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Meet the Beat Alls: Mojo Jojo, Him, Princess Morbucks, and Fuzzy Lumpkins team up as the Beat Alls in this homage to The Beatles, and proceed to defeat the . Bubblevision; Episode Shelter; Episode of the Aisle; Episode Zeroes; Episobe the Beat-Alls. 4 Season 4. (Opening shot: the city skyline at night.) Mojo Jojo: (from o.c.) The city of Townsville. (He moves into view, as does his reflection—he is looking out a window, and.

Think of it as an investment toward your future. Doo… Pull back; he is sitting by the fireplace in his shack. Finally he gives up and leans over in defeat. Destroy them I will! Cut to a city street; his robot walker moves into view. Fuzzy walks along it, carrying a large rock over his head. They are tucked in for the night. Girls, time for bed. The lights go out. Cut to him at the bedroom door; he closes it. The four regard each other with some puzzlement and suspicion for a long moment.

It is I who shall destroy the Powerpuff Girls, not you! The two begin to argue as the camera zooms in slowly toward Princess, who is hovering above them. The two are shocked into silence. Which I will, because I have the most powerful power in the whole wide world. Pull back to show the entire house. She has a point there.

They begin arguing again, with Princess joining in. Close-up of Fuzzy, standing on the sidewalk. He looks back and forth. Pull back again; now all four are yelling at each other at top volume. In the bedroom, the girls have their heads buried in their pillows to try to block out the noise from the four villains and their arguing.

Their eyes pop open at last as they've had enough of having their sleep disturbed by their enemies and their bickering; close-up of their windows from outside. They float out to confront the four, one girl through each window.

Cut to a close-up of Bubbles with her head tilted back as she screams loudly to get the villains' attention. They turn to go back in. Close-up of each villain in turn. Princess joins the attack with a blaster ray of her own. Having been caught in the three-way crossfire off-guard because of how tired they are and before they could retreat back into their bedroom, the girls are helpless.

Screaming in pain, the girls sink slowly to ground level in front of Fuzzy. He stands there for some moments, watching their torment, and his eyes finally turn up to the rock he is holding. He gathers his strength and hurls it; the camera follows it as it flies through the air in slow motion and lands squarely on them, sprawled out on the ground still screaming in agony before they are silenced by the rock landing on them.

An eerie hush falls over the scene. Turn down to the four villains, staring at the camera in shock and disbelief. Quick shot of the rock on the front lawn, still pinning the girls, then back to the four. Individually we have failed time and again, but together we are victorious! Oh, we will be known as…the Silver Beat Alls!

We shall be known simply as…the Beat Alls! The faces themselves are half-hidden in shadow and in black and white. Cut to a group of screaming young girls.

They run like sixty as an English announcer speaks. Yes, screaming girls everywhere ran screaming whenever the Beat Alls made the scene. The foursome come into view and walk single file along a crosswalk, in a scene reminiscent of one of the Beatles albums.

Individually, it had been a long and winding road. They enter the National Trust Bank. Mojo has his laser cannon pointed at a teller. Now give me money! She piles cash on the counter. Their rise to fame can be attributed to their ability to deliver hit after hit after hit Pan quickly to where the girls have just smashed through the wall and are ready to throw down, maybe even wanting payback for the cheap shot the Beat Alls pulled on them the other night after disturbing their sleep and attacking them while caught off-guard and too drowsy to fight back immediately.

Pan back to the Beat Alls. Better run for your lives if you can, little girls! He fires, hitting the girls. He spits a beam at them. You say stop, but I say go, go, GO! She fires her blaster at them. And Fuzzy, the shy one… Fuzzy: He throws the rock and crushes the girls.

Meet the Beat-Alls

The tellers regard the scene with fear, and the Beat Alls take a bow with their loot. Thus the Brutish Invasion had begun. The girls are blasted and crushed several more times at other locations in rhythm with the next line. After this last defeat, the camera turns up to show the Beat Alls leaning over a balcony railing and smiling down at their latest victory.

Cut to an ornate room, looking out the open door. The girls are in the doorway. Think of it as an investment for your future. Oh, I'm sorry, Jo.

I can't play ya purdy tonight. I got them durn Powerpuffs in my noodle. Destroy them I will! Tonight is the night in which Townsville ain't gonna no more after I get them Powerpuff Girls, time for bed. List of the Beatles references The Beatles themselves appear twice in their different animated forms.

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Their second appearance is in the scene where Mojo and Moko Yono are screaming to annoy people. When Mojo Jojo screams the words: The Beat-Alls are in a wanted poster similar to the cover album from the film: A Hard Days Night.

The Beat-Alls walk down a zebra crossing in a parody of the Abbey Road album cover.

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The title card references the With the Beatles album cover. Multiple songs are referenced throughout the episode. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Mojo Jojo's comment "Will the people in the cheap seats, please leave. And the rest of you, hand over your jewelry! The shouting scene, showing how the Beat-Alls got separated, is a reference to the actual separation of the Beatles. Ironically, Yoko Ono was blamed by many fans for the break-up of the Beatles, while Moko Yono was responsible for the Beat-Alls splitting up since she was really undercover working with the Girls.

In the scene where the Chief of Police is speaking, his name is "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Coincidentally, the character also bears a striking resemblance to Old Fred from the Beatles film: The reporter bears similarities to the character Eric Idle portrays in the film The Rutles: