Alphacat obama meet the press

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alphacat obama meet the press

Obama was treated to a first-class impersonation of himself in the Oval as Alphacat, told the president in the video, mimicking Obama's voice. Crosson says meeting Obama was the culmination of a long-held goal. known on YouTube as Alphacat saw an opportunity too good to pass up. to talk about the administration's push to drive Affordable Care Act signups. An exclusive look at how the First Lady mastered social media Then, YouTube star and President Obama impersonator Iman "Alphacat" Crosson chimed in. With a click of an iPhone, Mrs. Obama can now reach audiences.


alphacat obama meet the press

Я сделал это, не выходя из Третьего узла. - Хейл хмыкнул.

  • President Obama Meets Himself, Thanks to Uncanny Impressionist