Where the elite meet and greet

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where the elite meet and greet

Oct 8, UPDATE: Commenter Austin So found video of the shout chorus at the end of Dion's speech. Stéphane Dion spoke at the Economic Empire. An Elite Meet And Greet! 四天王ゴヨウとドータクン! ← Previous DP |Next → DP Episode information Season: Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Number. The Elite Meet And Greet. Public. · Hosted by Over The Top Wrestling. Interested. clock. Saturday, April 15, at PM – PM UTC+ More than a.

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It starts by Razor Leaf, but misses. Turtwig bites Buizel despite Dawn's order to dodge. However, Buizel uses SonicBoom to throw it away. Turtwig is defeated by this attack. Dawn is angry at Buizel for such a reckless attack, though Buizel does not care.

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Dawn is depressed, as she cannot control Buizel. Dawn calls it back, but Brock stops her and she accepts the idea to communicating it for a while and lets it stay. They came to the Center and Joy accepts Turtwig to be healed. Brock flirts with her and gets jabbed by Croagunk. As Croagunk drags him away, he spots Buizel and they act aggressive.

Dawn goes to stop them, though Croagunk goes away. Dawn scolds it, while a man overhears this. After some turns, Lucian's Girafarig defeats the opponent's Scizor with a Psybeam. The heroes are impressed by the battle, though the man tells he has still a lot of win.

The Elite Meet And Greet

The heroes compare the man from the TV and are shocked to see the man is actually Lucian. The heroes introduce themselves while Team Rocket spies on them. Lucian tells them the Sinnoh League needs to be passed so that trainers can challenge the Elite Four. To challenge the Champ, Cynthia, the trainer needs to defeat them first.

Buizel is interested - Lucian tells it wants a battle. Indeed, Buizel is so angry at being captured that it forgets about its defeat and breaks out of the cage. Then, Lucian shows Dawn how to adapt to Buizel's style so they can work together to beat Team Rocket.

After the villains are defeated, Dawn and Buizel go one more round with Lucian and Bronzong, and they're already demonstrating improved teamwork! Before he leaves, Lucian encourages Dawn to keep training and says he'll see our heroes again someday.

Buizel doesn't even smile or return the welcome, looking away. Piplup angrily extends his arm for a shake, but Buizel pushes him away, almost starting a fight.

where the elite meet and greet

Dawn breaks them up, but the tension is still high as Brock points out that Buizel spent most of his life alone. When Ash offers to battleBuizel immediately accepts. Ash decides to pit Turtwig against Buizel, starting off with a Razor Leaf attack.

where the elite meet and greet

Turtwig shakes it off and races forward for a Bite attack. Buizel again disobeys Dawn's order to dodge, instead letting Turtwig bite his arm, leaving it vulnerable to multiple close-range SonicBoom attacks. Turtwig flies backwards, knocked out from the fierce attack.

where the elite meet and greet

Croagunk stops Brock's romantic advances against Nurse Joy and proceeds to drag him away, but Buizel's glare almost starts a fight. Dawn breaks that one up and Croagunk proceeds to drag Brock away. Nearby, a person reading a book takes note of Dawn scolding Buizel. While they wait, Ash and his friends watch a televised battle between a Trainer and Elite Four member Lucian.

where the elite meet and greet

As they watch Lucian's Girafarig knocks the opponent's Scizor against a boulder, Buizel watches with extreme awe. Girafarig dodges Scizor's Slash attacks before jumping up and letting Scizor's claw get stuck in a rock, jumping up top and firing Psybeamknocking Scizor out. Ash and his friends are amazed when Lucian walks up right next to them, discussing the battle and meeting the group. Lucian covers the Sinnoh Elite Four members and their preferred typesas well as the Champion Cynthiabefore pointing out that Trainers must work through the Elite Four before rightfully challenging Cynthia.

Excited, Buizel challenges Lucian to a battle, though Dawn tells him not to be so rude and apologizes to Lucian, telling him she just recently caught Buizel. Outside, Buizel prepares to battle as Lucian sends out Bronzong to battle. Bronzong charges with Gyro Ball. But to get to her, you have to defeat Lucian and the others.

Meet & Greet at The Elite Club Annual Celebration

Ash will be certain to use his mystical ability to place 8th in competitions to deal to them! Buizel becomes overexcited and Dawn has to hold it back as it approaches Lucian, babbling its own name over and over. Lucian grins and tells them that Buizel obviously wants to battle, and he accepts the challenge!

The blue-haired guy in John Lennon glasses is going to fight Hulk Hogan! Ash leaps up asking if he can fight Lucian first, but Lucian grins and tells him that if he intends to win the Sinnoh League, then he'll get his chance to face Lucian then, so Ash just stands and stares But Lucian has spoken, and he leads them outside to throw down with their bloated ego wrestling weasel! Team Rocket watch them step outside and giggle, NOW is their chance!

According to Dextina, the monolith monstrosity was apparently woken in a construction site afteryears of hibernation! Oh God it's one of the Elder Gods! Buizel is eager to throw down though, and Dawn commands it to use Aqua Jet, so it Again, Bronzong uses Iron Defence, and Lucian tells it to wrap things up with Gyro ball, and it begins spinning before charging.

Dawn tells Buizel to dodge, but instead it blasts forward with Aqua Jet directly into Bronzong Buizel staggers back up still wanting to fight and Lucian is impressed, then tells Bronzong to use Flash Cannon, and it does just that, flashing its giant bell-shaped rear end and blasting at Buizel.

Dawn tells it to dodge, but instead it blasts at the Flash Cannon with Water Gun, but the power of the little Hulkamaniacs can't help Buizel bodyslam Andre the Giant tonight, and Buizel is sent flying by the full force of the blast. Dawn runs to Buizel's side as it struggles back up and then collapses, and Lucian steps forward to apologize to her, saying he got carried away, but credits Buizel's fighting spirit.

As Lucian walks away with Bronzong, Team Rocket watch from the bushes, taken aback by the ease with which Buizel was defeated, it was smashed into puree! Will Giovanni even be interested in a Bronzong? Especially one capable of turning itself into a giant cannon!?!