Gun meet soapy at the apache camp

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gun meet soapy at the apache camp

Geronimo was a prominent leader and medicine man from the Bedonkohe band of the Apache . Geronimo was absent at the time of the attack on the Apache camp, but when he returned he found that his . surprise raids back into the United States, often seeking to replenish his band's supply of guns and ammunition. Well, do you know where the apache camp is? It's in the mountains there a bit outside of dodge city, you should have a compass showing you. Jul 10, After they arrive, they meet up with Mayor "Hoodoo" Brown, who says that he When another Apache confronted Magruder, telling him that his quest Cole, Soapy, and several Apaches braves escape the camp and return.

Magruder orders that Cole be hanged in the morning for murdering Jenny. In jail, Cole meets Port, a wounded member of the resistance fighting against Brown's corrupt rule, and "Soapy" Jennings, an expert safecracker.

Together they escape the jail. Soapy goes his separate way while Cole follows Port to the resistance's base camp in the mountains. There Cole meets the head of the resistance, Clay Allison, and agrees to help him bring down Magruder.

After ambushing one of Magruder's trains, the group steals a gatling gun and frees Apache chief Many Wounds. During the celebration afterward, Allison reveals that he also knew Ned, and tells Colton one part of his back story: Magruder tried to convince the Confederate hierarchy that the war could be won if they could find Quivira, an ancient city of gold.

Ned, acting as a scout, led Magruder and a group of his men to a small Apache village, looking for a golden cross that could lead them to the city.

A white doctor ministering to the Apaches expressed ignorance of what Magruder was looking for, but Magruder ordered Clay to search the houses. When another Apache confronted Magruder, telling him that his quest would prove his undoing, Magruder shot him in cold blood. Horrified, Ned began to protest, only to have Magruder shoot him as well. The doctor tried to minister to the fallen Apache, but Magruder decapitated him. Clay came out with the cross and threw it to his commander, but the doctor's Apache wife fired a rifle shot that took out Magruder's eye and broke the cross into pieces.

In rage, Magruder ordered his men to slaughter the villagers. After Clay finishes the story, a group of Brown's men attack the base. The resistance manages to hold them off, and capture a Howitzer in the process, but Clay is captured by Hoodoo's men and taken back to Empire. The resistance stages a daring rescue, and Cole manages to free Clay, but only after he had been tortured by Hoodoo.

After an extended gunfight, Cole subdues Hoodoo and interrogates him. Hoodoo replies that Sadie stole something from Magruder and hid it aboard the steamer. Hoodoo swears that he doesn't know what it was, but says Colton will never find it, since it sank with the boat.

Colton tosses one of Hoodoo's pistols back to him and finishes him in a firefight. Clay's forces take over the running of Empire City. Knowing that the river's level drops during winter, Colton believes he can retrieve the safe, and heads for Dodge to get Soapy's assistance. When he arrives, Soapy is about to be lynched for cheating at cards. With the help of Sheriff Denton, Cole frees Soapy and the two head for the wreck of the ship, but find it guarded by the same renegade soldiers who attacked the Morning Star.

The two are captured and introduced to their leader, the psychopathic Sergeant Hollister. Cole, Soapy, and several Apaches braves escape the camp and return later with a band of Blackfoot braves to take the fort, but Hollister manages to escape. Soapy, Cole and the Blackfoot chief head for the shore holding the steamboat and are confronted by Hollister, who wounds the Chief.

Colton and Hollister duel on the beach. Near death, Hollister makes a suicidal run for Cole, with his clothes stuffed with lit sticks of dynamite, but blows up without hurting him. Cole recovers Ned's Ferguson rifle that Hollister stole and, after parting with the Blackfoot Chief, he and Soapy head for the steamer. Soapy opens the safe, and they find half of the cross, but they are confronted by Reed mounted on an armoured horse, who thanks them for saving him the trouble.

Instead, Cole tosses the cross back into the safe and slams it shut. Cole battles Reed and defeats him.

