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meet the berry bunch

You will receive all you see in the photos, stems (including berries) measure up to 7 inches in length. The Happy Berry is the achievement of Walker's life long dream to be an of the Board of Directors, Treasurer and voice of reason in the Happy Berry Bunch. Such affected berries are low in sugar content, have tender skins and are very that each bunch shall have not less than 95 Dercent. bv count, of berries showing by weight, of the bunches in any container may fail to meet this requirement.

Over the course ofwe are profiling the participants to highlight their efforts and create greater awareness and connection within our community. This month we focus on fermenting and speak with the following individuals: I founded Fermenters Club with a mission: That manifests in many ways more explained below. Fermented foods are the original probiotics, making them very relevant in helping maintain a healthy gut and overall well-being.

Did you make any interesting connections at BGN? Fortunately, I have been blessed to already have met or worked with many of the guests. But it was great to meet and chat with Troy Johnsona local restaurant critic and food writer, and gain an understanding of his passion and work. Are there other ways you connect with like-minded members of the community to further your mission? Since our mission is all about creating community, we have bimonthly meetings about fermentation. I also produce an annual Fermentation Festival February 17, in Encinitas to bring people together to celebrate fermented foods and their many benefits!

Additionally, I have created virtual communities through my blog, fermentersclub. I love gardening, practicing yoga, riding my bike around town, meditating, and reading about and studying the many mysteries of life! And of course, finding new recipes and things that utilize fermentation! I love putting up a large 3 or 5 gallon batch of apple-ginger sauerkraut, which will ferment for a few months. I make pumpkin kimchi a common style in North Korea and I flavor kombucha with pumpkin and pumpkin spice.

Both recipes are on our blog. We make mead, the timeless libation made from honey. We do this by building and sharing mead culture with customers and partnering with beekeepers to improve honeybee health and landscape biodiversity through regenerative mead business models.

I brought Ojok Simonthe partially sighted beekeeper from Uganda. I love to surf. And be around bees. Brilliant minds have put together the most efficient and convenient means of entertainment.

All the more reason for us to be on our toes. Everything is almost being served to us on the proverbial silver platter. This is especially true in the entertainment sector. Everything just plays out easily when your internet connection is not acting up. With all the downloading craze, everyone is striving to be at the top of their game.

The best part is that everything else is becoming easier than we could ever expect. A few things to note The entertainment industry is a beehive of activities. Which is why the key players love to have the fans on board each step of the way. One way of doing this is by keeping tabs on how everything plays out. For example, getting downloads of all your favorite series is one convenient way to do that. It would be such a shame if they were making such huge strides only for you to be left behind.

If a new season is launched, you will have the pleasure of having a front seat. Pick your weapons Another item to look on the bright side is that there are plenty of gadgets you can use to make it possible. Thanks to TV series online mobileyou can treat yourself to some flexibility. For example, it is unthinkable to carry your PC around to watch all the downloads of your favorite TV series. Which is why you should have all your options lined up for you. You can watch them on your laptop, smartphone, iPhone and even tablet.

There is no better way to get your hours moving smoothly especially on a slow day at work. Quality time Watching these downloads with friends and family is a perfect way to bond. Besides, it helps even the young minds steer clear of trouble. The advantage here is that quality time is well spent for everyone that ventures into it.

Challenging Profession for Tough People When the water leaks and the strong wind has damaged the roof shingles, the person people call would be a roofer. They are construction workers specialized in roof repair and replacement. Have you ever considered working as a roofer? You can help families to remain at their home safely during rainy seasons, and you can be one of the few people who dare to work in high places.

If you are interested, you can learn more about the profession by reading the information below. A roofer should be strong and healthy Working on the roofs for hours in hot weather can be dangerous for people who cannot stand heat and height. Although no roofer works without safety protocols and equipment, the inability to focus and anxiety can lead to committing errors.

And with a profession as risky as a roofer, an error can mean electrocution and falling off the roof. A roofer must have a strong immune system. Once you become one, you can expect to work in temperatures as high as thirty-five degrees Celcius. For regions with drastic weather change, the impact on the body can be so much worse. Fatal exhaustion, chronic dehydration, and heat stroke are the health risks a roofer faces every day. Roofers are unionized If you want to be a roofer, you can seek the nearest roofer union and see if they open apprenticeship programs.

There are tests and minimum requirements you must pass. The theories usually include roof materials. You will know which material suits best for houses in rainy regions and which material can withstand strong wind. You will also receive knowledge about roof designs and how to repair the damage for each design. Wrong handling can only make the damage to be worse. Career prospect To be a roofer, you do not need formal education or training, except the one offered by the union.

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A roofer can work for either household or commercial building, so the salary varies. But in average, a roofer makes 37, USD per year.

The prospect for a roofer is to join big contractors who handle elite real estates and office buildings. In case you have not noticed, roofers also handle window installation in tall buildings, even the scrappers. The risk is, of course, greater than house roofer, but the income is doubled. The number can reach 60, USD per year. Most people that get involved in manual DIY projects have to work in an elevated position at some point. Most people would turn to using a ladder when working on elevated areas.

