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January edited January in Back to the Future? . It also has Doc living part time in , at the end of the game, so it sets up the events of the. Episode 5[show] Back to the Future: The Game is an episodic graphic adventure based on the Back to the Future film franchise. . Marty, with help from Trixie, first ends Edna and Emmett's relationship, but Emmett still is reluctant to return to. Wish these Telltale games had a save editor just for these kind of arbitrary points. . in the future episodes, especially with how different everyone's Clem is. in episode 5 I went on the bike with clem, saving David and Gabe .. So I have to go back and accept Ava's offer and not inject AJ so I get the.

Marty and Doc return to the future unaware that their actions have caused Edna to fall in love with Emmett, and their relationship causes Emmett to forgo his scientific inventions. When they return to again, Doc disappears, and Marty crashes the DeLorean into a billboard. Sneaking inside, Marty learns that Edna has brainwashed Emmett and used his genius to craft the means to create a perfect society in her eyes. Marty is able to get close to Citizen Brown and show him a notebook he recovered from with the first drawing of Doc's flux capacitor.

Citizen Brown is awash with memories and realizes he was meant for better things. He helps Marty to repair the DeLorean and the two set off for to try to undo the earlier mistake. However, the damage to the DeLorean ends up leaving them two months after Marty's initial appearance inwhere Edna and Emmett's relationship has grown.

Marty is ready to take whatever steps are needed to end it, but Citizen Brown becomes concerned over what will happen to Edna and upset that Marty does not consider her feelings, and drives off alone in the DeLorean to contemplate the situation.

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Marty, with help from Trixie, first ends Edna and Emmett's relationship, but Emmett still is reluctant to return to his science pathway.

Meanwhile, Edna is picked up by Citizen Brown, and when she relates what Marty has done, Brown decides to help her to stop Marty's plan. During this, he happens to learn that Edna was responsible for the arson of Kid's speakeasy.

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During the Expo, Emmett successfully demonstrates his flying car, just as Judge Brown arrives. Marty is able to help Emmett and Judge Brown reconcile their differences, with Emmett's father now accepting his son's scientific pursuits.

Edna is furious as her plan has been foiled, and when Citizen Brown refuses to help further, she steals the DeLorean, running him over, before inadvertently disappearing in time with it. As he dies, Citizen Brown tells Marty he was right about Edna. Marty gives Emmett a sealed note with instructions to be opened in the future. Shortly after, a second DeLorean appears with Doc at the wheel, having been summoned from the present by the note. As they talk about events, the town of Hill Valley disappears around them.

Travelling to July 17,Marty and Doc discovering a crazed Edna had travelled there and attempted to burn down the tavern run by Beauregard Tannen which destroyed the town. They stop Edna in time before she can commit the act, returning her and the first DeLorean to the restored Hill Valley of Edna is quickly arrested as she continues to ramble about her act of arson, and put into jail with Kid.

The alternate DeLorean then disappears, having been erased by the timeline. As Marty and Doc are preparing to return, Marty spots Artie and Trixie, having fallen in love with each other, and worries about his future since Artie was to be wed to his grandmother Sylvia, but Trixie reveals that Sylvia is her real name. Doc and Marty arrive in and discover that in this new post-time-travel timeline, there was no estate sale because Doc's reconciliation with his father allowed the Browns to stay part-time in Hill Valley.

They find that Edna and Kid had fallen in love while in jail, and afterwards married and both became much happier and friendlier since. Take a quick look at the big gold clock in the center of the gym before walking right to the aquarium turnstile to enjoy a ride in the bathysphere. With another two Expo exhibits down, head left into the "House of the Future". The potted plant on the coffee table will come in handy, so grab it before interacting with the entertainment center of the future on the back wall.

To the right you'll see a console - interact with it to see three buttons.


Press the red and blue buttons for progress towards Full Fair, but press the green button to bring up the phone of the future. Give the phone booth of the future a call and Trixie picks up. You can be honest and tell her you're "Harry Callahan" or whatever alias you chose but there's an achievement tied to this, so just tell her "Kid Tannen" or "some guy" for now.

If you've been following along you should have Full Fair after your prank call. Get your money's worth at the Expo. Use the potted plant you grabbed with the recording device to swap the two. We need to record Edna saying something incriminating, but here's also an achievement for recording everyone at the Expo, so start with Trixie.

