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disney big hero 6 meet the team bob

Fred (Big Hero 6) is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the Baymax, Go Go Tomago, Tadashi Hamada, Aunt Cass, Heathcliff, Robert Though the other members of the team ultimately care a great deal for Fred, they when he meets the younger brother of his friend Tadashi, Hiro Hamada. Big Hero 6 () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. (Big Hero 6 team and characters created by) & Robert Callaghan (voice) . Mir Z. Ali visual effects artist: Disney Feature Animation. Big Hero 6 - Meet Disney's Animated Avengers. Bob Chipman | 7 November am and lower-tier Marvel characters with Japanese-related origins into a team looking to jump on the Manga bandwagon, the film reimagines some of.

She wanted to be a bot-fighter, but grew up to be a pilot for Krei Tech.

disney big hero 6 meet the team bob

An accident left her lost in between dimensions and in suspension. Abigail is rescued by Hiro and Baymax and hospitalized.

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Frederickson was once a superhero named Boss Awesome, but settled and had Fred whom he let into his past secret by the post-credits scene. He travels the world on exotic exhibitions and appears to possess super strength.

Frederickson voiced by Susan Sullivan [47] - Fred's wealthy socialite mother who is embarrassed by her son's antics, but loves him nonetheless. She was initially embarrassed by how people perceived her and her family, but later learns to deal with it.

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Known for his somewhat pompous delivery. They get their power from an electricity orb, [24] but also have wristbands that are powered by a special cell battery.

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She never speaks and is always disappointed with something. Frederickson, he was old back when he fought him. He is offended that not a lot of people remember him and is apparently behind on the times. He is also not that smart as he thought Wasabi was Fred. She considers herself the best chef and wanted to take down Cass when she was winning the cooking competitions.

disney big hero 6 meet the team bob

She is mostly out for herself and tends to sever ties with her employers. He later learns humility after being defeated by Cass in an underground cooking competition as seen in "Food Fight. He distrusts technology to the point that he considers Baymax a menace. Mel Meyers voiced by John Ross Bowie [58] - A scientist working under Krei and who also despises him for misusing his creation the Buddy-Drone, a bodyguard robot that he had built to be used for surprise parties.

He is socially awkward and apparently has a slight crush on Cass after briefly meeting her. Sparkles voiced by Patton Oswalt [62] - A maniacal and egotistical game show host who prefers his own fame over anyone else's. He kidnaps Hiro and Cass' cat Mochi after his unexpected internet fame.

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Sparkles is based on an abandoned character from the film. He is known for his prediction algorithm which allows him to guess his customers' choices. His designs were originally for the military and he was reprogrammed by Obake to help in his plans against Big Hero 6.

disney big hero 6 meet the team bob

Trevor Trengrove voiced by Andy Daly [64] - A prolific scientist who seems more concerned about his image. It is revealed that he is a phony, having stolen his thesis from former partner Wendy Wower and was forced by Yama to create a powerful robot. Baymax, for its part, goes along with the plan strictly because it fits with his programming to do whatever will aid Hiro's emotional and physical recuperation.

To that end, it pushes Hiro to enlist his teen-genius friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago and Fred as well; who outfit themselves with weapons and gadgets built from their individual scientific disciplines to become the Big Hero 6 and take down the mystery villain.

It's all very colorful and fast-paced, building characters through action as opposed to pauses for dialogue or fleshing things out. The characters themselves are across the board winners, the obvious standout being Baymax, whose unlikely-bruiser demeanor and Siri-like insistent literalism places him somewhere between Drax The Destroyer and Chewbacca in onscreen persona.

Ryan Potter finds a realistic line between obnoxious and earnest as Hiro, T.

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Genesis Rodriguez does fun things with Honey Lemon, who might've wound up a "nerd-gurl" caricature otherwise and Damon Wayans Jr. And while the film will rightly get a lot of credit for the team's welcome diversity compared to most other movie superhero teams of late, what's most refreshing is what they have in common: Namely that these are all characters whose positive qualities come from education and intelligence - even their powers are extensions of their science skills.

The big winner is Baymax, who along with being a marvel of character design is also one of the best renderings of what practical A. There's never any suggestion that Baymax has a "soul" is magically developing into something humanlike, just that his programming is so reactive and functional that it allows a user or an audience to project humanity onto him - if in fact "him" is even the right phrase.

And, unfortunately, there is a "but" The film ends up feeling a little on the short side once the "main" story kicks in, another instance where you realize you've entered the big finale and the first reaction is "Wait - we're here already?

They clearly figured out early on that Baymax helping Hiro work through his depression and survivor's guilt was the heart of the film which it is and so that arc gets the lion's share of the attention.

And because Hiro even getting to the point of asking his friends for help is huge milestone in that kind of narrative, it means the superhero business doesn't actually kick-in until the movie is almost half over - so the Big Hero 6 coming together, establishing their abilities, encountering the bad guy, figuring out his identity which is too easy at first but then goes to an interesting, unexpected place facing a setback, rallying and the big final Avengers-style showdown all feel like part of the same dash to the finish Sure, this thing is probably going to be a huge hit so they'll have room to do that in sequels, but yeah I did end up wanting more from this.

Still, the stuff that needs to work here works really well.