The man without a face ending relationship

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the man without a face ending relationship

You might think my client and I are both cavalier about leaving a marriage, but trust me, neither of us ended our relationships without intense soul-searching that . The Man Without a Face () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Relations between two main characters – former teacher and young student boy .. way, we usually end up watching children's movies, light comedies, or Sci-fi, but I. The Man Without a Face () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. The story of a relationship between a teacher and his troubled pupil. love of justice and freedom from prejudice which sustains Chuck beyond the end of the film.

He is essentially, the Quasimodo of their sparsley populated summer village, and the people like to cruely entertain themselves with suspicions of "Hamburger Head" McCleod. Lucky for Chuck, McCleod was a former teacher who reluctantly agrees to tutor Chuck, and the boy has to stick with it as much as he fears McCleod and hates his teaching methods--McCleod is pretty authoritarian at first. But, over time, McCleod becomes Chuck's closest, if not only friend the other kids on the cove don't really seem to be friends in that sense.

He becomes a great tutor for Chuck, as well as a surrogate paternal figure, and a source of much needed emotional guidance for Chuck. He comes to look past the disfiguring scars of Justin McCleod and see him for the person he really is.

McCleod, too, learns from Chuck. In the book, author Holland, defines this as his 'golden cocoon,' the unfettered place where Chuck and McCleod share a bond and it seems like nothing can go wrong.

But something does go wrong.

the man without a face ending relationship

In the movie, the towns suspicions tear apart the friendship, as McCleod's secret is revealed and it seems like Chuck can't convince anyone how foolish and impulsive they're being, which is likewise destructive to someone as fragile as Chuck. It seems to him like whenever he has something good, someone always wants to take it away from him. It is a remarkably good movie about trying to get past the ignorance that prevents people from really getting to know one another, and such ignorance is usually dangerously destructive.

And in this movie, we get one of the worst case scenarios. The entire theme of the movie was about disregarding the town gossip and really getting to know someone for who they are. So why change that trait about the character?

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It seems so damn contradictory. The movie does more to illustrate a story about how willfull ignorance guides people's perceptions. The book is much more about Chuck's need for familial affection and guidance for confronting those things in life which he is most afraid of--something that is prevalent in the movie as well, but not as much as the former.

the man without a face ending relationship

I can only guess that it was essential to write McCleod as a person who was mistakenly gay and suspected of molesting a student, in order to create a conclusion to a story that would reemphasize how people believe what they want to when they hate something or someone they don't know about. I don't see why author Isabelle Holland, who narrates the tale of Chuck Norstadt, would get flack for her story as it is not one about pedophilia.

A young boy is struggling to stop repressing things about himself that he finds difficult to deal with.

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One of those is sexual orientation, which he finally realizes in the end and can honestly say that, McCleod's teachings must have been effective, since he was no longer ashamed of himself. Matthews boarding school but he flunked the entry exam. He learns from the school that he will have one more chance to qualify.

the man without a face ending relationship

If he passes his second attempt at an entry exam, he will be accepted by the school. Charles is mature and savvy enough to know that he won't be able to do that without help. Meg proposes that he ask the "man without a face," a reclusive man who is terribly disfigured as a teacher, to tutor him.

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Initially, Charles dismisses his sister's idea but eventually he determines that tutoring with the mysterious man may be a good idea. He doesn't want to let his mother or Gloria know what he's doing and sabotage his plans.

the man without a face ending relationship

By being tutored by this man, Justin McLeod, who does not talk to anyone, he should be able to keep his efforts a secret. McLeod is at first against tutoring Charles but he ultimately agrees to help him, sensing that the young boy is trying to strike out, improve his life, and follow his dream. McLeod is not used to being around other people and at first is remote, distant, and all business.

But Charles and McLeod eventually begin to understand and appreciate each other and a bond is formed.

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Charles sees his missing father in McLeod and McLeod sees Charles as his chance to redeem himself for his actions that resulted in the death of a young boy some years before. The tutoring is successful and Charles is accepted at St. Charles feels compelled to see McLeod again because their last time together was confusing and complicated. Charles wants to make their relationship right again but discovers that McLeod died just a month before.

McLeod left his entire estate to Charles except his dog and horse which were given to a man who, like McLeod, has a talent to take damaged creatures and fix them.