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Reed pleads for his life, swearing that any man who kills a priest will be damned himself. Cole ignores him and kills Reed, saying, "this is for Jenny. They are captured by the Apaches and taken to Many Wounds. The Apache leader finishes the story that Clay began: Colton is actually the son of Dr. Campell, the white doctor, and his Apache wife, who gave her baby to the young Many Wounds for safekeeping during the attack on the village. After the attack, Many Wounds found his own father's body and swore revenge.

Then Ned crawled up, wounded by Magruder and begging for forgiveness. Both Magruder and Clay believed that Ned had died from his wound Many Wounds gave him the baby to raise. Soapy, Cole, Many Wounds, and some other Apaches head to a hill-top, where the cross is meant to be placed to point to Quivira's location.

Cole notices a mining operation that Magruder has in the area, and sees that Magruder got the location right, but has been mistakenly digging down into a mountain, when it is actually located above.

Magruder's bodyguard, Dutchie, sees sunlight reflecting off the cross and Magruder's men attack. Soapy falls down the cliff and is captured. Cole fights his way down-hill, finding Soapy at the bottom of the hill, who confesses that he told Magruder where Quivira was. Cole leaves Soapy behind, telling him to tell Clay and Many Wounds to meet him at the mine.

Colton stops Magruder's train and kills Dutchie. Clay and other resistance fighters board the train and use it as a ram to break down doors of Magruder's mine. Because of Magruder's haste, the mine has been shoddily excavated and is in danger of collapsing. Cole tells Clay to pull back while he goes in alone.

Cole finds Magruder in the middle of Quivira, dazzled by its richness. If they win, it'll make me look cheap. Where the hell is Snake River? Dang it, where is Snake River? Old Jake said he'd git him here on time. The crowd begun to holler and cuss and stomp their feet and this pleased Bull very much.

They is a slight delay, but it won't be long. Meantime I'll be glad to entertain you all to the best of my ability. Would you like to hear me sing Barbary Allen? Most of the leaves is tore out, but there's plenty left. I've marked some of the longest words, Breck.

You can read good enough to give 'em out. If we don't start the show right away, this mob'll wreck the place. Yo're the only man not in the match which can even read a little, outside of me and Bull.

It wouldn't look right for me to do it, and I shore ain't goin' to let Bull run my show. We was told a cultured gent from outa town was to do it. If anybody thinks he's better qualified than me, step up whilst I stomp his ears off.

I tosses a dollar to see who gits the first word. You spelt it wrong. But I fired first. When the smoke cleared away I seen everybody was on their feet preparing for to stampede, sech as warn't trying to crawl under the benches, so I said: They ain't nothin' to git excited about.

The spellin' match continues—and I'll shoot the first scoundrel which tries to leave the hall before the entertainment's over. That was another one of my voters!

I now approached the other side, with my hand on my pistol, and says to Clanton: Make him set down! It spells with a 'K'! It spells with a 'K' or they'll be more blood on the floor!

He spelt it wrong and if he don't set down I shoots him down! Well, I hit him on the jaw with my fist and he went to sleep amongst a wreckage of busted benches. Gooseneck jumped up with a maddened shriek.

Who air you workin' for—me or Hawkins? This is the funniest thing I ever seen! The door crashed open and in pranced Old Jake Hanson, waving a shotgun. The shot scattered remarkable. I didn't get more'n five or six of 'em and the rest distributed freely amongst the crowd. You ought to of heard 'em holler— the folks, I mean, not the buckshot. Eloped with my datter! They've run off to git married! Clanton come down on top of him, out cold, as Mule McGrath swung with a pistol butt, and the next instant somebody lammed Mule with a brick bat and he flopped down acrost Clanton.

And then the fight was on. Them rival political factions jest kind of riz up and rolled together in a wave of profanity, gun-smoke and splintering benches. I have always noticed that the best thing to do in sech cases is to keep yore temper, and that's what I did for some time, in spite of the efforts of nine or ten wild-eyed Hawkinites. I didn't even shoot one of 'em; I kept my head and battered their skulls with a joist I tore outa the floor, and when I knocked 'em down I didn't stomp 'em hardly any.

