Meet the doulas san francisco

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meet the doulas san francisco

Right now we want you to meet Jackie Davey, leader of the DTI San Francisco doula training. Many of you probably know Jackie from a training. Congratulations! After all these months, you're finally about to meet the newest member of your family. It's an exciting time for sure; however, with all the. Come meet the doulas of The San Francisco Doula Group! Hear about their offerings for support and empowerment throughout your labor and birth process and.

I love my DTI doula community. There is comradery — I automatically feel a kinship with the DTI doula in the room even if we have never met! Most of us struggle to put ourselves out there in one way or another.

meet the doulas san francisco

If you are having a hard time connecting, look up the DTI doulas in your area, find one that you connect with check out their website to get a feelingcall them, and invite them out for a coffee.

Tell them about yourself and ask them to tell you about themselves. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other trainers. How would you describe yourself as a trainer? I can be quite shy and introverted by nature, but get me talking about birth and babies and bodies and a whole new side of me comes out! What is your training like? I am very passionate about my work as a doula. My trainings tend to be a warm, intimate, thought provoking atmosphere where you embark on a journey of a lifetime.

There is a point in the training when I invite the students to do some birth art.

SF Officials Promote Plan To Provide Doulas For Low-Income Mothers

We put on music and really dive deep. I am trained in yoga, nutrition, and Aboriginal Psychotherapy.

meet the doulas san francisco

She is a certified yoga instructor, writer, and is currently studying herbal medicine. Soy buena para animar a las personas para que encuentren su fuerza interior. Tengo experiencia con diferentes modos de acomodarse para que se le facilite el parto. Soy respetuosa, atenta, paciente y adaptable. I am of Guatemalan descent and have some knowledge on herbs, nutrition and traditional practices.

meet the doulas san francisco

I encourage self empowerment. I have experience with different comfort measures during labor. I am respectful, attentive, patient and adaptable Shequan A.

Meet Jackie Davey, leader of San Francisco’s doula training

To be of love, of kindness, of joy, of patience, of hope, of determination, and of peace. To be open, honest, and true to myself and my community. Before coming into Birth Work inshe spent 8 years supporting families of diverse structures as an Early Childhood Educator.

As a Doula, she wants you to have all the information you seek and to feel empowered by your choices at every step - your body, your baby, your birth.

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She is ecstatic to be in community with so many inspiring, conscientious doulas. She is a full-spectrum doula, placenta encapsulator, herbal medicine student, and speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. I'm here to remind folks that support isn't always constant positivity, but someone to hold your hand when things are hard.

Most importantly, I believe that knowledge and confidence in our bodies' amazing capabilities is central to empowerment. Helen was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to the US when she was 4 yrs. While she has spent most of her life in US she is very passionate about birth justice issues on a global scale, specifically in Afrika.