Making ends meet during the great depression

Effects of the Great Depression (Making Ends Meet) | Eric Coscolluela Social Studies 11

making ends meet during the great depression

This photo displays the devastating effects that had severely damaged the Canadian prairies during the Great Depression. Wind storms and. An overview of how Brisbane women made ends meet during the Great Depression of the s is provided. Particular emphasis on limits of historical. Learn and revise about life during the Depression for Unit 1 Depression, War and Recovery the stress of the Means Test made life difficult, and people struggled to make ends meet. Often, the women had to make the greatest sacrifices.

making ends meet during the great depression

Multiple part-time jobs, including housecleaning 9. Chopped wood or harvested driftwood Made and sold handwoven baskets Mowed lawns and other kinds of yard work Door to door sales of things like shoes or sewing notions Made deliveries for stores Made and sold quilts Sold homemade baked goods, like bread or pies Sold eggs for 25 cents a dozen Mended or altered clothes Would purchase produce and re-sell door-to-door Sold homegrown produce Ingenuity is something that can never be stolen by thieves, confiscated by a government, or lost to flood or fire.

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Click To Tweet In every case it was a simple matter of looking around to see what people needed, what they wanted, what made them feel good about themselves and about life. I would do business out of my home and probably continue to earn pretty good money.

Perhaps some of these might be good additions to your own skillbank: As you can see, many of these skills go hand in hand with the money-making ventures of our Great Depression-era grandparents and great-grandparents. Today, so few of us have any of these skills.

25 Ways People Earned Money During the Great Depression - Survival Mom

We are generations removed from farm life and homesteading. The difficult times lasted more than a decade, making smart budgeting second nature to Americans of that generation.

Great Ends Meet

Even today, we can live better by learning their successful budgeting strategies. Pay Cash During the s, Americans didn't have wallets full of plastic to make every wish an instant reality.

making ends meet during the great depression

Like them, you can pay cash, avoid debt and stay current with your expenses. Whenever you must pay by check or credit cards, limit the total to the balance in your checking account.

Then pay off your charges completely every month to stay out of the red. Budget with Envelopes Grandma or Greatgrandma didn't have computer spreadsheets to keep track of expenses during the Depression. You can still use their old-fashioned envelope method for the cash portion of your budget, as Dave Ramsey suggests.

Budgeting Strategies Learned From the Great Depression - Budgeting Money

First, plan how much you should spend each month for each category, such as food, clothing and transportation. Put the amount you allocated in the corresponding envelope every month, and take money out only for that purpose. This method works only if you stop spending for each category when its envelope is empty.

Do-It-Yourself During the Great Depression, Americans saved precious budget money by growing their own food, sewing their own clothes and doing their own repairs.

For many families, a home garden was a necessity to fill empty bellies.

25 Ways People Earned Money During the Great Depression

People cooked from scratch, canned home-grown produce and raised their own chickens. After making their clothes, they sewed quilts from the scraps and from worn-out clothing. If you don't have the skills you need to do these things yourself, learn from library books, the Internet, extension services or classes.

making ends meet during the great depression