But they kept coming, and Jack McDonald was obsessed with the notion that he could ride me to the floor by jumping up astraddle of my neck. So he done it, and having discovered his idee was a hallucination, he got a fistful of my hair with his left, and started beating me in the head with his pistol-barrel.

It was very annoying. Simultaneous, several other misfits got hold of my laigs, trying to rassle me down, and some son of Baliol stomped severely on my toe.

I had bore my afflictions as patient as Job up to that time, but this perfidy maddened me. I give a roar which loosened the shingles on the roof, and kicked the toe- stomper in the belly with sech fury that he curled up on the floor with a holler groan and taken no more interest in the proceedings. I likewise busted my timber on somebody's skull, and reched up and pulled Jack McDonald off my neck like pulling a tick off a bull's hide, and hev him through a convenient winder.

He's a liar when he says I aimed him deliberate at that rain barrel. I didn't even know they was a rain barrel till I heard his head crash through the staves. I then shaken nine or ten idjits loose from my shoulders and shook the blood outa my eyes and preceived that Gooseneck's men was getting the worst of it, particularly including Gooseneck hisself. So I give another roar and prepared to wade through them fool Hawkinites like a b'ar through a pack of hound-dogs, when I discovered that some perfidious side-winder had got my spur tangled in his whiskers.

I stooped to ontangle myself, jest as a charge of buckshot ripped through the air where my head had been a instant before. Three or four critters was rushing me with bowie knives, so I give a wrench and tore loose by main force. How could I help it if most of the whiskers come loose too? I grabbed me a bench to use for a club, and I mowed the whole first rank down with one swipe, and then as I drawed back for another lick, I heard somebody yelling above the melee.

Everybody stopped like they was froze in their tracks. Even Bull Hawkins shook the blood outa his eyes and glared up from where he was kneeling on Gooseneck's wishbone with one hand in Gooseneck's hair and a bowie in the other'n.

Everybody quit fighting everybody else, and looked at the door— and there was Soapy Jackson, a-reeling and a-weaving with a empty bottle in one hand, and hollering. Nuggets the size of osteridge aigs—gulp! Even Hawkins ceased his efforts to sculp Gooseneck alive and j'ined the stampede.

They tore the whole front out of the city hall in their flight, and even them which had been knocked stiff come to at the howl of "Gold! When the dust had settled and the thunder of boot-heels had faded in the distance, the only human left in the city hall was me and Gooseneck, and Soapy Jackson, which riz unsteadily with the prints of hob-nails all over his homely face.

They shore trompled him free and generous in their rush. Gooseneck staggered up, glared wildly about him, and went into convulsions.

At first he couldn't talk at all; he jest frothed at the mouth. When he found speech his langwidge was shocking. My boot was full of blood, and they was brand-new boots. The damn camp's empty! How can I git elected with nobody here to hold the election, and nobody to vote? Mount it, and kill the other guy this way. Head back to find Hoodoo. Jenny gets killed by the preacher, and you're going in jail.

Apache Bow - The silent but deadly Bow. Kill enemies silently from a distance. New pony express, bounty, poker missions available. Dynamite - Can be lit and thrown for a timed explosion or doused and thrown and then shot as a trap. You can do this, when he's teasing Soapy.

You'll kill him, and grab his pin. Soapy will tell you how to free yourself, if you free him too. Open the lock by picking it a few times. Grab your gear from the desk. You'll find a bow too, which comes in handy for the Indian hunter missions. And not just that, it'll also be your main weapon during the mission, since it can kill enemies without making a noise. You'll need to bring 3 horses underneath the stone bridge.

Just kill the enemies with arrows so using your bow, yes and grab a horse. Don't sprint with it, just keep it quiet. Once you brought 3 horses, all we need to do, is free Soapy. First head to the livery, and throw a whiskey bomb to blow the thing up.

This will give you the time to find a powder keg, and put it near the wall where Soapy is. Blow it up, to free Soapy.

