Meet the heroes dota cinema vod

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meet the heroes dota cinema vod

DOTA 2 VODs. Here you can see VODs for all past Dota 2 games. For searching you can select the tournament, stage, round, team, player, and hero. Meet Your misjon.info2 vs AlbumSheet. Synergy League Dota 2 - March Results, VODs, Drafts Meet Your misjon.info2 vs AlbumSheet. Game 1. MEET POINT live results, schedules, VODs, streams and news coverage.

Trying to keep your teammates together to achieve the goal of winning. Practicing the same heroes over and over to master them even if its boring. There's a lot of things to consider when going over your mistakes, but it would take too long for me to write about it, perhaps another time. In DotA 1, playing in-house leagues was the best way to improve individually. Sadly in DotA 2, there aren't many of these leagues, and the pool of players in the current in-house leagues are weaker in comparison to DotA 1.

Even if the pool of players are strong, the seriousness of the game may be low with some players literally throwing on purpose. When trying to learn a hero or a role, studying a pro player in-depth can be very useful. There is usually a reason in how a player lanes, moves, or for the decisions they make. Depending on your current level of understanding and your ability to focus watching replays can be very boring!

You can watch a replay, then watch it again in a month and you may learn something new. There are some traps in watching a replay though, unlike SC where things are done optimally, many things in DotA are not done optimally even by pros. I remember trying to learn invoker so I watched Pajkatt play it.

I got so confused because his invoke was always off CD but he wouldn't invoke his new spell inefficient spell casting or he would run home at lvl 25 with 3 orbs of exort runs way slower. Not trying to flame him, I rate Pajkatt very highly but I'm trying to point out that are things that pros don't do optimally and it's up to you to improve on that yourself. Watching casts can sometimes help your game as well, but most casters don't go too in-depth about the game, which is what you need.

Watching tryhard streams is probably better than the above two options. I suggest either my channel or Merlini. Most streamers don't really try, but I haven't watched too many streams so I might be wrong.

A large number of things can be learned by playing single player or playing practice mode in general. Using multiple units to stack ancients etc.

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When you get an idea, spend some time on single player trying to develop it! Networking Networking is very important in DotA 2, simply by ringing for a top team AdmiralBullDogor playing a pub with a strong stack may increase your chances of finding a team.

It's important to make a lot of friends with strong players, you really never know when you might become teammates with them. I honestly didn't care which country my players were from when recruiting, but who would of thought I would end up playing with 4 Swedes. In this fragile community where any small bad blood may lead to many players hating each other, it's important to try to be friendly with everyone.

Even if people hate you, it's probably for no real reason anyway, so who cares.

Becoming a DotA 2 Pro, my Experience and Thoughts.

Well, I'm pretty awful at these things, I suggest FluffnStuff's blog for more on networking. Finding creating a team: Finding a team is one of the most difficult things in DotA, even more so if your new to the scene.

A team must consist of 5 skilled players, where their roles fit, their schedules align, they must all be dedicated, be able to communicate, and their personalities must fit.

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When considering players for a team, the 6 things mentioned must all be looked at. There is probably a decent pool of players in NA alone 50? However, you can't just magically find 5 of these players. And even if you do, its not like any combinations of the 5 will work out, perhaps only 1 or 2 combinations will work out only.

The first problem lies in the difficulty of even finding these 5 players. This problem lies in the DotA 2 system and community. In SC2 where it is easy to spot a good player by playing directly against them or looking at the ladder rankings.

Sadly, in DotA 2, there is no such thing as a ladder system, and I wouldn't even know how it would work with things such as friends stacking even if there was one.

meet the heroes dota cinema vod

Also DotA 2 is very complex, you can't tell someone is good or bad even if you play against them or with them. Because the decisions of other players affect their game, and its also hard to keep track of everyone. Also people mess around.

meet the heroes dota cinema vod

The community also makes it very difficult to find players. There's a lot of nonsense going on in DotA. For some reason if one person thinks the other is awful, the other will automatically think your awful as well.

Dendi could go on a smurf and call some random low MMR player awful, then that person would consider Dendi awful. That's one problem with DotA 2, there's so much hate! I was very much hated by so many people for just simply just trying in pubs, for my voice, or other random things, when I've never been personal with any of these haters.

I had random beef with Blitz because some of his viewers claimed I said "Blitz is awful, he should quit playing DotA. Especially since he takes time off from streaming, his income, just to practice. Also, I was considered awful by many players before winning DH, now all of a sudden a lot less people think I'm awful.

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I'm pretty sure I barely improved during the event. The hatred can be pretty random. It's like every known player hates each other. This scenario was repeated when considering players: It was so difficult finding the suitable players for the team, and I haven't even gotten into the rest of the problems yet.

The roles on the team must match the players. There are rare players such as AdmiralBullDog who is willing to learn every role study replays, spam the heroesbut most other players aren't willing to do this. Usually there is a large pool of players that claim they can play the Solo or Carry role, but for some reason they can't play anything else. These players either refuse to learn another role or give it a day or two and claim "its not for me.

Players try their best to avoid playing these roles. As I've said before, casters in DotA lack competitive understanding, and even if they give credit to the supports its always vague like "oh don't forget about the supports its not a solo game! For example, someone is unable to last hit under the tower, or they don't play Invoker optimally. Many of these players are unwilling to learn and claim "X famous Player doesn't do this, so I don't have to do it either!

In my experience, there were situations were I was able to play a certain role, but because the incompetent player claims they can't play any other role, we were stuck. We couldn't just simply replace the player as decent players are hard to come by.

Well, originally I was a mid player in HoN, but I switched to support to better fit my team's roles.

meet the heroes dota cinema vod

I personally think that a DotA player is capable of playing any role if they put time into it. I think people who claim they can never play a certain role are just lazy or delusional.

I can send you the official press release if that would help verify. You really should not directly edit team templates. So I edited related pages. It may take a day or two to be updated. Just trying to keep the wiki consistent. If you think that it should be changed I would recommend talking to the admins of the wiki over IRC.

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They normally respond within 20 minutes or so. Are there any other features you can think of? Originally when I made the page, I thought it was "Iwy" because his name isn't capitalized, and also that was how commentators were pronouncing it. His actual name is "Lwy" but the "L" is lowercase.

meet the heroes dota cinema vod

Do you think you could find format, prize pool distribution, invited teans, and so forth? Thanks, Elyvilon talk Please keep me posted! Those templates were created for use in spaces where we have limited space.

Becoming a DotA 2 Pro, my Experience and Thoughts.

A major place these are used is in the match tickers, and the full newbee name is so long that it breaks into multiple lines, and looks really bad. Other teams are like this as well, and would be good to shorten, but short forms for some teams arent always immediately obvious for example, CDEC. A is still pretty long, being all caps, and isnt easy to shorten. I believe we have increased the width for the match tickers a little bit to try and help, but some other places we can't do this like on team page tickers.

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