What state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

Lewis and Clark Meet the Shoshone

what state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

She met Lewis and Clark while she was living among the Mandan and When the Expedition did meet the Shoshone, Sacagawea helped the. – ) accompanied the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Remarkably, Sacagawea did it all while caring for the son she bore just two months before Possibly the most memorialized woman in the United States with statues and. Of course where there are buffalo, there are buffalo hunters. As the Americans passed through the tribal homelands, they did not know the land After traveling about 1, miles in five months, Lewis and Clark needed to find a place to.

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Sacagawea's Story

Sacagawea, the only woman to travel with the Corps of Discovery, did this and more. Approximately four years earlier, a Hidatsa raiding party had taken Sacagawea from her home in Idaho and from her people, the Lemhi Shoshone. In February ofshe gave birth to a baby boy, her first child. Captain Lewis recorded the event in his journal: While Sacagawea is often remembered as the guide who led the Corps across the plains, Expedition journals offer little evidence of this.

what state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

Historians generally believe that Sacagawea joined the Expedition because her husband had been hired as a translator. Still, Sacagawea contributed significantly to the success of the journey. Simply because she was a woman, Sacagawea helped the Corps. Among the tribes the explorers met, her presence dispelled the notion that the group was a war party.

Lewis and Clark Meet Sacagawea

A woman with a party of men is a token of peace. The Corps was eager to find the Shoshone and trade with them for horses. He turned to his secretary, Meriwether Lewisto head the Corps of Discovery. Lewis, 29, chose his friend and former military superior, year-old William Clarkas his co-captain.

what state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

After more than a year of planning and initial travel, Lewis and Clark and their men reached the Hidatsa-Mandan settlement—about 60 miles northwest of present-day Bismarck, South Dakota—on November 2,when Sacagawea was about six months pregnant.

Charbonneau spoke French and Hidatsa; Sacagawea spoke Hidatsa and Shoshone two very different languages. Through this translation chain, communications with the Shoshone would be possible, and Lewis and Clark recognized that as crucial: On April 7, Sacagawea, the baby and Charbonneau headed west with the 31 other Corps members.

what state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

Sacagawea and the Corps of Discovery Within a month, a near-tragedy earned Sacagawea particular respect. The boat in which she was sailing nearly capsized when a squall hit and Charbonneau, the navigator, panicked.

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In appreciation, Lewis and Clark named a branch of the Missouri for Sacagawea several days later. Clark, in particular, developed a close bond with Sacagawea as she and Baptiste would often accompany him as he took his turn walking the shore, checking for obstacles in the river that could damage the boats.

what state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

She could identify roots, plants and berries that were either edible or medicinal. This eased tensions that might otherwise have resulted in uncooperativeness at best, violence at worst.

what state did lewis and clark meet sacagawea

After reaching the Pacific, Sacagawea returned with the rest of the Corps and her husband and son—having survived illness, flash floods, temperature extremes, food shortages, mosquito swarms and so much more—to their starting point, the Hidatsa-Mandan settlement, on August 14,