Meet the hutterites inbred children

The Las Vegas Badger: Real Hutterites On American Colony: Meet The Hutterite

meet the hutterites inbred children

Hutterites don't send their children to outside schools, because they are deeply . “American Colony: Meet the Hutterites” is the name of the reality .. of the Hutterite community, isn't there a potential for massive inbreeding?. Moreover, development also seemed to be affected for “the children of In the USA the most 'inbred' whites are the Hutterites, Amish, Irish. Real Hutterites On American Colony: Meet The Hutterite . I thought the slow way they talked was due to inbreeding. .. No child in should ever be put into the position of facing family pressure isolated and alone,forcing.

meet the hutterites inbred children

This colony shows itself as disrespectful and undisciplined. I have expected a body of elders to show up and question their values. Although no one seems to want to take responsibility to teach these folks how they are harming their spiritual path, and the reputation of their colony. One can only hope this is fake, staged and that makes me question their motives for doing so.

At one time I considered wanting to join the Huteritte faith. It is a good thing there was nothing like this back then. Please show your love and counsel this colony before it is too late.

My Visit To A Hutterite Colony {+ How Hutterites are NOT like the Amish}

All walks of life have moments of change and transition, and what I learned from watching this show is that at least this colony of Hutterites seem to be grappling with that. Some of their traditions seem lame and horribly outdated to someone from the outside.

But I also respect that they have the right to live how they want. Everyone should be allowed to choose their own destiny. They knew what they would be getting themselves into, and while a show cannot broadcast all the hours of footage they shot, I believe they showed an honest representation. Good, bad, ugly, funny, and sad. At first, I will admit I had no idea about the Hutterites….

I will gladly say that Bertha Hofer is truly an inspiration because of her faith in Jesus Christ has carried her through some really difficult times. All in all, I believe the good outweigh the bad on the TV show.

I have to say as a christian who has studied several religion I had never heard of the Hutterites and I found it very facinating to watch. As with most reality shows the producers are looking for ratings… so it is wise for anyone to keep in mind that it mostlikely does not represent the entire group. Thank you for the blog and helping to educate myself and others about this group.

I am looking forward to learning more!! You are a blessed people. I have been a strong and independent woman of my 45 years, and was saddened with how the woman of the community are treated! Matt In Kentucky said: I, as an outsider to your world, have seen the media trash groups. My take is that by stripping you of the only thing the outside world knows about you, your religion, they opened the door to some actual Christianity.

I witnessed hard work and fair play. I saw no genuine anger. It is the artistic staff at National Geographic that stole your cane to show that you can walk. If nothing else it proivides the people who had no eposure to the lifestyle at all some insight, and given the history of this country i promise that you are better off in this ever changing and challenging world with understanding, especially if you are a religious minority that has been from Germany, Austria, Russia, the Ukraine, and half way accross the United States partly because there was a lack of that understanding.

I see the fact that the children speak to their parents and elders about their conflicts to be an encouraging sign. I have noticed many think the only way to be respectful is to be totally obedient to elders. Christ was not completely obedient to those who would have been considered his elders or betters. Questioning can lead to understanding, and a mind that questions is less easily led than one taught to mute acceptance. I have been watching the series and have been disappointed to see so little information about the religious beliefs which led the Hutterites to live in the colonies as they do.

The positive is that I then sought more information on the Internet. The one thing that I think I would have difficulty with if I had grown up in such a community, is that the roles and expectations are so clearly defined as to what will be the work of an adult.

What happens if a child is found to have artistic, literary, or musical talents, for instance?

meet the hutterites inbred children

Tending cattle, farming, cooking and cleaning would not give the outlet that a creative person would need as much as air. James Bruce Tinsley said: I was raised as a Roman Catholic but I have fallen away from the church. So I have a question is it possible for a Christian outside the colony to join a colony? I very much wish to live my life closer to god and live a much more traditional life I would very much appreciate a honest answer thank you Janet said: All in all, I LOVE the show, I love the people in it and I for one, understand that it is scripted— but at least we get to learn some things about this nice group of people.

You can also tell that everyone cares for everyone else and that it is a very caring and giving society in which they live. Thank you for sharing with us your lives and customs. Now saying that, I believe the elders have put too much emphasis on the negative instead of relishing the postives of this show. I watch to see and learn how they do things in nonconventional ways. Anyone can see the stuggles of everyday life they are put through. I love the warmth of the meal making scenes, seeing how they harvest their gardens, what is done with the produce, the cattle, how to men their fences, I could go on and on….

Let them be proud of reaching beyond their colony by doing this show, to make someone smile or trigger a memory about a lost loved one who maybe taught a few of those things in their lives at some point. The colony is a beautiful show with amazing people who the Hutterites should be very proud of and not feel shame in any way. They represent ALL Gods people, in every struggle in some form.

Trials to establish a communal living in Johannisruh after did not succeed. It took until inwhen the Hutterites had already relocated to South Dakota, that a few families from Johannisruh, led by preacher Jacob Wipf, established a third group with communal living, the Lehrerleut. Most Hutterites are descended from these latter Named for the leader of each group the Schmiedeleut, Dariusleut and Lehrerleut, leut being based on the German word for peoplethey settled initially in the Dakota Territory.

Here, each group reestablished the traditional Hutterite communal lifestyle. Some colonies were disbanded before these decisions were overturned in the Supreme Court. In the most severe case, four Hutterite men subjected to military draft who refused to comply were imprisoned and physically abused. Ultimately, two of the four men, the brothers Joseph and Michael Hoferdied at Leavenworth Military Prison from mistreatment, after the Armistice had been signed ending the war.

