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We're the Millers is a American comedy film directed by Rawson M. Thurber . The film's screenplay was written by Bob Fisher, Steve Faber, Sean Anders. Carlisle Anyone? mahwah, nj corvette swap meet · Road Atlanta Track Dates BEACH FL MODIFIED CAR SHOW/MEGA MEET POWERED BY BIZSPEED . in Dallas -- Come Visit COD · Toys for Tots/December 13th/Millers Ale House!. meet-vic/

Realizing that one man attempting to get through customs is too suspicious, he hires his stripper neighbor stage-named Rose, a teenage runaway and petty thief named Casey, and his year-old neighbor Kenny, to pose as a bogus family called "the Millers.

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Because of the extra load of the marijuana on the RV that they are driving, one of the radiator hoses breaks while going up a steep incline. A family they had met at the border, the Fitzgeralds—consisting of Don, Edith, and their teenage daughter Melissa—catch up to them and tow the Millers' RV to a garage.

En route to the garage, David learns that Don Fitzgerald is a DEA agent after finding his badge and gun in the glove compartment. Due to Kenny's erratic driving, the RV veers off the highway and a Mexican redknee tarantulahiding in a bowl of fruit, crawls up Kenny's leg and bites his testicle.

Kenny has a severe allergic reaction to the bite, and the Millers head to the hospital near a carnival for 4th of July celebrations.

This further delays the delivery of the smuggled contraband.

During their wait, David and Rose begin to bond and Rose reveals her real name to be Sarah. The two of them scold Casey for leaving with a strange boy, Scotty P, which leaves Casey feeling amused and happy for the attention she did not receive from her real parents, who neglected her. When Kenny is finally released from the hospital, David rushes him to the RV in a wheelchair and accidentally tips him over. In the ensuing argument, David inadvertently reveals how much he is getting paid, in comparison to how little he offered to pay each of the others.

Casey, Sarah, and Kenny are left in disgust by the revelation, and so David leaves them behind at the local carnival. Shortly after leaving, David regrets abandoning them after hearing "Waterfalls" by TLC on the radio and returns to the carnival.

Casey confides in Scotty about how she felt like she was actually part of a real family. Scotty tries to sexually harass Casey, but is thwarted by Sarah and Kenny. David then arrives at the carnival, begging them to come back with him and offering each a full share of the profits. On their way to the RV, they encounter Edith and Melissa. In the ensuing conversation between the Millers and the Fitzgeralds, Kenny blurts out that they are smuggling cannabis.

Even after Kenny lets slip that David is a drug dealer leading to him being robbed, which is what causes the entire movie to even happen in the first placeDavid, while being chased by the thugs, still yells for Kenny to run. In the credits, one is a prank on Jennifer Aniston, during the "Waterfalls" scene Emma Robertswho plays Casey, displays a Dumb Blonde moment in one of the out takes, when she's unable to open a mini-fridge in one scene.

She pulls really hard on it, but is unable to open the door. After struggling for a few more moments, a crew member then simply pushes the handle slightly, and the door opens up. Instant love interest for Kenny. She is a huge nerd in Real Life Also lampshaded at the end of the film when David walks in on Rose wearing glasses and using a laptop computer.

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He says "Look at this sexy nerd. When David lectures the kids about how they aren't a family and this isn't a family trip When it turns out that he's gay, David orders Kenny to suck his dick. I Call It "Vera": Edie's vibrator is called "Joe Morgan". Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: During the scene where the Millers are fleeing the mechanic shop, Pablo Chacon and One-Eye shoot at them. None of their shots hits any of the Millers, nor does it seem to damage the RV at all.

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David's transformation from drug dealer to wholesome American father. The entire scene where David tries to convince Kenny to perform oral sex on the Mexican cop. You go over there, you pretend it's a girl's dick.

Any girl's dick you want. I'm not sure I agree with that logic. The Millers are drug smugglers, not dealers. The video that Casey takes of Kenny's swollen testicle becomes a popular internet video by the end of the film. Also, the film begins with David watching a bunch of silly Youtube videos.

Brad Gurdlinger also definitely qualifies. The gang who attacks Casey and robs David, which sets the plot in motion never faces any repercussions. Though he's never seen on screen, she mentions later in the film that he left her after maxing out her credit cards and taking all the money in her bank account. This helps explain why she was so distressed at the eviction notice, along with why she suddenly decided to help David in his wacky plan and asked for a seemingly large sum of money. In the plane before takeoff Casey lists off a bunch of "typical" teenage girl issues she's worried about, before turning it into a crass joke.

Near the end of the movie, Don disarms and subdues a Mexican drug cartel enforcer using nothing but a mug. After hearing that they were smuggling drugs, Don says that he'll have to arrest the Millers.

However, because of everything that's happened up to that point, he says he'll do it right after he hugs his wife and daughter. He then hugs them a very long time, which clues them in to escape. Don does this again for David in the next scene, after the latter delivers the drugs to Brad. During the escape from the garage, David clubs the one-eyed henchman in the head with a heavy monkey wrench. The one-eyed henchman shrugs it off easily.

Getting run over by a large RV apparently doesn't faze him much either, and he's able to get up and shoot at them moments later. Kenny, who is easily the sweetest character in the entire movie. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!

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Kenny revealing David to be a drug dealer to the three thugs at the beginning of the film causes him to get assaulted by them. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Kenny attempts to save Casey from being assaulted by three thugs at the beginning of the film, but he's easily overpowered by them. David tries to intervene, but Kenny accidentally reveals that he's a drug dealer, causing them to attack David and rob him blind. Casey meanwhile, just walks away and continues talking to someone on her phone as if what just happened was a minor inconvenience.