Will shion and nezumi meet again

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will shion and nezumi meet again

Well, I absolutely think they'll meet again, because they need, attract, love and because they're meant for each other. Normally, I don't like. Read Chapter 4 from the story When We Meet Again~A Nezushi Fanfiction by spacestatic_ with reads. nezushi, shionxnezumi, shion. "Are you serious? You know I am in love with you and Nezumi is my rival in this situation. That's all I . I've seen fanart here with Nezumi with short hair and Shion with purple eyes; . Nezumi is described as having short hair in the novels when they meet again.

Both systems are used in Japan: The Kodansha translation of the No. Why was Nezumi translated to Rat in the official releases? He never tells Shion his real name and no-one else seems to know it or ever mentions it, so for all intents and purposes, Nezumi is really just his name.

will shion and nezumi meet again

However, it is made clear in the original text that others find it odd: Shion points out that he is going around calling himself a rat, which is what Nezumi translates to. Kodansha Japan has asked the English localizers to maintain this sense of oddness, and thus, Nezumi was translated to Rat in the official releases. Nezumi definitely has robotic mice with all kinds of capabilities, but some of his mice are real. These are the three mice that Shion has named Hamlet, Cravat and Tsukiyo. Hamlet is the lightest of the three: He got his name after the Shakespeare play, since he loves it when Shion reads him tragedies.

This trio of mice fulfills all kinds of special missions for Nezumi, including delivering notes to Karan, who rewards them with cheese bread and muffins for their efforts.

Are the insects bees or wasps? Wasps seem more likely as there are indeed parasitical wasps in the real world, but the Japanese word hachi can be used for both bee and wasp. Most of the official designs seem to lean towards wasps, though sometimes the image of a bee is used.

No.6 - If we ever meet again (CMV) (Shion x Nezumi)

Both bee and wasp can be argued for. Shion seems to assume Inukashi is a boy upon their first meeting, but has his doubts later on; we never find out one way or another for sure.

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As you may have guessed, this is the case for Inukashi. You are most likely looking at fanart using the novel descriptions for the characters. As the anime took a slightly different route than the novels, fan artists sometimes draw Nezumi and Shion with short hair and purple eyes respectively to show they are basing their art off the novels and not the anime, or simply prefer the novel descriptions. How come there are different versions of the No.

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Starting from volume 3, every volume of the manga has had two releases in Japan: Volume 4, 6 and 9 came with a special drama CD by the voice actors of the anime; volume 4 and 6 also came with an extra short story by Atsuko Asano, the author of the novels, and volume 9 came with a special postcard.

These three volumes all had the normal cover, but they came in a special box with its own cover. We put together a post a while ago with all these different covers, which you can find here. The premium editions are limited, so most are hard to come by new now, though of course you can always get lucky in a book store in Japan or online.

The English translation of the manga has included all the special booklets by Hinoki Kino, and at least the first print of volume 8 came with color pages that were in the booklet in the Japanese premium edition. While Nezumi had hated No.

will shion and nezumi meet again

With a small smile, Shion turned away from his window, shaking his head. Like always, thinking of Nezumi had only served to make him miss him even more. It's already been five years, do you really think he'll come back now because you're thinking of him?

Think realistically, just think-' His inward scolding of himself was interrupted by four sharp taps on his window. Shion turned around, his eyes growing wide at the sight he saw.

will shion and nezumi meet again

He was taller, but not by much. His hair was exactly the same, still confined in the usual up-do. Really, with the exception of his height and the build of his body now slightly more muscular, he looked exactly the same. Once he got over the initial shock, Shion smiled. He hurried to the window, lifting it up and repeating his greeting.

will shion and nezumi meet again

Nezumi smiled, his eyes soft as he looked at the man who he had left a boy all those years ago. You know, Shion, from the outside, your house isn't too shabby Um, let me go to the front door and-" "No need. Back up a little, Shion. Nezumi looked around Shion's room, nodding approvingly at what he saw.

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I always did think a smaller house suited you better. Once again, you show up at my window. This time, though, you aren't hurt or bleeding Nezumi chuckled and shook his head, walking toward Shion and taking his face in his hand.