All 18 existing American colonies were abandoned, except the oldest one, Bon Hommewhere Hutterites continued to live. Other colonies moved to Canada but did not sell their vacant colonies. Inalarmed at the influx of Dakota Hutterites buying copious tracts of land, the province of Alberta passed the Communal Properties Act, severely restricting the expansion of the Dariusleut and Lehrerleut colonies.

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The act was repealed inallowing Hutterites to purchase land. This act resulted in the establishment of a number of new colonies in British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Partial return to the US[ edit ] During the Great Depression when there was a lot of economic pressure on farming populations, some Schmiedeleut moved back to South Dakotaresettling abandoned property and buying abandoned colonies from the Darius- and the Lehrerleut.

Theology[ edit ] Contrary to other traditional Anabaptist groups like the Amish, the Old Order Mennonites and the Old Colony Mennoniteswho have almost no written books about Anabaptist theologythe Hutterites possess an account of their belief by Peter Riedemann Rechenschafft unserer Religion, Leer und Glaubens and theological tracts and letters by Hans Schlaffer, Leonhard Schiemer and Ambrosius Spittelmaier are extant.

Colonies in the modern era have been shifting to manufacturing as it gets more difficult to make a living on farming alone.

The colony is virtually self-sufficient as far as labor, constructing its own buildings, doing its own maintenance and repair on equipment, making its own clothes, etc. This has changed in recent years and colonies have started to depend a little more on outside sources for food, clothing, and other goods.

meet the hutterites inbred children

Hutterite agriculture today is specialized and more or less industrialized. Hutterite children therefore have no close contact with farm animals anymore and are not protected from asthma through close contact with farm animals, like Amish children are, but are now similar to the general North American population.

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meet the hutterites inbred children

May Learn how and when to remove this template message Hutterite colonies are mostly male-managed with women participating in roles such as cooking, medical decisions, and selection and purchase of fabric for clothing. Each colony has three high-level leaders. The two top-level leaders are the Minister and the Secretary. A third leader is the Assistant Minister. The Minister also holds the position as President in matters related to the incorporation of the legal business entity associated with each colony.

The Secretary is widely referred to as the colony "Manager", "Boss" or "Business Boss" and is responsible for the business operations of the colony, such as bookkeeping, cheque-writing and budget organization. The Assistant Minister helps in church leadership preaching responsibilities, but will often also be the "German Teacher" for the school-aged children. The term "boss" is used widely in colony language.

Aside from the Secretary who functions as the business boss, there are a number of other significant "boss" positions in most colonies. The most significant in the average colony is the "Farm Boss. This includes crop management, agronomycrop insurance planning and assigning staff to various farming operations.

Beyond these top-level leadership positions there will also be the "Hog Boss","Dairy Boss", and so on, depending on what agricultural operations exist at the specific colony. In each case, these individuals are fully responsible for their area of responsibility and will have other colony residents working in their area.

The Minister, Secretary, and all "boss" positions are elected positions and many decisions are taken to a vote before they are implemented. The voting and decision-making process at most colonies is based upon a two-tiered structure including a council—usually seven senior males—and the voting membership which includes all the married men of the colony.

For "significant" decisions the council will first vote and, if passed, the decision will be carried to the voting membership. This structure has resulted in a democratic culture in most colonies. Officials not following the democratically selected decisions can be removed by a similar vote of a colony. There is a wide range of leadership cultures and styles between the three main colony varieties.

In some cases very dominant ministers or secretaries may hold greater sway over some colonies than others. However, the general prevailing culture in most colonies is strongly democratic. Women and children hold no formal vote in decision-making power in a colony.

My Visit To A Hutterite Colony {+ How Hutterites are NOT like the Amish} | Happy Money Saver

They often hold influence on decision-making through the informal processes of a colony's social framework. Overarching all internal governance processes within a single colony is the broader "Bishop" structure of leaders from across a "branch" Lehrer- Darius- or Schmiedeleut such that all colonies within each branch are subject to the broader decision-making of that branch's "Bishop" council. A minister of a colony who does not ensure his colony follows broader "Bishop" council decisions can be removed from his position.

Community ownership[ edit ] Hutterites practice a near-total community of goods: This practice is based largely on Hutterite interpretation of passages in chapters 2, 4, and 5 of Actswhich speak of the believers "having all things in common".

Thus the colony owns and operates its buildings and equipment like a corporation. Housing units are built and assigned to individual families but belong to the colony and there is very little personal property. Lunch and dinner meals are taken by the entire colony in a dining or fellowship room. Men and women sit in a segregated fashion. Special occasions sometimes allow entire families to enjoy meals together.

Individual housing units do have kitchens which are used for breakfast meals. Daughter colonies[ edit ] New colony Each colony may consist of about 10 to 20 families may not always applywith a population of around 60 to When the colony's population grows near the upper limit and its leadership determines that branching off is economically and spiritually necessary, they locate, purchase land for, and build a "daughter" colony.

The process by which a colony splits to create a new daughter colony varies across the branches of colonies. So why do they have such thick accents? You never see them pray and they swear a lot. Hardly, Hutterite behavior, especially by the young kids.

Finally, the lack of respect by the young kids to the elders would never be tolerated. But here is an expert view on the show: There are dysfunctional colonies and Amish and Mennonite communities with colorful behavior that embarrasses their parent bodies. In a sense they are fair game to secular documentarians and their audience. But this tightly edited series is something else. Scripted scenes are juiced with a music track.

If only the quality of the camera work were matched with subtlety of spiritual insight. The only thingI would differ from them is that I think these are actors poorly imitating Hutterites and they are using stock footage of their farm, though I may b wrong on this one.

In the end, American Colony: Meet The Hutterites is a fake show, joining other fake shows like Operation Repo, South Beach Tow, Hard Core Pawn, Pawn Stars and many others in which they insinuate that the scenes are real, but at best, they are cheap reenactments.