Veer and ichcha first meet

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veer and ichcha first meet

However, in tonight's maha episode Veer and Ichcha will finally meet and get back together. A source says, “Ichcha is pregnant so she will visit. Veer looks at her and flashback scenes are shown (their first meeting, marriage), gets up from Veer – yes, I have come to meet you, my Iccha. Web search results for uttaran veer and ichcha first meeting ideas from Dogpile.

veer and ichcha first meet

What are her intentions behind this? Meanwhile, Tapasya discusses her divorce with her parents. How will they feel about this? Thursday 22 March Episode Tapasya breaks down when Jogi talks to her about everything. Meanwhile, the Doctor calls Ichcha to come in after receiving a letter from Tapasya. What could it be? How will Tapasya feel about this? Friday 23 March Episode Veer brings flowers for Ichcha but she refuses to let him come into her room. Rohini watches the two of them together and informs Tapasya about this.

How will he react to this? Monday 26 March Episode Gunvanti stroms in with the divorce papers and questions Tapasya. How will she respond to her? What is she about to do? Tuesday 27 March Episode Nani becomes confused when Tapasya scolds her. Meanwhile, Iccha sees a picture of Veer. How will she feel about this? How will Ichcha handle her situation with the brothers? How will she react to this? Episode Veer searches for Vansh but it seems as though Vansh is happily away with Ichcha.

Meanwhile, Tapasya is about to save Vansh from getting into trouble. Thursday 29 March Episode Veer catches Tapasya red handed as she goes to meet Sidh and questions her actions.

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What will she say? Episode Gunvanti prepares the home for a family prayer whilst Tapasya works on getting Ichcha to be part of it. What are her intentions for this?

Icha and Veer 2

Veer and Ichha plan to get married but then Tapasya turns psychotic in a jealous rage, cuts herself up and threatens suicide to Ichha and Damini if she doesn't have Veer for herself. Ichha then lets Tapasya pretend to be her on the wedding covered under a veil.

Tapasya's hatred towards Ichha is nourished by her jealousy and she makes numerous unsuccessful attempts of getting rid of her, even by getting her killed. When Vansh finds out Tapasya is responsible for Ichha's sufferings as the latter lives with the man she loves at the same house but can never be with him but is also unable to reciprocate Vansh's feelings towards her, he commits suicide in Tapasya's presence to frame her for his murder and thus, punish her.

Ichha and Tapasya's mother-in-law, Gunvanti Beena Banerjee develops animosity towards Ichha whom she holds responsible for Veer and Tapasya's marriage which she is happy about, for the sake of Tapasya's family's wealth falling apart and for Vansh's death.

Eventually, Tapasya's true nature is exposed and she is thrown out of the house. She meets a brokerRaghuvendra Pratap Rathore Gaurav Chopra and gets pregnant with his child but he separates from her for her spoilt and selfish character without knowing about her pregnancy.

Tapasya returns to her in-laws' house, stating to repent for her past mistakes, well Ichha forgives Tapasya, but she does not trusts her. She eventually exposes the truth behind Tapasya's pregnancy and the latter is banished from Thakur and Singh-Bundela's Mansions for good.

veer and ichcha first meet

She gives birth to a daughter whom she abandons in desperation. The kid is raised by Veer and Ichha who name her Mukta and then by her maternal grandparents. Ichha and Veer finally get married and their children Yuvraj and Meethi are born.

veer and ichcha first meet

Ichha returns and reunites with her family but is hated by Yuvraj Saurabh Raj Jain who has grown up to be spoilt and selfish and blames his mother for abandoning him, as well as Meethi who grew up believing her mother was dead and is unable to bear the truth she was actually in jail for murder. Damini, having gained wealth thanks to changed employer-employee contract with the Thakurs, raised Kanha Chaitanya Choudhury now a successful CEO and happily married to a woman named Surbhi Pranitaa Pandit and Meethi, whilst Yuvraj was brought up by Gunvanti who took the custody rights over him through deception and brainwashed him against Ichha while Veer Vikas Bhalla has lost his memory post the incident with Avinash and is living with his mother and new wife, who married him for money.

Eventually, Ichha manages to restore Veer's memory and he tells his children the circumstances under Ichha went to prison, leading them to accept Ichha as their mother.

Meanwhile, Mukta and Meethi's friendship faces challenges as both of them are trying to win the heart of the same man; their college friend, Aman Verma Gaurav S Bajaj Aman eventually chooses Mukta but they never get together as Mukta marries Yuvraj to save the Thakurs from serious financial issues.

Veer and Ichcha to reunite in Uttaran

Meethi and Aman, having realised they are not meant for each other, separate as friends. Mukta slowly begins developing feelings for Yuvraj but he is jailed after attempting to molest Mukta. Iccha puts her hands on his shoulders, feels him and exclaims you remember everything. Veer replies in affirmative that he replies it all, each and everything in details.

How you saved me during that incident, their first meeting in school flashback in the background. You still dint share that you are Iccha, my Iccha and you suffered so much just because of me?

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My family is your culprit. Iccha stops him from saying anything further and hugs him. Veer hugs her back. All are happy and crying silently for them. Nani as usual with her expressions. Hug again and all smile looking at them.

Damini thanks God silently. Veer turns, looks at Damini and goes towards her. He calls her Ammo and apologises that he wanted to take her blessings at the door only but then thought that he has waited so long for this moment then why not extend it a little bit more and tell Iccha first. He touches her feet and she blesses him. Goes to Jogi and says, Thankur sahib, you have always thought of me as your son and that today your son has come back to you.

Thakur smiles and hugs him.

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Divya too smiles at him. Veer comes to Iccha and follows suit.

veer and ichcha first meet

He tells her that from today onwards, there would be no more tears. I have come here to take you back to your own home. The vermilion on your head is a proof that you are still my wife and thus, you have full rights on me, my house and my family.