After getting her on tape, walk right and use the recording device with the diver, then ask him if he's seen Emmett Brown. Walk to the left-front corner of the gym to trigger a cutscene where Marty sees Doc and Emmett talking inside the glass house.

Use the nearby turnstile to enter the house, but don't move once the cutscene ends. In order to not miss out on an achievement, we have to only descend the stairs right in front of Marty once. To avoid getting stuck later on and being forced to backtrack, use the handle on the lime-green wall. Enter the room and use the handle on the purple wall inside. Exit the closet area you're in and use the handle on the lime-green wall again before you go down the stairs.

If you don't put the lime-green wall back the way it was you'll block yourself later on. Once you descend the stairs, use the handle on the red wall to the left and continue left after using the handle on the yellow wall nearby.

Go down the hall and use the green wall to trigger a cutscene where you see Doc knock out and kidnap Emmett!

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Use the handle on the red wall in the foreground before using the purple wall off in the background behind the green wall.

Go right around the corner and walk into the dead end to go through a secret passage and unlock another achievement. Complete the glass house maze without going back up the stairs. Hostile Guy is up on stage presenting, so now's your chance to take the algae cakes from his booth near Artie's table. You only have about a minute or two to do this before he finishes his speech and you miss your chance. So head over to his booth as soon as you exit the House of the Future.

With the free samples stashed in your inventory, go over to the "diver" and tell him "I know who you are" After Artie breaks up the ensuing scuffle, ask the diver what he did with Emmett. Now that you have used the recorder on everyone but Edna, you can use the recorder with the phone booth so we can get her on tape as well.

Return to the House of the Future. Press the green center button on the console to use the phone again. If you did one impersonation for Trixie earlier Kid Tannen or "some guy" now it's time to do the other one.

Once Trixie has heard them both, call her again and say you're "Carl Sagan". Ask to speak to Edna and say "About your dark secret With your three impersonations performed and the last person at the Expo recorded, you should pop another two achievements.

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Impersonate three people over the phone. Go to Artie and complain that the "aquarium guy" isn't taking your ticket. After Artie speaks with him, the bathysphere gears become "stuck". When Marty climbs the stairs, step forward onto the yellow air hose, cutting off the air supply to Emmett in the bathysphere. For the next part, just wait. Seemingly short of breath himself, Doc will eventually cave and raise the bathysphere - just in time to save Emmett.

With Emmett free we just need to retrieve our recording device from the phone booth and give it to Officer Parker. This damning evidence is all Parker needs to bring Edna in for questioning and to get her out of the way. Just as everything seems to be ready, Emmett's father arrives in a huff and demands Emmett put a stop to everything.

Say whatever you like to Judge Brown, he discovers Emmett is hiding up on the platform with you. Tell Emmett "He's got to give you a fair trial" and then tell Judge Brown "He says you won't listen". When the Judge agrees to listen, tell Emmett. After the father-son shouting match, talk to Judge Brown. At this point, there are no wrong answers - just keep progressing through the dialogue until Judge Brown has a change of heart. Return to Emmett and tell him his father said he's like his mother.

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Finally, ask Emmett "What did you just say? Eventually, Doc and Marty find themselves in a where Hill Valley doesn't exist. Ask Marty's great-grandfather voiced by Michael J. He points you towards the only person who lives for miles around, an old woman who's a bit As soon as you arrive, I recommend making another save in case you miss an achievement here like I did. The achievement is for having a one-sided conversation with the cactus in the front yard. Simply put, you need to interact with the cactus at every opportunity you have in between dialogue.

This appears to be the one particularly stubborn achievement so you may need multiple attempts. Interact with the cactus, then walk towards the front door and hit the tripwire. This is Edna's house and it appears she's lived her whole life here after inadvertently traveling backwards in time. Hit the tripwire again to draw her back out, and tell her your name.

No matter what you tell her, she doesn't appear to remember you. Hit the tripwire a third time and tell Edna you "spent the day together". When you tell Edna the present date, some gears appear to start turning. As long as you grabbed the algae cakes earlier, there's an opportunity for an achievement here.

Tell Edna you brought something for her, then give her the algae cakes. Give Edna a treat. When Doc needs promoting, remind him that "shnookums" was his pet name for Edna.