When did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

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when did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were the ultimate frenemies. When Jobs began developing the original Macintosh in the early s, he wanted Microsoft to “ We had more people working on the Mac than he did,” Gates said. Steve Jobs was a much better marketer than Bill Gates was. In , Toy Story was the first fully computer-animated film to be released. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs Later, Mr. Jobs told Mr. Isaacson that we was going be one of the first “to.

when did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

A dropout of the Reed College, Jobs initially worked as a technician at Atari, then later on travelled to India, formed partnership with fellow technology geeks including Wozniak, who became the co-founder of Apple.

Gates imparted his genius on software for the first Macintosh. It was in when he returned to Apple.

when did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

Pre-war, there was a friendship, later eroded by the stiff competition in the IT space. It was this last decade that placed Jobs in history books as one of the greatest innovators of the century.

He crafted new market categories with the conception of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. However, these products are premium-priced, as Gates mentioned. This is where Gates snatched the lead with less elegant features and sophisticated interface, but budget-friendly—he captured the masses in his own right.

Bill Gates: Steve Jobs and I grew up together

And love would always tell us that at some point, they have treaded a solitary vision and agreed on some things. Perhaps they both coincided with the fact that they wanted to bring something better to the future generation—and they succeeded.

when did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

Their management style of allowing their employees to take risks and bold decisions is also similar to some extent. Jobs desired to be on top of every single sector he played in, and was a demanding leader.

when did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

He was quite the perfectionist and wore his emotions on his sleeve. He was widely known to shout and show his temper when unsatisfied with results.

He saw what people wanted before they even realized it. So we got along very well with them, they were similar to us in many ways," says Andy Hertzfeld, a former Apple employee. However, knowing that the Mac's renowned graphical user interface represented the future of personal computers, Gates worked on cloning the Mac.

How Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Went From Friends To Bitter Enemies

Windows, Toy Story and two billionaires The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste I have no problem with their success I have a problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products. Their products have no spirit to them. Steve Jobs about Microsoft, When Microsoft launched the first version of its new operating system Windows, it was the end of their collaboration. Of all of the things that have happened between the two companies, that was the thing that upset Apple the most Within 10 years, Windows 95 was installed on almost all computers on the market.

Microsoft's success and mediocre Mac sales brought out an authoritarian side in Jobs, causing rifts within his own company. And in the end, because Steve Jobs had actually burnt out so many people and created so much animosity and fear about himself, when the board came to vote, it was almost like the entire company voted that they would rather not have Steve Jobs around anymore," says Bruce Damer, the curator of the DigiBarn Computer Museum.

Soon after his eviction from Apple inJobs created a new company: But it wasn't successful. Jobs got back on his feet by investing in Pixar, a computer-animated film company.

The strange love-hate relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

InToy Story was the first fully computer-animated film to be released. It became a blockbuster and paved the way for Pixar's global success. We had basically no cash. We just had this movie and the New York critics said it was going to be good He took that idea and sold it.

Creating the i-world I think he [Bill] was somewhat jealous of the great success of the iPod and then iTunes Jon Shirley, former Mircosoft president More than 10 years after Jobs' departure, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy.

when did bill gates and steve jobs first meet

InJobs returned to Apple. For the first time, he began to care about profit and loss. He began to care about success, business success. He turned into a businessman, which he had never been before.

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He became a little more like Bill Gates," says Cringely. Jobs climbed to new heights, developing the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad. Apple's become this enormously successful company Apple does more business in iPhones than Microsoft does in total business. And they're the most valuable company in the world now," says Shirley. Steve Jobs capitalised on a lot of things. Bill changed the world. Bill made software what it is today.