend our doula Jessica Premsangha Prakasha www. I am delivering my first child in December and just moved to Oakland. I have been getting prenatal care from the amazing group of OBs and midwifes at St.

Lukes is super pro natural birth with a very low rate of any invasive procedures plus there is a dedicated midwife during delivery, those factors are making me not want to leave. I would love recommendations for an Alta Bates affiliated OB in the Oakland area as well as any personal experience with delivering at that facility.

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At AB, do you have to have a dedicated midwife, or are there midwives on staff? If dedicated midwife, do you have any recommendations? Does anyone have experience with the tubs in their delivery rooms?

Thank you for any and all information you can provide. She was my midwife for the birth of my first child, and I was very pleased with the whole experience. Office visits are not that much different than you might have with an OB - she's calm, efficient, to the point, no nonsense.

The delivery room is where she really shines! After a different on-call midwife at AB left me confused about how to push the baby out because of her age, Shui Li doesn't work in the middle of the nightShui Li arrived at 4 am in an air of calm confidence and the baby was born in 15 minutes, three pushes later. Shui Li fan I highly recommend my midwife, Jeri Zukoski www. She, along with the L nurses at Alta Bates were amazingly supportive of my wishes for an intervention-free birth.

I gave birth to my first child without pain meds or tearing thanks to Jeri and the nurses. Her back-up midwife, Lindy Johnson seems equally as competent. They have both been practicing for many years. I was also told that the intake staff often give preference to midwife clients for jacuzzi tub rooms 3 of 24though many of the rooms have regular bathtubs.

Aug This is my first time delivering in the Bay Area. I know for sure I want to work with a midwife. I want to deliver at a hospital for many reasons. I am a low risk pregnancy. I really like her. The problem is she doesn't deliver from 9pm-4am, and I'm not sure I'm willing to take that risk. Therefore it seems I need to work with more than one midwife, say a team or practice of practitioners.

Can anyone share a great hospital-practicing midwife team with me other than Hsui-Li or single practitioners? Thanks for helpful advice! I delivered all 3 of my kids at Kaiser Walnut Creek, mostly because of the wonderful midwives on staff there. The midwife teams were all amazing, and though I had not met them prior to delivery, I felt completely confident with each one that I met and labored with. At shift change, another would come on and take over.

In addition, they very much supported my wishes to have drug free deliveries. Because of the Kaiser systemwhere more than likely you do NOT have your OB deliver your baby, I decided to hire a doula who I knew before to have a source of consistency present during labor other than my husband.

My doula worked beautifully with the midwives on staff and vice versa. I felt completely supported by the Kaiser midwife teams, my doula and husband and was able to have 3 deliveries that I hoped for- natural, hospital births.

I wish you the best! Thank you anonymous we used judy for a homebirth 5. Judy is kind, caring, supportive and took her time in prenatal appointments.

She was supportive and strong during the birth and afterwards, she and her partner cleaned up so fast that you wouldn't ever have known a birth occurred. This was our one and only homebirth experience and it was so empowering! Feel free to email me with more questions. I chose her because I wanted someone with her skills, experience and worldview regarding birth.

In this regard she is unique in the Bay Area. I'd say she is one of the least ''medicalized'' midwives around and this was important to me. She trusts birth and pregnancy beyond the lip service many others pay this idea and she also has the experience and skills to know when something is up and medical intervention is needed.

Where I found Judy difficult is that she doesn't listen well and is not great at holding space for other people, also important skills for a midwife to have. I often felt emotionally disconnected from her and not heard by her, which was difficult.

She is a vivacious and bubbly person with lots of stories and I appreciate this about her. At the same time she is not skilled at making space for the most important person in the process -- the pregnant woman!

I am writing my dissertation and just found out I'm pregnant! I really liked Hsui-Li over the phone, but my main concern was that it sounds like she does not come to the hospital between 9pm and 4am, and you are largely with her group of backup midwives.

I'm curious if anyone has worked with her under this model I gather it's a recent shift in her practice about 1. Did you like the other midwives in the group? Are they as experiences as she? Does it leave you more at the liberty of the more medicalized Alta Bates staff not to have someone with you from the time you arrive at the hospital?

Any advice you might be able to give about Lindy Johnson and Deborah Coleman would be great, or anyone else I'm missing particularly if they're blue cross preferred provider. She also seems to have both very good and a couple very bad reviews online. Thank you so much for any advice you can offer. This is a whole new world for me. It's my first pregnancy and I'm not necessarily against standard hospital medicine.

