The stepfather 1987 ending a relationship

The Stepfather - Bloody Disgusting

the stepfather 1987 ending a relationship

Jan 23, The Stepfather is a American horror\thriller film directed by Joseph Jerry's relationship with Susan's year-old daughter, Stephanie is. As you might guess, the resulting movie is called The Stepfather, a like Pauline Kael, the next, ads making the film look like another slasher outing. Why is it that, when two people get deep into a relationship and the girl starts to go. A seemingly mild mannered man -- who has just murdered his entire family -- quickly adopts a new identity and leaves town. After building a new relationship.

After packing his things, Henry leaves through the front door of his house, nonchalantly passing the butchered remains of his family and others.

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Boarding a ferry, Henry throws the suitcase containing the objects from his former life into the ocean. One year later, Henry—now operating as a real estate agent named Jerry Blake in the suburbs of Seattle —has married the widow Susan Maine.

Jerry's relationship with Susan's year-old daughter, Stephanie, is strained. Bondurant, advises her to give Jerry a chance. Meanwhile, amateur detective Jim Ogilvie, the brother of Jerry's murdered wife, runs an article about his sister's murder in the newspaper. While hosting a neighborhood barbecue, Jerry discovers the article and is disturbed by it.

Jerry goes into the basement of the house and begins maniacally rambling to himself, unaware that Stephanie has also entered the basement.

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Discovering his stepdaughter, Jerry brushes off his outbursts by saying that he was simply letting off steam. He tells her not to worry. Susan is very much in love with Jerry, but Stephanie is still attached to her deceased father and cannot bring herself to trust her stepfather in spite of his apparent good intentions. He has killed his family in their idyllic suburban home and is subtly changing his appearance to start anew somewhere else.

While enjoying a backyard barbeque in his new life with Susan and Stephanie, Jerry joins a few of his guests who happen to be reading a newspaper article about the crime Jerry committed just before marrying Susan. Jerry does give his hell-raising stepdaughter the opportunity to change before deciding that his new family is broken beyond repair.

Indeed, for a moment the Maine-Blakes become a loving, hard-working and prudent family, fitting the image that Jerry keeps always in the hope chest of his mind.

The Stepfather (1987)

But just when it seems his new family might satisfy him after all, Jerry proves himself to be a monster indeed by exploding at a boy for merely kissing Stephanie. His stepdaughter is outraged and, for the first time, so is his wife. The only way he knows how to reconcile the problem is to destroy the modern family.

While the vast majority of viewers would not want him to succeed in his efforts to normalize family life, Jerry remains a sympathetic character. They HAD to do that on purpose, don't you think?

Makes it scarier when Scary Jerry exhibits Toolshed Rage. That's the second bout of Toolshed Rage so far, isn't it? As Shelley Hack happily frosts her cake.

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Course, if she hadn't a been fired, the world wouldn't have been graced with MY favorite Angel, Tanya Roberts. You guys know they're making Charlie's Angels: That's not really who I'd cast. I mean, you'd have to get Pamela Anderson in there, wouldn't you? All right, roll the ads and we'll get back to the flick.

Of her theatrical releases. Then there's all those great TV movies she did.

the stepfather 1987 ending a relationship

They're so hard to choose from: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story. I may need to rent that version. Just to settle the "Charlie's Angels" dispute.

the stepfather 1987 ending a relationship

See if she's got any legal recourse. Is this the only movie ever made about a maniac realtor?

The Stepfather (1987) best scenes

I think it may be. There are actually TWO flicks in the psycho-realty genre. And speaking of people who could make big bucks in real estate, it's time for Rusty the TNT Mail Girl to join us for "Joe Bob's Jailbreak," where we read letters from the prisoners of our great penal American penal institutions. So, Rusty, when you were married, were you someone's evil stepmother?

Oh, my gosh, why did I ever tell you that?

the stepfather 1987 ending a relationship

It only lasted about five minutes, and no, he didn't have kids. I only ask because a bunch of studies have shown that stepkids are more likely to have discipline problems, flunk a grade, and even drop out of school.

Have you ever had any stepkids? You got a letter for me? This is from William B. That kid was messed up WAY before I got to him. Cuts have been made] "Hello from the state of Michigan, where visitors arrive as tourists and leave on parole. Business is booming, prison expansion, shipping inmates out of state to such places as the state of Virginia - with no end in sight.

The Stepfather is Lost

Business seems to be so good there are lines of would-be convicts lined up waiting to be admitted. The MDOC is like a college fraternity, they allow anyone to join, but you pay hell when the time arrives to resign.

Maybe it's the excellent four-star restaurant-type of food being served.

the stepfather 1987 ending a relationship

Or it could be the very fashionable state blue clothing that is issued. But then again it may be the excellent health care that is provided to inmates at places such as Duwane Waters Hospital in Jackson, Michigan. Whatever the reason the MDOC is attracting many 'clients. It should be obvious to even a blind deaf mute of your genius. After all, you do know what makes a good horror movie tick and what the beer drinking, junk food wanna-be trailer park redneck track public and captive inmate viewers would like to see besides the Mail Girl delivering the mail nude.

Kissane Carson City Correctional Facilities. William,I agree with you -- I should be producing my own horror flick.