Meet the beatles vinyl value

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meet the beatles vinyl value

In this article, Ian Shirley, editor of Record Collector's Rare Record Price Guide, farmed out by EMI to Pye to help meet demand for Beatles product. The Beatles' second album issued in sold by the millions to a U.K. Here are some records that you may have (or used to have) that are worth way The Beatles's self-titled double album (which later became known as the White .. Unfortunately, the teenager's nomination was met with much controversy as. GO TO OUR "MEET THE BEATLES" BACKGROUND INFO PAGE FOR OF CAPITOL RECORDS' "MEET THE BEATLES" ALBUM RELEASED IN VERY EARLY OFFERS THIS RARE FIND - A LOS ANGELES MONO PRESSING OF " MEET.

CD reissue has not affected value at all.

meet the beatles vinyl value

It was spelled perfectly fine on the sleeve! So, if you own an original U.

meet the beatles vinyl value

One side contained a medley of 11 Beatles songs edited together while the B-side was one continuous test tone lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The label has a circular impression 15mm from outer edge.

meet the beatles vinyl value

Not as rare as yellow-and-black label versions higher up this chart… Copies of all U. This was previously used to distinguish 45 rpm records from 78 rpm records. This is not due to the greatness of the song — and it is great — but the fact that this was the last demo and single released on Parlophone before Beatles records began to be issued on their own Apple label.

Sleeves have a PPCS catalog number on the spine of the sleeve and a Parlophone logo reproduced on the back cover. The label will also have a circular impression 15mm from the outer edge.

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Thus, small quantities of this album on Odeon may have been pressed for distribution in Portugal. Although the last 78rpm record was released in the U. EP and feature all of their singles that had gone gold by Although a test pressing was made on two discs and two sets of proof labels were also produced, this was as far as Golden Discs got, and the idea was scrapped. This particular version is a contract pressing farmed out to the Decca pressing plants as EMI could not cope with the demand for Beatles albums.

The record also has a circular impression 15mm from the outer edge. Therefore the majority of the pressings of this album released in the U. There was, however, a small run of stereo copies that could be obtained by special order by those who had expensive stereo equipment.

Paperback Delights and Insights About The Beatles Memorabilia Memorabilia featured in this guide, often accompanied by the price paid at auction for the item, include publicity photographs, vinyl records, invoices and contracts, posters, instruments and equipment, among other items. Following on from Sgt. In the case of McCambridge, she believed that chain smoking and a diet of raw eggs and whiskey were the key to a great vocal performance.

Pig squeals were a key part of the sound design. When the demon is finally exorcised from her body, the sound you hear is a group of pigs being led to slaughter. It was the first horror film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

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The horror genre has never gotten much love from the Academy. Though there still seems to be a bias against scary movies during awards season, The Exorcist earned 10 Oscar nominations inincluding a Best Supporting Actress nod for Linda Blair, who was just 15 years old at the time. Violet Beauregarde was considered for the role of Regan. Linda Blair's mother loved the script. Blatty insisted that William Friedkin direct the film. That way, his opinion would have to matter.

And while the studio had its own short list of directors to approach for the gig—Arthur Penn, Peter Bogdanovich, Mike Nichols, and Stanley Kubrick among them—Blatty only had eyes for Friedkin, believing that the film would benefit from a grittier style, similar to what Friedkin had done on The French Connection.

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When the studio told Blatty that they had hired Mark Rydell for the film, Blatty stood his ground—and won! Marlon Brando was the studio's first choice for Father Merrin. The role eventually went to Max von Sydow. Max von Sydow was only 44 at the time of shooting.

It took many hours in the chair with makeup artist Dick Smith to age the actor the 30 or so years the role required.

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Some have even joked that there are scenes in which von Sydow is wearing more makeup than the demonic Regan. Jason Miller was a last-minute—albeit intentional—substituion. There were a few big names being bandied about for the role of Father Karras, with Jack Nicholson in the early mix before Blatty settled on Stacy Keach.

But then Friedkin happened to see a performance of That Championship Season, which was written by and starred Jason Miller. Friedkin knew they had found their man and, as he recounted in his memoir, The Friedkin Connection part of which is excerpted in the 40th edition Blu-raythey purchased Keach out and in stepped Miller, in his feature acting debut.

Throwing anyone down those stairs from Regan's window would be impossible. It was a bit of Hollywood magic-making—a.