The unlimited hyoubu kyousuke ending relationship

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the unlimited hyoubu kyousuke ending relationship

He is a deuteragonist of The Unlimited - Hyōbu Kyōsuke. Anime Debut Before leaving P.A.N.D.R.A. for good he tried to give Kyousuke back the limiter, instead Kyousuke made Andy an honorary member and let him Relationships Edit. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Kyousuke Hyoubu (兵部 京介, Hyoubu Kyousuke) is the leader of Children, and the main protagonist of The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke. so he ended up living with Mr. Tsubomi, a wealthy man, and his daughter, . Relationships Edit.

Yet, in this series, he has learned through his interactions with Andy, Yugiri, and Kaoru, that he must forgive for his own sake, so that he can eventually look to the future.

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He chooses to show mercy to the one man who betrayed both him and his unit and that he hates above all others. He made sure the man would never be a threat again, and got in some well deserved punishment at the same time. Andy showed his mettle and belief in Hyoubu by using every bit of his power to save his life. He lost his secondary ability to stop ESP by touch, and Hyoubu lost his unlimited abilities at least for a time. Since Andy has stated that his secondary ability only lasts for a certain amount of time, I wonder if eventually Hyoubu will gain the full extent of his powers back again, and that Andy will regain the use of his full powers as well?

Speaking of Andy, why the heck did the guy leave? His whole arc has been about finding the place where he belongs.

Well, he did that. He flip-flopped between the two sides for most of the series, and then by Ep. He found a family that cares about him and is willing to forgive and accept him no matter what.

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What more does he want?! He says that he still wants to find where he fits in the world between espers and normals……Andy, hun, you have an ESP ability. Speaking of Yugiri, the little girl was back to her adorable self this episode and I liked to see into her background.

the unlimited hyoubu kyousuke ending relationship

Having seen the original series, Zettai Karen Children, this spinoff originally put me on odds side with Kyousuke. In fact, he is an antagonist from the original title. Here, he is portrayed as a protagonist. With that, he even meets a new friend by the name of Andy Hinomiya. He has a mysterious power of his own that can be compared to a certain unlucky protagonist from another series. I won't spoil here so watch more to find out. At any rate, he is introduced as an anime original character who joins P.

His friendship with Kyousuke seems to be based on both fear and respect. Yet, they do work hand-in-hand and often times gets the job done. Speaking of anime original, there is the cute Yuugiri. She is a strange girl with the ability to read minds but that often puts her at odds with society.

She is even viewed sometimes as a 'monster' for just being an esper. This isn't surprising though as the world often sees those who are special regarded as being a threat to society. Among others of the team includes includes some returning characters from the original series such as You Fujiura, Momiji Kanou, and Shirou Magi. They make up the firepower of the team and gives P.

A a reason to being so feared and dominant. So, this spinoff takes the setting in a more dark city atmopshere as opposed to the 'family oriented' atmosphere that the original Zettai Karen bought to us years ago. Honestly, who remembers that stuff anyways? In most of today's anime series, the market often aims at viewers for fan service, gore, and those romance subplots. Thankfully, this series avoids most of that and aims directly towards the story along with its strong cast of characters.

With his name being set as the title, it is no surprise that Kyousuke gets the most attention even through the flashback scenes we see in later episodes. The other characters aren't omitted either as they all get his or her own little spotlights. The story focuses mainly on the organization that Kyosuke sets up. His idea is to save Espers of his own kind because the way society ostracizes them. In fact, Espers in this spinoff are not seen as saviors of the world but as harbingers of destruction.

It can easily be taken the fact even from the pilot episode given Andy's treatment behind that prison. The way I see this though is an utter misunderstanding. In fact, some of the people who treats the Espers themselves can be seen as the real monsters to society.

It's irony at its very best. However, this shouldn't be entirely be blamed on such trivial accusations that Espers are evil. There have been facts which proves the existence of espers to be a threat in the case of criminals in the series.

As a matter of fact, Kyosuke's father ran into a case many years ago that changed his outlook on espers forever. The series seems to lack the ultimatum for its plot. I guess the long story short here is that this spinoff contains way too many mysteries. It starts off fast and keeps its pace here and there.

the unlimited hyoubu kyousuke ending relationship

As mentioned before, Kyousuke acts with a plan through his head and cunning strategies. But most of the time, I find that this is almost redundant. The guy is nearly unstoppable and presented as being a boss.

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His powers of flight, telekinesis, and super strength is overpowered as he takes the skies and dominates in most of his fights. Even from the original series, Kyousuke is calculating and manipulative with his actions.

In this spinoff, he is no different and often plays his plans like a chessboard. The pieces are his organization but rather than using them, Kyousuke plays the role of a leader leading them through missions. The action of the series is also full throttle and packed with explosive warfare. It doesn't run through egoistic dialogues and strange gags but gets straight to the point. Otherwise, it does occasionally lack a bit of flavor as it just seems stale.

Additionally, I find the characters' designs to be a bit generic.