Check the oil swap meet

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check the oil swap meet

10 Photos: 29th Annual Iowa Gas Swap Meet's Collectors Convention. Reproduction gas pump globes sit on display during. Buy Photo. Check The Oil. K likes. The voice of Petroliana & more serving collectors of oil and gas memorabilia. Annual June show in Columbus, Ohio, quarterly. June , , Columbus, Ohio, 33rd annual Petroliana Collectors Convention swap meet, Columbus Embassy Suites, sponsored by "Check the Oil!.

Oil and additive cans 3. Gas pump globes Of these four subcategories, signs command the highest prices across the board. The best examples have never looked back, pricewise. Oil cans peaked in the late s, after reaching very high levels due to a few aggressive, very competitive buyers. When they dropped out of the hobby, the market for oil cans crashed — but now cans are back up to where they were at their peak, and even higher.

check the oil swap meet

The same could be said about the buying pattern for gas pump globes. That particular specialty was much more sensitive to changes in the marketplace because there were comparatively few people collecting them. For every one person collecting gas globes, there are probably 50 who collect petroleum signs. Collectors like to display their items. Petroliana is no different than any other area of antiques when it comes to repros.

check the oil swap meet

Whenever a collecting category becomes hot and prices start skyrocketing, fakes come out of the woodwork. In fact, there are so many fake petroleum signs out there, and some are so convincing, even I, myself, have almost been fooled.

Collecting Petroliana

A knowledgeable collector of, say, pottery, can spot a fake a mile away. Mohawk Gasoline round SSP neon sign. The gas and oil companies that, decades ago, commissioned the manufacture of high-end petroleum signs were absolute sticklers for perfection.

check the oil swap meet

Those signs represented their brand, and they wanted them to be flawless. I spoke with someone who had worked for a manufacturer in Ohio that made porcelain signs for gas companies. He told me Texaco representatives used to visit the sign factory to inspect new signs before they were allowed to be released. Just about every petroleum sign is going to have some sort of flaw — maybe a slightly blurred line. Beware of a repro. Everyone wants to know where the market is headed for petroliana.

Not all of them are buying with quality as their primary focus. They should buy fewer items, but of higher quality.

check the oil swap meet

Everyone was saying the buyer had overpaid and that the price would surely come down. You should buy a collectible because you like it. Tin Litho countertop display. The agreement to purchase the experimental Triple Check sign was the first deal in what would turn out to be a fantastic fall of collecting for me.

In mid August I made a deal for a group of signs that were to be delivered to the fall show in Peotone.

check the oil swap meet

Anything from 4 Brothers is incredibly hard to find so I was happy to add this early tin sign to my collection.

None of these signs were offered at a swap meet. The fall Peotone show was still two months away but I was already anxious to take delivery of the six signs!

The seller originally had a crazy buy it now price on the globe.

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I found this Pittsburgh Paint sign in an antique mall Labor Day weekend. A buddy from Minnesota asked me to pick up a gas pump for him. While picking up the pump, my wife and I purchased several items. The most interesting, at least to me, being this Soap Box Derby type car. My collecting fund took a big hit with the sign purchases, but I was still planning on attending the first auction in October. There was a nice die cut Conoco sign that was priced to sell, so of course I had to buy it.

It turns out the guy selling the Conoco sign also had a globe for sale. Not just an ordinary globe, but a metal body Aladdin globe.

Chicagoland Petroleum and Advertising Show - Peotone, Illinois

This is the only known example! Illinois Farm Service is the company that used this globe. This single sided porcelain Opaline oil cart sign came from the same collection.