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meet the family tf2 comics

Oct 5, Meet the Director is a comic, released on May 5, Patch to been mailed potentially compromising photographs of their family or home. Feb 10, A Cold Day in Hell (also known as Team Fortress Comics #3) is a . is revealed to be dead and on the dinner table of Heavy and his family. . but has already appeared in the TF2 universe as a cameo in Meet the Sniper. Zarya meets the Heavy's family Overwatch Tracer, Overwatch Comic, Team Mercy from Overwatch and Medic from TF2 have a conversation Medicínske.

Screaming that they have fallen into a trap, Zhanna and Soldier snap the first sailor's neck they can get their hands on, together. Spy shoves them aside, and asks one of the men to give him their submarine.

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Zhanna, mad about the lack of excitement, orders a man to fight her and he gladly complies, though none of his attacks have any effect on her at all and she ignores him. Spy notes that the base's Australium supply ran dry long ago, and the men are therefore powerless. Heavy and Scout have since arrived at their destination - Ayer's Rock [sic], deep in the outback. Heavy informs Scout that, despite outward appearances, the rock is truly made of Australium.

Scout, thinking Heavy an idiot, punches the rock, and it slides immediately without protest.

meet the family tf2 comics

Scout jumps back and announces that he has suddenly become super-humanly strong, but Heavy crushes his fantasy by opening the hidden entrance and revealing that it's made of balsa wood and Styrofoam. Inside is a giant abandoned Australium mine, and Heavy notices footsteps leading down the scaffolding.

As Scout leans over the railing, a bullwhip swings up and grabs him by the neck, pulling him downwards. Heavy jumps down after him and there they find Saxton Hale and Mags Margret. Maggie instantly frees Scout, mistaking him for a "little boy", which Scout protests. The pair both perceive Scout as something less than a true man and refuse to talk to him directly, to Scout's frustration.

Saxton plans to fight the two mercenaries, but they reveal that they are in his employ. Saxton asks if the Administrator had sent them, and Heavy confirms Saxton's suspicion.

Saxton reveals that the mine has been stripped dry, and announces that he and Maggie will team up with Heavy to find the thief he is, of course, still ignoring Scout.

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Back at Sniper's parents' house, Demoman and Miss Pauling are tied to dining-room chairs, Demoman just having woken up from the injection he had received earlier.

As Demoman begins planning to free them, Sniper sticks Demo again and begins to explain himself to Miss Pauling. He revealed that his parents had passed away six months earlier [shortly after Mann Co. He has no idea who his true parents are, but believes Miss Pauling must know.

He plans to interrogate her, but Miss Pauling explains that they came specifically to get him to come along to visit his real parents. While leaving the house, Pauling critiques the graves in which Sniper had planned to bury them, and the pair exchange theories on body disposal methods on the way out.

Meanwhile, Engineerwearing a BLU team uniform, is performing a medical procedure on an old woman. He removes the previous Australium life-extender that was embedded in her forearm, and replaces it with what he calls the "mark five. He somberly reveals that, since the Australium supply is running out, she will invariably die when this supply is gone.

The woman, then shown to be quite elderly, but with a resemblance to the present Administrator, explains that she only needs a little while longer, "to settle an old debt.

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Pauling voices concerns to Soldier that Zhanna simply isn't trustworthy, citing the ear necklace that Soldier had given her earlier. Unfortunately, Soldier had failed to convey that Zhanna was fluent in English, and she in turn voices similar distaste for Miss Pauling. Miss Pauling explains that the lost country of New Zealand had been different from Australia, having been populated by great minds even without Australium to aid them, and they had sunk their country to the bottom of the ocean in order to isolate themselves.

She goes on to confirm that this is where she expects to find Sniper 's parents, and the sub then travels through a hole in the nation's glass dome, and then pulling into a small port inside an underwater cave with a large air pocket. As soon as the team empties out of the port, Sniper in the front, Sniper's dad makes his appearance. Many years ago, Sniper's dad, far younger, spoke to a council of New Zealand leaders.

He says that he urged them to listen to him and move the country underseas, but that they ignored him. The council corrects saying that they did everything he suggested and were, in fact, underwater, but that the supposedly looming catastrophe that drove them there never occurred. Sniper's father attempts to claim that this actually validates his claims, and that he is as right now as he was then.

Forty years later, Redmond and Blutarch were still engaged in their unwinnable war. As Blutarch neared death from old age, he called in an expert craftsman named Radigan Conagher to construct for him a machine that would allow him to live on, to "make [him] a monster", by artificially extending his life.

Upon returning to his store that evening, Radigan found a stranger who had already made her way past his locked door. Knowing she couldn't convince Radigan to change his mind about building Blutarch's life extender, this stranger asked Radigan to build Redmond a machine as well. As payment, she gave him a hundred pounds of Australium — a powerful element found only in Australia which had caused the nation of unintelligent savages to become extremely intelligent and develop such technological marvels as teleportation and cloaking techniques.