Grab your horse, and follow your two jail friends. Just ignore the enemies. Soapy will leave you, and head to Dodge. That leaves you and Port. Remember Port has a hideout? You're welcome to join the Resistance. Time to steal in! New federal marshal, deputy missions available Follow Clay to where you need to be.

Port is already there. You need to put some TNT barrels by some rocks, so you can blow it up later. Once you placed a few, someone will come and tell the other members are getting attacked. Mount a horse, and follow Clay to Dodge. Kill the bandits, and the train will start moving again.

Quickly mount a horse if you didn't alreadyand head back to the ambush-area with Clay. Put the final TNT barrel where it should be, and then move onto the ledge, aiming at the barrels. As soon as the train comes by, shoot one of the barrels to cause some fun. Now the train crashed into the rocks, it's time to kill the remaining bandits. It seems the train is full of Indian slaves.

We'll save them, of course. You have to stop them! Sharps - The Sharps has great range and firepower - perfect for sniping enemies at a safe distance.

New federal marshal, bounty, pony express missions available Head to the hideout, and talk with one of the guards. Clay will tell you more about Ned, himself and the one-eyed-freak.

However, you'll get attacked, and there isn't much more to do than defend yourself. Clay will give you his Sharps. Follow Chavez to the bridge, where you'll need to start sniping. When this is done, find Clay. He'll head out, and tells you to mount the gun. Snipe down the enemies. When this is done, Port wants to see you. He tells you they have a cannon, and at the moment he says that, you'll get attacked by it. Snipe down the one behind the canon, then take it over. Kill the upcoming enemies with it, and you're done Take Down Hoodoo [GN.

New poker missions available Reward: Dual Peacemakers - The Revolver that rules the west. Hoodoo's decorative dual-Colt 45's are high-power, fast shooting and fast reloading. Grab a horse, and follow him. When you get near Empire, dismount your horse and follow him. He'll move the cannon, and you have to cover him.

Once you get to the stone bridge, you'll need to mount the cannon and take them down that way. They'll send a cart with TNT your way, so take that one out from a safe distance. If that's done, head into the saloon and go find Clay. Inside you'll find a wooden door. Blow it up with some TNT it's in a room near you, but you can also use the once you own and continue.

Save Clay, and then go after Hoodoo, who's upstairs. He'll flee higher and higher, but just follow him. You'll end up in his office. He'll give some nice answers. Give him a bullet to the head, to finish him off. He'll turn out to be a nice statue.

Remington - The Remington-Creedmore Sharpshooter not only has fantastic range and firepower - it also has a faster reload rate. New ranch hand missions available "Whatever's in that safe means more to Magruder than life itself. If I can get to it first, maybe I can finish what Ned started. Soapy is going to be hanged, so head to the water tower.

Climb all the way up, and Denton will give you a sharpshooter. Use this to shoot the rope of Soapy. Soapy will sneak around, and you need to snipe the enemies down.

If your run out of ammo, there's more on the tower. After a while of shooting, you need to flee with Soapy. Grab a horse, and ride with him to the river. Talk with the ferry operator to get to the other side. Just kneel down behind the boxes to protect yourself. When you're on the other side, more enemies will come your way. Take them down to finish it. New pony express, bounty, poker missions available Reward: Blackfoot Fire Bow - With more damage than the standard Bow, the fire-bow can kill easily and also ignite explosives.

Follow Soapy to the steamboat. The son of a bitch who commanded the steamboat massacre. If you save his brothers, he'll help you escape. One is to the north if the fort, inside. Then head a bit east, and there's another one inside. Not very hard, was it? Now do what the Indian says. You need to kill some guards, and just follow him.

gun meet soapy at the apache camp

Soapy will open a hatch, and you'll escape through a cave. On a rock is an Apache Bow, which you can use to The guard ahead has all your weapons. Shoot him down, and grab them back. Now remove all the other guards, but don't switch to another weapon. Keep using your Bow. Once they are all killed, grab the ammo and then the horse. If you don't grab your weapons now, you'll not be able to get them back!

