Meet the crew pacific dawn

Pacific Dawn Ship Tracker | Satellite location view | Live webcam

meet the crew pacific dawn

NEW!!! Pacific Dawn location tracker & webcam | SATELLITE views of Pacific Dawn's current position now | LIVE Pacific Dawn maxi web cam!. Here, the Pacific Dawn crew will share what life is really like onboard. If you have booked A tour at one of the ports they will tell you ware to meet and at what . Hey guys just a quick question to anyone out there that may be able to help me does anyone know how you can find out if the same staff on the christmas cruise .

Her account of the woman's final moments appears to confirm earlier reports that the woman was unwell before she went overboard.

meet the crew pacific dawn

When she went over he collapsed. The rails are all chest hight on me and I'm 5'4"," she said. Her husband, who saw her fall over collapsed in shock after the tragic event. The ship continued to circle the area for hours, searching the woman's body. But nothing had been found as they scoured the ocean about nautical miles off New Caledonia from around 4pm on Thursday. The ship remained in the area to search again on Friday before the search was called off from about 7.

If you want to spot one of our happy hospitable crew, look for the white and gold epaulettes. Medical Department Our Medical Department is onboard to make sure our passengers stay happy and healthy while cruising.

Headed by the Senior Doctor, our team of medical staff are on call hours a day, seven days a week so we can give medical care whenever it's needed.

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Our team of highly qualified doctors and nurses may be identified by their red and gold epaulettes. Entertainment Department Lights, camera, action!

The Entertainment Department is onboard to keep you entertained. The Cruise Director is in charge and together with cruise staff they make sure all the different activities run smoothly. From putting on evening stage shows to leading daytime and evening activities, the Entertainment department does it all.

PACIFIC DAWN: First photo from tragic P&O cruise

Their uniforms change to fit the occasion - but you'll always be able to tell who they are by the gold name badge pinned to their uniform. Could you describe a typical day on the job? I start my day at about 6: I really enjoy meeting passengers who are also up early, taking a walk.

Next stop is breakfast — checking that everything is running smoothly. Next I have a meeting with the Food and Beverage team, ensure all eateries are supported and repeat the breakfast process at lunch and dinner up at the Pantry, walking around, talking to passengers and staff.

A day in the life of P&O staff

I enjoy getting to know the staff as much as the passengers. Do you have much involvement with the Captain? However the Captain and I do have a daily meeting. We are rostered on for 13 hour-shifts.

We are at sea for a long time — usually 6 to 9 month contracts — so it can be difficult being away from family and friends. I enjoy getting to know the crew and we organise many activities for the crew to get together and have time off.

meet the crew pacific dawn

We even have our entertainment team put on shows for our crew. So I assume that the worst part of your job is being away from home? Yes, it can be hard being away for so long, but we also get 2 months off to spend time with our loved ones.