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6. 8, Nonfiction. 10 Most Influential Hip. Hop Ar. Hall, Marcella. Runell Your Back. Winerip Addie Meets Max .. Age Of Broadcasting: TV Coleman, Wim. Barnyard Lullaby. Asch Black-Footed Ferrets. Back at the Barnyard (also known as Barnyard: The Animated Series) is a He and his friends Pip the mouse, Abby the cow, Pig the pig, Freddy the ferret, Peck the rooster, Duke the . Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes .. Abracadabra-Doo - Film Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (just Spike Brandt). Government. Revenues gained from the Fair go back to the organization to cover expenses, accessible throughout the region to meet you on your path to good health. Connect with . driving, reading a book, watching TV, or even playing a video Barnyard Review, Buffalo Wild Wings KidZone. 5pm.

He's been good to us. Otis, after being beaten by the coyotes.

Meet the Ferrets

Ben dies protecting the chickens. Freddy the Ferret is constantly trying to resist himself from eating his best friend Peck the Rooster. Dag gets a rather satisfying one. He never bothers the farm animals again. Well, meaners gotta eat too! The movie completely loses its comedic beats whenever he appears on screen. Beady, who doesn't appear to do much other than sit in his chair, drinking and watching television.

Alhough not shown much, Dag has some shades of this. It's most notable when he taunts Otis, making him feeling terrible about not helping his father on the night he died, and afterwards proposing Otis a deal: Also, when he says Otis that he will be seeing him around by the next nights.

When he returns to the farm, it's during the day, relying on Otis only counting on him return at night as he had always done. The coyotes dogpile Ben. Never Trust a Trailer: The trailers imply that this is a light comedy with crazy animal antics. The movie is really a comedy-drama about Otis' Coming-of-Age Storyhis connection with his adopted father, and dealing with his issues of loss, identity, and fear.

The trailers don't mention nor the villainous Knight of Cerebus Dag and his pack. As mentioned above, this is less the wacky animal comedy that it was advertised as and more of a modern Western with farm animals. Most of the animals especially the chickens are the innocent frontier townsfolk, Dag and his pack are the roving posse of bandits that threaten the town's safety and livelihood, and Ben is the Sheriff who keeps the bandits at bay and the town - er, farm - safe from them. Otis' Coming-of-Age Story is completed by him functionally becoming the new "Sheriff" after Ben's death.

Ben found Otis as a orphaned calf following him in the fields, so he decided to raise him. Ben isn't Otis's actual father, as mentioned above, but adopted him and raised him as his own. Later, Otis himself adopts Daisy's child as their own, bringing things full circle.

Otis and Bessy are probably the most noticeable examples of this. In the episode, "The Haunting," Pig gets possessed by the ghost of Winky, a rabbit who lived on the farm years ago, who also captures the rest of Otis' friends. When Bessy orders Otis to suck out Winky's spirit with an ecto-vacuum, Otis objects, worrying he might suck out Pig's spirit by mistake, leading to this exchange: What are you waiting for?

I can't risk hurting my best friend! I thought I was your best friend! Right, I mean second best friend. I thought I was your second best friend! Uh, no, you're my best friend on the girl list. You can't have a different list for girls!

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It's pink and all the I's are dotted with puffy hearts. Best friend coming through! Abbie the cow has blonde humanlike head hair and Bessie the other cow has shades of this trope. Otis the "male cow" has no humanlike head hair of any sort. In "Animal Farmers" Otis attaches a milk machine to his udder and says, "it's a gentle tug" until the machine sucks all the milk out of his body.

In the Donk E. Cheese episode, Otis mentions Eugene taking the Z-Box on a "naughty honeymoon.

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And when you realize that he's doing this to scare away the titular buyers To say nothing of Everett's Indiana Jones expy former owner having a Gretzky Has the Ball: There are so many things wrong with the football game they play, someone who has never seen a single football game in their life could find at least 3 things wrong with it. Hero with Bad Publicity: Otis becomes this as Cowman in "Cowman: The Uddered Avenger" when a mad scientist deceives the public into thinking he is trying to steal the Jurassic Corn Kernel.

Even his friends except Pip and Abby turn against him. Hoist by His Own Petard: Freddy has a constant craving to eat Peck. Many of the animals assume the surname "Nota[animal name]" when going out in public. Otis, in contrast to his film counterpart. Eugene and his friends. The jewel robbers in "Chain Gang" disguise themselves this way wearing full-head rubber farm animal masks that happen to resemble Otis, Chicken, Freddy and Peck and thus cause said main characters to be falsely arrestedthough at the end the impostors are unmasked by Otis to reveal four old ladies.

An inverse of the previous example happens in "Get Bessy", wherein Weird Al wears a mask to hide the fact that he's a horse disguised as a human. In the movie, she was slightly aloof but, nevertheless, sociable, however, the series plays up the aloofness. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She is close friends with Abby, and she does actually care about the other animals. Her voice actor plays her this way. She's also a brown cow.

Took a Level in Jerkass: She's much more shrill than she was in the movie. Tends to have a rather sour mood.

I Owe You My Life: Otis fakes various situations, has to repeatedly save Duke whenever things go wrong, tells the truth, gets saved for real, and is told he owes Duke for the various incidents that endangered his life.

Often expresses mundane and cautious courses of action.


Maria Bamford A human who lives close to the farmer. She knows that the animals walk and talk, and is always looking for evidence, causing her husband to believe she's crazy.

Originally more of a joke than anything in the original movie, she appears much more frequently in the show, making much more of an effort to expose the animals. Doubles as From Nobody to Nightmare with how antagonistic she's gotten towards the animals since those days.

In Beady and the Beasts, it's shown that as crazy as he thinks she is, Nathan still loves Nora. It's telling that after she comes back from being kicked out by Nathan's overbearing motherhe doesn't hesitate to stand up and Nathan's Mother: Fine, I know when I'm not wanted.

You're just less wanted.

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When she tries to point out what the animals are doing, she's never believed. This is subtle Housewife: Even if her husband does think she's lost it. Episodes such as "Saving Mrs.

Beady" will make you feel more sympathy for her than any other episode. As revealed in one episode, her last first name is "Nora".