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meet the disrespectoids

"Great character design and gaming structures of powerups and reward. A glimpse at how marcom can be more rewarding for the digital natives among us.". . Meet the Disrespectoids - Fred, Whoopee, and Louie. (We begin at the Disrespectoids house were we see Joan was asleep then Bobblehead Fred comes in. N° Gin. Levine/Leavitt. LEGO Super Heroes Movie Maker. Select a Color Tool. Lotie. Meet both sides of the C-Class family. Capri Sun - Disrespectoids.

In a commercial for Ancestry. It can be so easy to forget just how lucky you are. There's this one Buffalo Wild Wings commercial in which one of the employees pulled a switch to inform a power plant worker to shut off all power in the entire city except for the restaurant itself. A city that includes hospitals with patients hooks up to respiratory systems or babies in life support.

YMMV on this one, too. Hospitals have backup generators on-site specifically to keep from being crippled by outages. I don't know, I still think it's Fridge Horror.

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What if a little old lady was walking down the stairs of her home when the lights suddenly shut off? All the people who might take advantage of the chaotic situation to raid shops, and the bystanders who get caught in their way? Most of them won't have backup generators, but they could just as easily end up in life-threatening situations.

At the very least, it's Fridge Jerkassness. A commercial for an insurance company shows people being inspired to commit random acts of kindness by seeing others do the same. The ad starts with a woman preventing a distracted pedestrian from wandering into traffic. A driver sees this and is nice to someone else later, which is seen by another person who In the penultimate scene, a man at an airport helps an elderly gentleman retrieve his suitcase.

This is witnessed by What kind of cyclic hellscape have we wandered into here? It's supposed to be cyclic, showing that good deeds will always come back to you in the end. Don't see how that's a hellscape. Every single one of these is YMMV by their very nature. A commercial for Chef Boyardee has a girl picking a can of the stuff out of the grocery store, only for her mom to put it back as they've had Chef all week.

meet the disrespectoids

Luckily for the girl, the can gains sentience and rolls all the way home towards her. That's cute, until you realize the mom is gonna think that she stole it. Better hope the can is capable of explaining itself, too! You also have to wonder if the can realizes that the girl didn't want it for a pet or anything, she wants to open it up and consume its insides! A commercial for a cell phone company has two parent phones cooing over their new baby phone. While remarking about how much better their child is, another phone in the nursery has a low signal and a battery runs out on a third and shuts off.

Speaking of cellphones, extend the Verizon Galaxy Nexus commercial using the same sort of thinking. These real life friends rush into various circles when the phone categorizes them. Now, what happens when people get deleted from your contact list? Also, all his friends are in a category, but there's nobody in his circle besides him.

meet the disrespectoids

The Jell-O Temptations ads are full of this. Abusive Parents played for laughs.

meet the disrespectoids

Also, if the kids are punished like that for eating goddamn pudding, what would their parents do if they did something genuinely bad? The parents probably bought the Jell-O Temptations for themselves and the regular Jell-O pudding cups for the children. They probably also explained this to the children. Therefore, I see absolutely nothing wrong with the parents punishing their children for consciously and knowingly taking something that wasn't theirs to have, especially since this is the parents' money to spend.

If you're an adult who buys all your own stuff, you'd understand. Though that is a possibility, the fact that we never actually see it keeps this in Fridge Horror territory, since for all we know these children really were being punished just for eating pudding, which they may or may not have known they weren't supposed to take.

The Bing commercials, where you have all these people looking blankly ahead reciting random information in a blank voice.

meet the disrespectoids

While one sane person looks around in utter horror. The Christmas one especially as you see the little kid get more and more desperate to find a non-pod person.

A guy who had it proudly proclaimed that due to the fast internet connection, he had been across the internet and back. If you think about it, that could mean he looked at every single site on the internet, which means every twisted, disgusting porn site including the underage variety On the bright side, this commercial predates TVTropes.