Hi there, I also had my daughter in grad school. She's almost 2 now and I'm finally in my last semester. We delivered with the midwives at Sacred Birth Place. They also do deliveries at their birth center, in hospitals, or even at home.

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I cannot recommend the group enough. You will have a main midwife and several others for support or in the odd event that the main midwife cannot be there.

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There are also very supportive group meetings every two weeks. The women I met in those groups are now some of my closest friends. They have open house information nights if you want to know more. Your homebirth midwife will know how to skillfully facilitate any necessary utilization of hospital-based services including ultrasounds, genetic testing, and labor transfers if needed or requested.

Some clients choose to only see a homebirth midwife for care, others choose to do a few visits with a hospital-based provider, and yet others choose full concurrent care and mirror their midwifery care with a hospital provider throughout their pregnancy.

Your constellation of providers is your call. How much does all this cost? A typical Homebirth care package includes all prenatal care either in your home or an officethe birth no matter how epicusually a second midwife at the birth, and all the postpartum care.

The postpartum period is where homebirth midwifery really shines. Whereas in the hospital mothers and babies get hours of monitoring and then no visits at all until the six week visit for mom with a single pediatric check-up for baby, your homebirth midwife will provide full care for both mother and baby typically in the comfort of your own home.

This includes multiple visits in the first six weeks. Additionally, when you hire a homebirth midwife, you are getting the benefit of continuity of care, a provider who knows you and is readily available for questions and concerns. Can I pay for it in eggs from my backyard chickens, reiki sessions, or Bitcoin?

Will my insurance cover any of this? Though many midwives will accept a certain amount of trade for their services most families are going to pay some amount out of pocket.

If you have a PPO, your insurance will likely cover your homebirth at the out-of-network rate. If you are struggling with the financial piece, many midwives will work with you on extended payment plans or hardship discounts. Ask your friends and family for a loan, put your homebirth on your birth registry, or crowd source.

meet the midwives marin

If I have a homebirth will my child ever be documented and have a passport, or are they off the grid forever? Do you really want to commute in labor? Getting in your car between contractions with birth juices running down your legs and your partner slowing over pot holes seems pretty uncomfortable. Why not stay home? Brandi Schrauger Perez, LM, CPM My calling to midwifery began years before I was a mother, emerging from both my ruminations about the ills of society and also my personal experience with the limitations of modern medicine.

It was from this vantage point that I began to see how midwifery is like an acupuncture point for all of society. I became deeply inspired to help one baby and one family at a time. During this time I also completed three years of apprenticeship in two separate homebirth practices in rural Vermont, where I was able to integrate my academic experience and further my learning under seasoned midwives. Following my apprenticeship, I undertook a two-month clinical rotation at a high volume birth center on the U.

I am also certified in Neonatal Resuscitation. Over the years I have continued my study of nutrition, and am particularly focused at the intersection of food wisdom, epigenetics, and our power to impact the health of future generations that lies therein. I am blessed to mother 3 children—two by birth and one by marriage.

The homebirth of my daughter in and my son in both brought me profound personal lessons that I continue to reflect on. As both a mother and a midwife, I see that the care a woman receives during the time around her birth deeply influences her experience and her confidence as she enters into motherhood. One of my primary goals in this work is to preserve the childbearing year as a rite of passage and facilitate it in a way that is safe, real, and respectful.

With every joy and challenge of birthing and raising children, I was unknowingly gaining tools for myself as a midwife.

Each of my three children was born at home with the guidance of midwives.

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Though all of their births were unique, what remained constant was the support and high quality care I received. Midwifery care fostered a foundation of feeling empowered in myself to make my own choices about what was best for my body and baby. I gained a trust in birth as a natural occurrence and a trust in myself as a mother and a woman.

I began taking midwifery classes with a local midwife, Jan Perrone, and also attending conferences and workshops. I apprenticed with a local homebirth practice, Madrone Midwifery, from until During this time, I also trained at a freestanding birth center in Utah called Better Birth, where I was able to practice repetitive skills with a wide variety of clients in a high volume birth setting. I have studied natural herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, and spiritual energy work.

When beginning my journey into midwifery I never could have imagined what I would receive back. Bearing witness to the growth and transitions of women and families during such a sacred time is an honor I hold close to my heart.

The connection and friendships I gain in this wonderfully close-knit community brightens my life continually. Through each pregnancy, each birth, one baby at a time, I sense a gentle shift toward a more loving and heart centered humanity.