Travis scott meet and greet warfield

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travis scott meet and greet warfield

George C. Scott sings “Sixty-six bottles of beer on the wall, sixty-six bottles of beer. . But one of his after egos is performing at the Warfield Theatre in San Andy Kaufman and I have met several times, and on each occasion he has Tepid applause greets Clifton's first appearance onstage, but as he. Firefly Music Festival 3 Day Pass with Travis Scott, Post Malone, Panic! At. He wanted to do the meet and greet, but it was sold out. I've seen Joe indoors at the Warfield (G3-Vai & Petrucci, Crystal Planet tour) and the Filmore (a.

The seats were on top of one another so trying to make an emotional connection with the music wasn't going to happen for fear of blocking someone's view of the stage or being too obnoxious. Satriani would have been better off either playing at the Tower theater or at the Kimmel center.

Joe Satriani is a world class musician and I thought playing at the Keswick theater was an insult to the thirty-plus years of skills and hard work into becoming a master. The show was supposed to start at 7: Satriani was kind enough to give an extra minutes to his fans to find parking and get to their designated seats.

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So he played the first half of his set until 9pm and than took a minute break. The show was resumed at 9: Seeing Joe Satriani was rarity as he does not tour very often and its unclear to me how much more he desires to tour given the lifespan of his career at this point in time. The other part of it was that he was only playing one-night so I thought he could have played until at least 11pm.

I am not expecting him to be Trey Anastasio and pull an all-nighter but he could have played another night. I would have made every effort to see him despite his choice of venue. The second half of the show started off with Marco Minnemann doing a drum solo which gave fans a brief "window shopping," of his brilliant skills as a drummer and in depth knowledge of time signature and drums in general.

However, as talented and beautiful as Marco Minnemann is I found his playing to be "heavy,hard and strong" which are positive adjectives to describe his drumming however in this case I felt overpowered the rest of the band members and even Joe's playing at times.

There are times when Joe is playing that he sounds like a jazz player and so does the rest of the band. Dare I say, that John appears to play with more finesse, discipline and is a "lighter" player and has more versatility.

In my opinion, Joe really put "himself out there on a limb. Unfortunately, security coverage can often be sensationalist and counter-productive.

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travis scott meet and greet warfield

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travis scott meet and greet warfield

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travis scott meet and greet warfield

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