Radigan agreed and became super-intelligent due to the Australium. He went on to develop Life Extender Machines for Redmond and Blutarch, and at least one more for an unnamed party. Blutarch provides Dell with his grandfather's papers, robbed from Radigan's desecrated grave. Dell repairs and improves the design of the Life Extender Machines. The design of the Sentry Gun manufactured and sold by TF Industries, and widely employed in the Gravel and Robot Wars, is credited to Dell Conagher, although the original design is his grandfather's.

The Administrator Helena possible descendant of Elizabeth, acts as the overseer of the large-scale battles fought amongst these nine mercenaries. Comic When the RED Demoman and BLU Soldier meet and become friends at an explosives convention, the Administrator is severely angered as they may share information about their job and discover they're working for the same person.

With the help of Saxton Hale, she misleads both men into thinking the other is trying to kill them, sparking a bloody war. Senate investigation Shocking testimony. The rocket is originally fueled with liquid Australium, with the entire national reserve of the United State's Australium being committed to the project. Shortly before takeoff, Saxton Hale replaces the Australium with defective suitcase explosives.

As a result, the rocket crasheskilling Poopy Joe. Saxton unsuccessfully tries to cover up the event in subsequent Senate hearings. Moreover, after the crash, no trace of the supplied Australium was found. The Senate investigation is promptly closed when a Ms. Online Later, Saxton Hale discovers the Internet which notably did not exist untilthe year after and uses it to open the online Mann Co.

Store for players to purchase weapons and items. Blood Brothers Seeking to take control of Reliable Excavation and Demolition and Builder's League UnitedGray Mann sent two tear-stained letters to each of his brothers in secret, hoping to get them to meet with each other. Redmond and Blutarch rented the Alamo, and apparently transported it to New Mexico for their meeting, guarded by a group of Engineers under Redmond's employ.

Blutarch proposed the idea of a truce, and foolishly suggests the idea of a pregnancy machine, stating that they can use it on one of them to produce an heir, ignorant of the absurdity of the plan. Blutarch states that because of the pointless fighting all of their life, the Mann Family Line would die out.

Redmond agreed, and the two shook hands, each thanking each other for "sending" the tear-stained letter to the other. After the two shake, Gray enters the Alamo, having killed Redmond's Engineers, leaving the three alone.

Team Fortress Comics #4: Blood in the Water

He introduces himself to the two as Gray Mann, their brother, and explains that he sent the letters. Unfortunately, the two appear to be suffering some sort of cognitive disorder, and Blutarch and Redmond apparently forget who Gray is just seconds after he introduces himself. It is noted that Gray appears to be wearing some sort of mechanical device on his spine, possibly of his construction, it is later revealed that this is an improved version of the Life Extender Machines.

Gray begins to recount the tale of the brothers' birth, and explains how he was taken by an eagle shortly after he spoke with their father. He explains how he was raised by the eagle as one of its own, and how he later killed it and her children to feed himself.

He goes on to explain how, unlike how Redmond and Blutarch had their empires handed to them, he had to build his own out of scratch. Gray tells Redmond and Blutarch that he watched for a hundred and fifty years as they both wasted their father's fortune over an "asinine war, over worthless pits of gravel.

Redmond dismisses his claims, stating that gravel powers the world's steam engines, showing how uninformed about the world he actually is. Gray grows tired of his responses, and kills both Redmond and Blutarch by stabbing them in the back. That nightthe ghosts of Redmond and Blutarch argue over who outlived the other.

meet the family tf2 comics

After fighting for a while, they settle on contacting a lawyerwho turns out to be the Soldier, to decide who is the victor. He tells them that the true winner would be decided when the other's spirit passes on. With one team winning, the opposing brother drags both teams to Hell with them.

One team manages to beat the other to a spellbook and escape back to the surface, presumably leaving the other behind. Robot War Main articles: Machine update After years of signs and rumorsGray makes his move against Mann Co. Saxton Hale was too busy wrestling a Yeti to deal with the crisis himself, so he sends a video message to the remaining RED and BLU mercenaries informing them that with Redmond and Blutarch dead, the Gravel War has finally ended and they no longer have jobs.

He then immediately re-hires the team to defend Mann Co. Shadow Boxers The Robot War continues for about a year, with the cooperating mercenaries successfully defending hundreds of Mann Co. Soldier emerges as an erstwhile "tactical mastermind"; devising decoy facilities and infiltrating Gray's island base.

After continuous defeats, Gray Mann develops a more intelligent Mecha-Engineerbut never-the-less fails in the following assault on Mann Co. Early Main article: He goes directly to Saxton Hale at Mann Co. But then he says he is there for the Mann Co.

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Challenge, offering a fight with Hale for the ownership of the company, a policy Hale made himself. After Hale grabs and punches Gray with ease, Gray declares that he is not the one who will be fighting, but instead Gray's daughter named Oliviaan underage girl, will fight Hale.

Hale refuses to fight her, ultimately granting Mann Co. Gray proceeds to fire the mercenaries, and the Administrator orders Miss Pauling, her assistant, to hide.