May the road rise to meet you book

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may the road rise to meet you book

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You has ratings and reviews. Cheri said : As the Preface begins, Refresh and try again. Rate this book. Clear rating. May the Road Rise Up to Meet You Reader's Guide. By Peter Troy. May the Road Sign me up to get more news about Historical Fiction books. Please make a. The Paperback of the May the Road Rise Up to Meet You by Peter Troy at Barnes Discover more books you may like on B&N Book Graph™.

But beyond deprivation and war, Ethan would face the even greater foes of violence, bigotry, corruption and bitterness, which generally accompany such hardship. She would be oppressed in quite different ways, facing the restrictions placed upon women but unwilling to behave the way her family, and society demanded of her.

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My mother, the eldest of six children and offered a scholarship to attend college, was told by her mother that they could not afford it. They had only planned on sending her two younger brothers to college. Then there were Micah and Mary, two slaves who began as minor characters and soon demanded that more and more of their story be told. They were born out of my years as a student and teacher in Washington, D. I told my students that they could be anything they wanted to be, if they worked hard enough, but their history books and the world around them told them a very different story.

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In writing Micah and Mary, I became determined to create characters that would be set apart from the common depiction of slaves in literature and film.

They would be cut from the same mold of Frederick Douglass or Harriet Tubman: They would not be rescued by kindly white folks the way so many African American characters are in stories told by white writers. As I researched and wrote these stories, I became increasingly aware of the common threads that ran through all such experiences.

What anger, what frustration, what bitterness and hatred must accompany such limitations?

may the road rise to meet you book

But I did not grow up with parents who saw the world in such a manner. My mother was forty-seven when she finally graduated college, alongside my father, who was fifty, and had served for twenty-one years on the FDNY. It was then that they began their second careers, as teachers, becoming a bold and lasting example of the possible.

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You: The Story Behind the Book

The characters of this story would embody such resilience, neither surrendering to the limits of expectations, or becoming embittered by hardship. When an injured Ethan returns to New York, he is praised for the photographs he sent back from the trenches. At a sponsored exhibition of his work, Ethan meets the beautiful and intelligent Marcella, a society woman originally from Spain who has defied her family to follow her own ambitions in life, including becoming an important abolitionist.

These two individualists are an instant match. But Ethan is due back at the front, and their fledgling love is put on hold, relegated to an intense correspondence of letters.

may the road rise to meet you book

While volunteering at the local hospital washing bandages, Mary encounters Micah, a plantation slave temporarily doing carpentry work for the hospital. Having each been torn from their families at a young age, they find in each other affirmation that they are not alone in the world.

Their courtship of stolen moments soon turns to love and they plot a clandestine Christmas Eve escape…but things will not go as planned. Written in richly textured historical detail, these four parallel stories ultimately collide in this all-consuming saga about faith, freedom, family, and the triumph of love. Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. If anger, hurt, disappointment, fear and doubt are some of the principle obstacles to faith, how do these elements affect the four main characters?

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You

Discuss specific moments when each of them confronts these aspects within themselves and the change, if any, which comes from them. Hanratty tells Ethan to be potentially quite dangerous? As Ethan views his native land in the increasing distance from onboard the ferry, he begins to understand why Mr.

may the road rise to meet you book

How might that affect how they view their adoptive country in ways good and bad? Counting both Union and Confederate casualties, there were almost as many American lives lost in the Civil War as in all other American wars combined. Yet at the start of it, neither side believed it would last more than a few months.

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When Ethan and his friends enlist, what is their attitude towards the war? How is their enthusiasm changed after their first battle? All four main characters are greatly influenced by a loved one who has passed away. Each character is assigned their own narrative voice and grammatical structure throughout the book.