The talking stage of a relationship tumblr blog

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the talking stage of a relationship tumblr blog

The talking stage is weird. You meet a new person and probably are texting- a lot .Yet, you don't really know if it's going anywhere or if “it” is. When you're drifting through the four stages of a relationship, you usually go from casual dating to a serious, monogamous Blogger. Love. July 17, Rocky road ain't just an ice cream flavor. The "we're talking" stage of relationships is the earliest possible stage. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr. solovelyidentified-blog The part of the relationship where all you want to do is talk to the person all day and night and your head is I'm thinking what actually is 'the talking stage' that's the stage were you're getting to know each other right.

You get to know the person, you might start liking them and who knows there might be actual feelings brewing.

Why the Talking Stage is Important at the Start of any Relationship

You may have put some time into it like a month or two then boom something happens. Or what usually happens over time is the the conversation shortens.

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Less texts back, the person becomes more and more busy than usual until either they fall back completely, dates someone else or tells you they are not interested or not ready for a relationship.

Then at that point you just wasted time on someone you never dated. Maybe you can still be friends afterwards but if you like or liked them it will still feel like a waste of time. Feelings can definitely be a problem because the worse thing is to be jealous over someone who is not yours. It could get pretty bad if only one person really feeling the other person.

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Say he feeling the girl and drops the other girls completely and she still talking to more than one guy. That could end up bad and shit you can be on the bottom of her list and the same thing could happen to woman. The talking stage helps you get to know someone better before you actually trust them with a job which is a relationship with them. Speaking of jobs its pretty much like a prolonged interview but like an interview you can still have competition for the same job and also you can still do everything right during the interview and still not get the job.

What are your opinions on this. This lack of communication for the first text can offend both of the minglers to just stop talking and ultimately end the possible affair.

the talking stage of a relationship tumblr blog

Consistency can be another issue in the talking stage. This lack of consistent responding can be so nerve-wracking for the most conversing person in the couple.

This may lead to you feeling that the person is uninterested and result in cutting them off. Another problem when you begin to talk to someone is that unofficial game of 20 Questions where every answer puts them and yourself under scrutiny.

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Whether on the phone or hanging out, there is a rush to get to know each other. It just depends on what you and they are able to accept.

the talking stage of a relationship tumblr blog

Questioning, however, can sometimes become intrusive. One person may ask the other a question that digs too deep into their personal life and that may trigger or upset them. Limitations will be drawn and weak spots will be exposed.

the talking stage of a relationship tumblr blog

If you want the conversation to keep going, throw the text first and see what happens.