However, using a ladder comes with some limitations. For instance, the need to carry or drag a ladder to different locations presents can be a daunting and time wasting task. However, drywall stills are considered to be superior alternatives to the use of ladders. Drywall stilts are mostly used to simplify painting works, drywall tasks, drop ceiling works, and many other jobs.

There are different types of drywall stilts. Thus, choosing the best unit is informed by a list of considerations, which vary depending on individual preferences along with the type of job. Here are some factors to consider when choosing drywall stilts. Comfort Comfort should be among the most important considerations when choosing a drywall stilt. Stilts are meant to raise you a few feet higher, which implies that you will be spending a considerable amount of time up there.

As such, things can be tough on your Achilles, feet, and knees. Most drywall stilts have a solid footing made from Aluminium. For maximum comfort, you should be looking for things likes shock absorbers, straps, canvas, and any other thing that has a direct effect on your comfort.

Build A good drywall stilt should be strong and stable. As such, when shopping for a drywall stilt, you should be looking at the quality of material used and the construction. The build or the nature of construction has a direct impact on the strength. Ideally, the build or strength serves to offer you some assurance on the maximum weight the equipment can support. Height levels The main reason for having a drywall stilt is to gain those additional inches needed to work on elevated jobs.

meet the berry bunch

Thus, you need to look at the maximum and also the height levels offered by the equipment. If possible, it is advisable to get an adjustable unit. This will help you work on jobs in different elevations. When shopping for the best stilts for constructionyou will realize that there is a huge variety to select.

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Some of these match your needs whereas others may not be the best. Thus, the tips shared in this article should move you closer to getting the right stilt for you. A DIY Guide to Exterminating Pests It goes without mention that finding simple tips for dealing with pest infestation such as mosquitoes, and even ants could be a lifesaver.

There are many ways to tackle the problem, and the skills you use will depend on your area. Moreover, the availability of any ingredients that you need for pest control will play a role as well. On that note, this simple article will explain some of the tips that can help you handle pests effectively such that they are not a source of embarrassment when your guests are present. The following are some of the low scale options that can work for a small house. These crawling insects can be notorious in the home, and when they bite, it is quite painful.

You need to make the mixture then put it wherever you see ants marching. They will fall right into the trap. They will get in because of the sugar and remain trapped because of the glue element created by the mixture. You need about half a cup of sugar as well as a cup of hot water and at least two spoonfuls of the Borax plus a container to hold the mix.

Garlic-mint spray Apart from mint, this spray includes powdered garlic. It is easy to use since you only need the mixture as well as a spray bottle.

Direct the spray near areas or over the areas where you spot the pests. You could also include cayenne pepper to help with the effectiveness of the spray. The crawling insects will stay away from the surfaces sprayed with this homemade mixture.

meet the berry bunch

Essential oils spray This remedy works for dust mite mostly. Use clove, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint or rosemary oils in a fair mixture of water, depending on results you wish to obtain.

You could also include basil as well as lemongrass to improve the functionality of your homemade spray. The lemongrass will repel mites, fleas, and lice. Sometimes the problems are just too big for you to handle, especially when you have a persistent problem and a large place to cover.

A visit by a fumigation company could be what you need. You must only use service providers for qualified pest control in Detroit. That way you eliminate risks of mediocre results. You will be dealing with the experts mentioned earlier in this article that have necessary scientific background to understand the pest problem you face.

Services Offered By Pest Control Experts Pest control is an important service that helps in keeping away pests from a home or a business facility. Pest infestation can cause significant damage. When it comes to How to get rid of pests, the best way is to work with pest control companies.

Furthermore, a pest-free environment is also good for your health. There are different types of pest control services. Depending on your need, here are some of the main services provided by most pest exterminators.

The services to expect when seeking pest control services Fumigation Fumigation is a common pest control service. This method uses a toxic gas to exterminate pests in a secluded environment. When you seek this service, the service provider will bring all the equipment needed to fumigate the infested area.

The service provider seals the place to ensure that gas does not escape into other areas. This is primarily done due to environmental and health concerns. The pest control company is tasked with ensuring that the concentration of the gas is at the required levels for the whole service to be effective.

This service is popular in environments such as grain stores, whole buildings, ship holds, and shipping containers. Heat treatment service Another pest control service that you can opt for is the heat treatment. This service is popular because it is chemical-free. It is suitable for exterminating pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs, and wood boring insects. The service provider targets the pests by use of heat.

The good thing about this service is that it eliminates all life stages of insects. In a just a single treatment, you can get rid of adult, egg, and larva. This service minimizes disruptions simply because you can kill all life stages of insects at once. This service is common in businesses such as hotels, pharmaceuticals, public transportation, and care homes among others. Integrated pest management service This special pest control service looks into the issue of pest control in a different way.

If you find a pest control company offering this service, you will enjoy a high level of professionalism in eliminating pests. This service works to remove pests by using common-sense practices to get rid of pests. With the integrated pest management service, the pest control company first examines your facility to determine the best possible approach to dealing pests.