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In one of the early commercials for the Nintendo DS commercials the protagonist is almost omnipotent with his touch-powers. There is a lot of Horror looking at the portrayed sketches. In one of them there are 5 guys in the showers, and 2 throw their towels at the protagonist, and laugh at them, it is later seen that he shrinks their reproductive organs, not enough to make them unusable or infertile, but enough to socially kill the guys in the showers.

Now imagine the rejections of future potential girlfriend, or the daily confrontations these guys must face for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, only 2 were actually teasing the protagonist so the rest are just being the Victimized Bystanderthey will all probably get into depressions, and 1 of them might commit suicide in the short term, and the rest maybe in long terms since they will no longer able to lead normal lives anymore.

Later in the same commercial the protagonist is featured moving a plane to form a heart-shape, and you see the pilot and the co-pilot vomiting, now imagine if their would be a pregnant woman inside that aeroplane, she could give birth to a mentally and physically damaged baby, or worse get a miscarriage due to the aforementioned event.

Imagine if you would sit on that plane and was on the toilet when the protagonist moves the plane, YIKE! Flash forward and we see the defendant working out thinking of the lawyer that had failed to defend him before getting release; what is the first thing that man does the moment he gets out of prison? For this Pokemon Blue And Red commercial, you should be worried about the fact that they thought it was okay to show an advertisement of different creatures being trapped on bus, then violently crushed into a single tiny rectanglur console, by some sadist bus driver, just to advertise a childrens game!

In an aluminum foil advertisement, it shows sentient beings like humans, and animals made of aluminum foil. There is one wearing a chefs hat, and that to is aluminum foil. And they cook what seems to be sentient chicken nuggets, which is horrifying enough, in an oven, in aluminum foil.

That all came from the same roll. That aluminum foil is probably, to them, flayed skin or muscle fibers or other giblets along that vein.

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They seem perfectly fine with it, is the worst part A promotional comic for the Chocapic's cereal brand had the brand's mascot go back to ancient Aztec time. There, he helps the local prince, who suspiciously looks like his human friend Who, by the way, is a white, blond kidto win a ball game. Until you remember a detail that got mentioned earlier and that is historically correct: The prince's team won!

It still means that a dozen men will have their hearts painfully removed from their chest while they're still alive! A commercial for New Super Mario Bros. At one point a ice cream van turns into coins and the driver falls through it. The next scene has a whole city of skyscrapers turning into coin. This audience segment lives in a certain geographic location and tends to have a higher propensity to drink PepsiMax than anything else. Annalect has determined a method to match that offline activity to a digital audience.

The strategy takes some match keys like age and geo and uses them to augment available digital data, not with a direct signal, but with a synthetic signal, which might assume the consumer will drink PepsiMax every day for an entire month. It's based on specific buying behavior. The campaign began back in April with an industry first: When users unlocked the coupon, their Facebook pals and Twitter followers were notified.

Brief Description of Execution: A tap is not a click. A tablet is not a computer. Pepsi MAX is not a typical soft drink. By signing on for a launch sponsorship of The Daily, Pepsi MAX was able to effectively experiment with this over-the-top and all-around fun execution that would resonate with The Daily readers—early adopters and sports-fan tech enthusiasts.

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What made this execution interesting or special? Once reaching the point of 1 Billion times magnification, the ad serves an over-the-top voiced-over vignette about the universal origins of Pepsi Max.

Except inwhen you try to bring back the bowl cut. It never comes back. What is your name and current occupation? I directed two episodes on each of these shows. What are some of the crazier jobs you had before getting into animation? My first one was doing customer service for a skin care company. My second job, which was my reason for leaving the skin care company, was helping my mother start and run what became our family business of setting up facilities that service developmentally disabled people.

My favorites so far have been the projects where I was given creative autonomy. And ironically, those were not only fulfilling for me, but were huge successes for those that hired me. How did you become interested in animation?

meet the disrespectoids

Nor was I willing to incur that debt. So, I set myself on a path to become a lawyer actually. Where are you from and how did you get into the animation business? Most people in my neighborhood either wanted to be athletes or hustlers or premature fathers.