Move to the Indians. They'll meet you in there village, so ride on. Protect their village to finish this. New deputy, federal Marshall, ranch hand missions available Well that's different, isn't it? Follow the Indians to the canoes and enter it. The Indian will move, you just have to shoot the Indians. After a short while, you'll be in the cave again. Follow the path and head up, so you're inside the fort.

Kill the enemies and find the first cannon. Use it to blow up the four bunkers. Move on to the second cannon, and destroy the boats with it. Once this is done, head to the third cannon. After a wave of enemies, you can use it to blow up the building in front of you aim inside the building. So much for their ammo. Time to head for the final cannon. Follow the Indians again. You'll end up there. Equip the dynamite if you haven't, and destroy the cannon.

gun meet soapy at the apache camp

It takes about 5 throws. New bounty, power missions available Reward: Cavalry Sword - Stolen from the body of one of Magruder's Men, this has excellent range as well as damage potential.

He'll tell you Hollister escaped. Soon after that, he'll get killed by the man himself. Time to finish this. He'll throw dynamite at you, and when he throws dynamite Find him, and put some shots to his head. He'll hide behind a rock, and put dynamite all over himself. Find him, and run away when he comes towards you. He'll explode, and you'll get Ned's rifle. Time to head to the steamboat. There are riders around here, and they are pretty strong.

Wipe one out, grab his horse and kill the rest. Once they are killed, it's time to find the safe. Let Soapy open the thing. Reeds will show up. Finish him off, just like you want to.

Mounting the horse makes it all a bit easier. There is no special trick to beat Reeds. He is able to heal himself, and his horse can't be killed. Keep that in mind and don't forget that practice makes perfect.

gun meet soapy at the apache camp

Reeds is gone, and we have a part of the golden cross. The Apache Chief has it. IF I can put the pieces together, then I can beat Magruder at his own game. Indians will capture you, and you'll understand who you really are; and Indian boy. It could be expected, but in cause you didn't, now you know ; The cross is done, hooray.

Head down and mount your horse. Now follow Many Wounds. You'll end up at a field, with some Indians. Obviously, you'll get attacked. Once you took care of that, follow Soapy to the sight. You'll have to dismount your horse, and keep following him.

You'll get attacked, and Soapy will be captured. One finger off, and he tells Magruder the location. Continue to go down, killing the men. Soapy will go to the Indians, and you'll have to fight Dutchie. He'll behind a gun, to first take care of the weaker soldiers.

With a rifle and some movement this isn't hard. Powerful, Fast and Extremely Deadly. Loaded into your Shotgun Slot. I've got to beat that bastard to it. Board the cannon, and take out every men, gunner, cannon, or whatever you're encountering. After a short while, you need to hit the junction-switch. Do that, and keep going. Another one is up ahead. Once you're inside the mine, be sure to shoot cannonballs at the shafts to make them collapse. This will save you from a lot of trouble.

You'll need to blow up barricades, take down guns, hit switches and whatnot. After a while you'll end up at a turntable. Use the switch, and protect your allies from the enemies. Then mount the cannon again. Blast through the barrier. Clay and his men will get back, while you go and hunt Magruder. Kill the men when you progress up. Plenty of TNT and stuff to heal back, trust me. After a while you'll meet the fat one-eyed bastard. It's not really hard, but you just need to know how.

First, he'll run around shooting at you, and throwing dynamite. Use your dynamite bow, and keep your distance. Time a dynamite arrow, so it'll explode when Magruder walks over it. Once you did this enough times, he'll get angry and move onto a platform. First pull out your sniper, and aim at his head.

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When you shot him there, he'll throw a big group of dynamite. Shoot that when it's in mid-air. You need to shoot it a few times in mid-air, to crush him under a big rock. When you run out of ammo for your sniper, move closed and use quick-draw to aim at his head. One shot in the head, and he'll throw the dynamite. Note that when you move too far away, some henchmen of Magruder will join the party, so avoid that.

Watch the ending and credits, and pad yourself on the back. Another job well done.