Some of the most popular methods of used include the use of traps, electronic sensors, and automated alerts and real-time reporting. Home improvement tips you should know There is so much potential in your home if only you know how to tap into it. A few improvements here and there could help give your home a deserving shape and look.

But the problem is that you do not know what you should do to improve on a few aspects of your home. However, here is a help just for you. These home improvement tips should come in handy whenever you are free or have a few dollars to spare: Paint your rooms One of the easiest and cheapest home improvement DIY projects is giving your room a new coat of paint.

They will look clean and as good as new. Remember neutral paint is appealing to all people and seamlessly fits in any kind of room. The rest of the budget you can spend on rollers and brushes. This is a job for the weekend.

Plant one or two trees If you happen to have some empty space in your home compound, go ahead and plant a tree. Two trees would be enough to keep you busy with watering and tending to them. The only thing you have to buy is the tree seedling; the rest of the job you can do in an hour or two. When that tree grows you will have more fresh air around. It could provide adequate shade on a sunny day. Most importantly, it adds value to your home just in case you put it on sale.

Low-maintenance gardening and landscaping How does more green in your home sound? A great idea it is.

meet the berry bunch

Shop for drought-resistant plants for they will need less water. You will also not spend much time tending to your backyard garden since such plants are not the leafy type. Improve the quality of air in your home The quality of air is not all about buying new air conditioner; it could be something else.

What is the condition of your carpets? Do they need cleaning or replacement? Bring an expert on air quality.

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If you find that your carpets are the reason it feels stuffy and dusty in your rooms, have them cleaned or replaced. If you go for replacement ensure that you choose natural options like laminated floors or tiles.

Do small updates on the bathroom Small updates in your bathroom will give you big returns. Change the outdated wallpaper and instead have faux finishing. You can also add some texture to the wall finish. Another improvement you can make is removing the old lights and putting up something new.

Nobody will ever notice that you only did a small update on your bathroom. All these can be done without denting your bank account. You do not have to spend so much to improve your home.

Small DIY projects could be all you need to give a great look and remarkably increase its value. With these tips, bring the glory to your home with little or no expense at all. Factors to consider when building swimming pools The thought of having a swimming pool is so exciting for anyone, and the idea of building one in the house is not any different.

It does not matter the plan that you have if you are planning on building the swimming pool in a hotel or inside the house. There are important factors that have to be considered so that the swimming pool turns out to be the best. The pool will be the biggest part of the house, and there will be no need to choose something that does not compliment your house in any way. Continue reading to understand some of the factors that you have to consider when you are building a swimming pool.

Size The question to ask when you are considering the size of the pool is if you want something that will only fit the family. Or if you want something that can be used by so many people? The size factor will also be determined by the space that you have at the moment.

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For a home pool it will not be that hard to make a decision since it can come in any size or the depth, but if you have kids, you will have to consider building something that is not that deep. Shape So many pools that we have around have the shape of a rectangle, and this is still trending nowadays. The shape of the pool will be determined by the use that you have in mind for example if you are a diver then the pool should be something that is deep, and if you want to use the pool for competition, then you will build something that is narrow enough.

Water type Nowadays we are spoilt with so many options to choose from when it comes to the selection of what to use when cleaning the pool. Back in the days it only used to be chlorine, but nowadays you can use chemicals like the saltwater and bromine. There are both so safe so before going ahead and building the pool consider the one that you are comfortable when using and the one that is readily available in the city that you are in.

They create the first impression when visitors come to the compound. Therefore, homeowners ought to know the various driveway ideas they can use to improve the aesthetics of their home. On this article, we will cover the popular ideas one can use. Popular driveway ideas you should know Tarmac driveway For a compound that is directly connected to the main road with tarmac, one can opt to do a continuation of the same all the way to the compound. These driveways may be expensive to install but very durable.

Make sure you hire a contractor with significant experience in road construction and the right equipment to install your driveway appropriately. It will, however, be prudent to consider having an outside parking lot for visitors who can double up as a yard for some home sports like basketball or some workouts. Gravel and grass driveway If you love plants and the green vegetation, then you can keep your driveway under that theme.

The gravel will form two rows where the vehicles will pass all the way leading to the main compound or near the garage. Such driveways require constant maintenance to keep the grass under control. If need be the gravel will need addition after some time. This driveway gets along well if the yard has a lawn, garden, and live plants. Concrete driveways This is the most popular driveway in most homes today. The beauty of using concrete is its availability, ease of installation and repairs.

Furthermore, it has a great preference aesthetically. When installed well by an expert, this driveway can also be durable. Concrete can be used in a variety of ways like blocks, cabro paving or just poured concrete all the way to the garage. Natural stone driveway For people who get along well with rustic designs, then the natural stone will do perfectly for a driveway.

They are not only an all time beauty but also easy to install. In fact, the stone driveway can be a DIY project if one has a tight budget. Whether they stay for long and have grass growing between them, the patterns are awesome. Brick driveways Whether you want to connect them together with cement or let them lay naturally, bricks also provide a rustic theme to the home. If the house is partly made of bricks, then this design is what anyone should go for.