Ahs meet the cast of ghost

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ahs meet the cast of ghost

Since then, he has resided in the house as a ghost, used by the estate's malignant influence to When Tate meets Violet, he bonds with her over their shared depression and the struggles they .. For a complete list of his characters, see Cast. From the theme to the cast and the air date, here's everything you Some two months after American Horror Story: Cult wrapped up last November, FX announced that season eight was a go. . Viewers first met Michael at the end of Murder House, when Vivien gave birth to a child fathered by a ghost. The first season of American Horror Story received generally positive reviews from .. of Travis after meeting the ghosts of his wife and two daughters for the first time. . Dylan McDermott was cast as the lead Ben Harmon in late April .

She prevents this by distracting Tate. Nora, who wants a child since hers was murdered and turned evil, relinquishes motherhood of the dead Harmon twin to Vivien, who asks Moira to be its godmother. Three years later, Constance comes home and sees a trail of blood on the floor, leading to the bedroom of the living Harmon twin, now about three years old and looking much like Tate. He has murdered his nanny and is sitting in a rocking chair, smiling up at Constance. Conception[ edit ] What you saw in the finale was the end of the Harmon house.

The second season of the show will be a brand-new home or building to haunt. Just like this year every season of this show will have a beginning, middle and end.

Meet The Cast Of American Horror Story: Cult

It will obviously be in America, but in a completely different locale. And I always had loved, as Brad had, the horror genre. So it just was a natural for me. From the beginning, Murphy and Falchuk planned that each season of the series would tell a different story. Dante Di Loreto was announced as executive producer. Production on the series began in April He did not state which season it would be, but that he had already reached out to actors from both seasons to reprise their respective roles.

However, on January 5,it was initially announced that the crossover season will be taking place in the ninth season, but on June 14,the crossover was moved from Season 9 to the eighth season, Apocalypse instead.

ahs meet the cast of ghost

Casting[ edit ] Casting announcements began in Marchwith Connie Britton first to be cast, portraying female lead Vivien Harmon.

When Murphy presented the role to her, he said, "This is something we've never seen you do before.

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It will be turning what you've just been doing on its ear. That resulted in pregnancy with twins by two different fathers. Vivien died in childbirth, along with a twin, so now her ghost is stuck in the house forever. Ben, a psychiatrist, had been having an affair with one of his students, which destroyed his marriage.

He worked with Vivien on getting their marriage back on track, only to believe she was going crazy after she was raped and haunted by ghosts. Violet, the family's teen daughter, was depressed and often resorted to self-harm.

ahs meet the cast of ghost

She wasn't dealing with her parents' troubles very well, and was bullied at school. She met and quickly fell in love with a boy named Tate, before discovering he was a ghost and a mass murderer.

She accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills and later discovered she was dead and stuck in the house forever. Jeffrey was the twin who did not survive, but then was joined by his entire family in the afterlife. She was actually a murderous psychopath who neglected her children occasionally having them murdered and killed their father. Tate was an extremely troubled teen who murdered 15 classmates in a school shooting in He was then killed in his bedroom in the Murder House by a SWAT team, and went on as a ghost to haunt the house, eventually falling in love with Violet after raping and impregnating her mother with an evil baby.

When we last saw Tate, he was determined to get Violet to love him again, despite all the terrible stuff he had done.

ahs meet the cast of ghost

Addy was Constance's daughter, a friendly girl with Down syndrome who just wanted to be pretty and to warn the Harmons to get out of the Murder House. She was constantly berated by her mother, and was killed on Halloween in a hit and run accident. Michael now played by Cody Fern: Michael was Vivien's surviving twin, fathered by Tate. According to medium Billie Dean Howard, a child created by a ghost and a living person was the Antichrist, and would bring about The End Times.

Michael was adopted by Constance after the deaths of his entire family, and when last we saw him, he had suddenly aged several years and had murdered his nanny.

Now, it seems he's all grown up and making good on that End Times promise. A medium found on Craigslist and hired by Constance to help Tate cross over. She then also showed up on Hotel, hoping to film scenes from her new Lifetime show.

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It's been confirmed that she will return for Apocalypse. Moira played young by Alexandra Breckenridge and older by Frances Conroy: She was murdered by Constance and just wanted to escape the house. The student who Ben was having an affair with, and who was pregnant with his baby. Larry kills her with a shovel and buries her in the backyard of the house, leaving her to haunt the Harmons and try to steal their evil baby.

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Nora Montgomery Lily Rabe: The first resident of the house along with her husband, who built it and a current ghost stuck inside it.

After her child was kidnapped, murdered, and then Frankensteined into a terrifying blood-thirsty creature called the Infantata who now lives in the basement, she's obsessed with getting a new baby. Tate makes a deal with her that he eventually goes back on that she'll get one of Vivien's babies, so when the first twin is stillborn, she steals him. Ghost Vivien eventually gets him back. Fiona Goode Jessica Lange: Fiona was the reigning Supreme as of the start of the season who had actually killed the Supreme before her.

She had cancer, believing it was because a new Supreme was about to rise up. She died at the end of the season in her daughter's arms. Cordelia Foxx Sarah Paulson: