The haunting hour brush with madness ending a relationship

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the haunting hour brush with madness ending a relationship

R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series was a horror series airing on The Hub (now called Discovery Family). Like the TV adaptation of Goosebumps and. R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series is a Canadian/American original anthology In the end, it turned out that the creature was helping Santa Claus to grant .. has a strained relationship with her strict mother (Benita Ha) who constantly . Note: This is Peloso's second time in the show since "Brush with Madness". Brush with Madness is the sixth episode of the second season of the TV show R.L. The episode starts at a local comic book convention where comic book geeks, Corey and Emma, are exploring the convention to find Corey's favorite comic book illustrator Allen Miller. At school, Corey.

The ending to Really You Part 2. Delivered by a character named Cassandrano less! In "Headshot," Lexi confronts photographer Cassandra and demands that she undo whatever dark magic she's placed on Gracie.

Cassandra flat-out tells Lexi that she hasn't done anything to corrupt her friend's soul; rather, Gracie was always a cruel, petty person despite her nice demeanor otherwise, she would have either deleted the headshot or turned down Cassandra's offer to have her photo takenand the magazine photo shoot contest simply provided an opportunity to let her true colors show.

True to this trope, Lexi refuses to believe Cassandra and tries to save Gracie herself. It doesn't end well.

the haunting hour brush with madness ending a relationship

As the ending narration revealed: It was Gracie's and Gracie's alone. The main advantage the children of this show have over those in Goosebumps is that they always have access to cell phones considering that this show was made during a time when children as young as twelve can have a cell phone and Goosebumps was made during a time when cell phones weren't that mainstream.

Too bad said phones tend to die out at the worst possible time as seen in "Big Yellow"the person they're trying to contact doesn't pick up which is Truth in Televisionbut stillthey can be used to trap you in a video file and be deleted "Wrong Number"or, in the case of "Uncle Howee," a reality-warping TV character can easily hack your calls.

Cynthia in "Uncle Howee" gives off this vibe, seeing how she doesn't mind the fact that her brother has been transformed into a puppet for her favorite show or perhaps is oblivious to Uncle Howee's true self Creepy Doll: Lilly D in "Really You.

The science lessons on chemical reactions and how human emotions are connected to it prove to be the basis for the episode "Terrible Love. The main character's silver necklace in "Nightmare Inn" was given to her by her father specifically to ward off other werewolves. In "Intruders", iron is shown to burn fairies. Lyria tells Eve that it is a preferred metal among the trolls and dwarfs. Starting with seasons three and four, the episodes have a short scene before the opening sequence.

The earlier episodes seasons one and two didn't have it, making for a case of Early Installment Weirdness if you're used to seeing the third and fourth season episodes and have never seen seasons one and two. At least half of the episodes end in these The sequel episode "Dead Bodies" or "The Dead Body 2," as it's informally called was created for thought the ending was too depressing.

Gracie's friend, Lexi, learns that Cassandra is the Devil and that Gracie inadvertently sold her soul to her to make her wish of being the prettiest girl in the world come true, so Lexi decides to reverse the spell by deleting Gracie's headshot from her cell phone — which grows uglier as the real Gracie gets prettier.

the haunting hour brush with madness ending a relationship

Sadly, Lexi didn't know that Gracie and only Gracie had the power to erase her own headshot and not go through with her Deal with the Devil. On top of that, she had already won Teen-Teen's "Most Beautiful Face" contest, so there would have been no way to reverse it. Because of this, Gracie's human face is on Cassandra's wall of other girls who sold their souls and their looks to her and now wanders the Earth, her pretty face replaced by the hideous headshot from her picture "The Girl in the Painting" After Becky finally makes it to the world of The Girl in the Painting, the girl asks if she can stay with her forever.

When Becky says yes, the clock strikes six, and Becky is fed to an unseen, but implied dragon-like creature. It's then revealed that the girl in the painting and her mother have planned this all along and use the painting as a trap to capture people who see their world as perfect and feed them to the dragon outside their window. If you believe Maggie is an Asshole Victim because her insecurity drove her to force Cupid to give Brendon another hit of the love arrow which causes very obsessive and deranged behavior in the name of love then the ending in which Stuart summoned Cupid too and made a deal with him to hit Maggie with one of his love arrows doesn't count as a cruel twist, as she's getting what she deserved.

However, if you think Maggie learned her lesson and has suffered enough, especially after wishing the love-crazed Brendon would leave her alone and seeing him fall down the stairs and be sent to the hospital, then it is cruel, as she's forced to love Stuart forever it's heavily implied that, because Cupid's love arrows contain the human hormones of sertonin, dopamine, and adrenaline and because it was a direct hit with the proper balance of hormones, the feelings of love you have for whoever you see when you wake up are permanent.

After returning to the House that she loves so much, Alice notices her parents suffering from Adult Fear and decides that she should be with them. She finally says goodbye to the house, but the house has a Villainous Breakdown and absorbs her into its walls so she'll never leave. Sam and her parents die when their RV hits an oncoming truck — though it looked as if the truck passed them— and they, along with the Applebaums—the previous owners of their RV—are reduced to slow-speaking, deathly zombies, doomed to drive the highways forever.

Greg uses his third wish to wish he had never met Seamus the leprechaunthinking that this was the wish his great-grandfather Daniel made to save his soul.

Seamus comes for Greg anyway and reveals that wishing for everything to turn back to normal wasn't the wish that defeated him; rather, Daniel wished to keep his own soul in exchange for that of his next-born male descendant. Melvin, who didn't even want to join the camping trip, becomes infected by spores and is doomed to be a mutant trapped in the forest.

the haunting hour brush with madness ending a relationship

It's darker than Stine's earlier works Goosebumps and the short-lived series The Nightmare Room, and, while some episodes do have happy endings or come off as the kind of cheesy stories that R. Stine did in the s, the majority of Haunting Hour episodes are darker and have endings that are either cruel or don't make any sense, no matter how many times you watch it.

The two-part episode "The Most Evil Sorcerer" does a good job of capturing this feel Magic users are capricious at best and outright evil at worstthe child protagonists are slaves in all but title to a corrupt sorcerer, and " Don't Go in the Woods " is very good advice. But that doesn't mean you can't Earn Your Happy Ending. Many intense scenes are set in broad daylight, a notable example being both endings of Scarecrow.

The Klemit in "Walls," the zombie in "Best Friends Forever" at least until he clubs Jack in the head and drags him home underground as his new pet and the furry ostrich monster in "Bad Egg. Seth in "Night of the Mummy. Sam and her family along with the previous owners of the RV at the end of "Argh V," although the time between the accident that Sam's family apparently avoided and The Reveal that they are actually dead after they pick up the family that turns out to be the previous owners of the RV who also died when a truck ran them off the road is very brief.

Dead Guy on Display: Sadly, Alice from My Old House is killed and has her face mounted on the wall of her old room by the House. The title character in "Mrs. Sam in "Argh V," especially since she has to deal with her parents who act more like children than she does. Some of the fantastical creatures can be sarcastic which is justified as they've dealt with foolish and selfish humanssuch as Cupid in "Terrible Love," Uncle Howee and Loomis the rabbit on "Uncle Howee," and Seamus the leprechaun in "Lotsa Luck.

Heavily implied in the episode "Headshot" with Cassandra the photographer implied to be The Devil. The difference between this episode and "Headshot" in terms of story is that Sir Maestro told Holden that in exchange for the guitar, Sir Maestro gets his soul or, as it's worded on the episode, "You get to play for me, forever. In the novel, the kid achieved his happy ending, but on the show he gets killed off thanks to some trickery on Jake Skinner's part.

However, in the sequel "Dead Bodies", the character is Back from the Dead. Farmer Palmer is still alive in the short story, but in "Return of the Pumpkinheads" he was stated to have been Killed Offscreen.

Greg and Bonnie die in the show's version of "Alien Candy" instead of winning like they did in the end of their short story. Priscilla is killed off in "Nightmare Inn" whereas in the original short story there was a vague implication that she was alive and plotting her revenge. Depraved Kids' Show Host: Uncle Howee, from the episode of the same name. Downplayed in that he's not a criminal or sexual deviant or real, if you believe that Uncle Howee is an interdimensional being, a living cartoon character, Cynthia's imaginary friend, or the ghost of a long-dead children's entertainer whose show — and, by proxy, his spirit — lives on in syndicationhe actually likes his kid fans especially Cynthia, who truly believes that he's real and her friendand he's more a Karmic Trickster who uses his powers for good.

In "Mascot," it's never revealed just what Big Yellow is—we know he's a monster, but how he came to live in the school and be considered its mascot are totally unknown. In "Uncle Howee," the home audience never finds out the truth behind the titular kiddie-show host.

We know he has powers including teleportation, directly interacting with his audience, the ability to slip from the TV to reality and back again, and transforming people into cast members of his show, but what exactly is he? A human who was literally cursed with TV magic? Cynthia's imaginary friend who can communicate with her through reflective surfaces, like the TV and the bathroom mirror? Some kind of monster or otherworldly creature posing as a human kids' show host? Is the television under some kind of curse?

Has Cynthia's love and devotion to the show somehow make Uncle Howee and his friends real? Has Uncle Howee done this to other kids in the past? The answers are never even hinted at, making him all the more frightening. It's not explained how Mangler in "Near Mint Condition" came to be evil nor do we actually see the aftermath of Mangler's attacks.

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Was it a flaw in the robotics? Was it a mistake with the manufacturers? Or is there a toy creator out there so sociopathic that he can make a toy that injures and kills kids without feeling remorse or thinking of what that kind of stunt means for the toy company brand?

Despite the recent incidents of kids vanishing, three siblings visit the pumpkin patch of a crazed farmer who may be behind the disappearances on Halloween. Corey meets his favorite graphic novelist, Alan Miller, at a comic book convention, but when Miller gets mad over Corey's obsessive questions, Corey steals the brushes Miller left behind, and sets out to create his own graphic novel, but the brushes hold a power that may be bringing a dangerous figure to life.

Reality and imagination get very blurred in this tale of a sick boy named Alex, who is forced to stay home and uncovers a government plot to have his home obliterated to get rid of an alien creature that may have infected him. Is Alex's fever getting to him or is he doomed? Willie and Drake hate their school mascot, Big Yellow a freaky, yellow nondescript monsterand decide to replace him with something more traditional like a gray wolf.

But after the gray wolf mascot disappears, Willie and Drake must break into the school after hours to find him — and soon discover what happened to the wolf and what Big Yellow truly is. Stine when a Chinese girl named Jessica and her mother's strained relationship worsens when Jessica rearranges the feng shui in her room and conjures up demons who possess her mother.

In this homage to The Amityville Horror with a little bit of Paranormal Activity thrown in for good measurea new family discover a strange hole in the yard that may have been behind the deaths of the family who once lived in their new house.

Two farmers' kids, Jenny and Bobby, are having trouble removing the crows from their corn crops, so they buy a scarecrow from a mysterious vendor — who's planning on ridding the world of all life. The premiere episode ended with Bobby striking a match, burning the salesman after he reverts to a scarecrow, and walking away into an empty world. Most reruns of this episode air a different ending, in which Bobby and the salesman turn back into scarecrows and are the only things left in an empty world.

The original ending with Bobby burning the scarecrow is available on some video websites and was available on Xfinity's On-Demand program for a limited time. Girls at a summer camp are too scared to sleep, thanks to a recurring shared nightmare about a mutant spider who traps people in their dreams.

Another two-part episode, in which two teens Ned and Sara in a medieval English town set out to dethrone a corrupt sorcerer, and end up battling the sorceress who taught the deposed sorcerer everything he once knew. A high school drama club is doing a musical play based on Hansel and Gretel, but a chain of strange events all point to a witch who may be cursing the production.

A rare Egyptian exhibit comes to town, and Seth takes a job as a museum volunteer. However, the more Seth becomes drawn to the exhibit, the more he finds out that he may be connected to the Boy Pharaoh in more ways than one. The dollmaker from the first episode commends Natalie for purifying Lilly D's soul with her goodness Christopher Lloyd stars in this two-part season premiere about a brother and sister who come to visit their grandfather in a retirement neighborhood where everyone is out for their blood — literally.

A dorky kid named Lex gets in trouble for egging an elderly cat lady's house, but gets out of trouble by pinning the blame on the two bullies who pushed him to do it.

the haunting hour brush with madness ending a relationship

Despite a broken arm, Lex seems to be in the clear — until his cast begins itching, he sees a skinny tail slithering in and out of the plaster, he hears rat-like squeaking, and the neighborhood cats begin haunting him. And the more Lex sticks to his story, the worse it gets Feeling left out ever since the birth of her baby brother, a girl named Eve runs away to the woods, where a forest fairy named Lyria reveals that Eve is a changeling a forest fairy adopted by humans and must kidnap her baby brother in order to return to her true home.

A lonely boy named Aaron is given a vintage s toy space helmet from a neighborhood woman who is cleaning out her attic — and ends up hearing a voice from someone — or something — trying to make first contact.

Brush with Madness

In the premiere episode, the episode ended with Aaron volunteering to hang out with the dead boy who has been contacting him through the helmet. The alternate version's ending is similar, only Aaron is forced into hanging out with the dead boy. The alternate version also includes a scene where the boy explains to Aaron over the helmet that he can communicate through the helmet with advanced technology since there are no batteries in it "Red Eye": A girl who gets postcards from her traveling father who's in Germany on business discovers a shadowy figure in her father's latest collection of pictures and fears that he may bring it home.

Shawn's brother, David, is worried that his brother's new friend, Travis, is a bad influence, but what's an older brother to do when his younger brother's best friend is a figment of his imagination? In this light-hearted yet very cheesy episode, Bobby and his family are chosen to house a French exchange student named Jean-Louis, but the exchange student's bizarre behavior and late-night calls to the mothership all point to signs that Jean-Louis is an exchange student from another planet, but is Jean-Louis out to destroy Earthlings or is there a more sinister alien bent on annihilating mankind?

And why would it be hiding in Bobby's kitchen pantry? When Jeremy's great-grandmother, Nadia, dies, she leaves Jeremy her ashes and orders to return to her Russian village and spread them, but the villagers who have been living in fear of the Golem they created to fend off German soldiers in World War II believe that Jeremy's sister, Bonnie, is Nadia who looks young because she used witchcraft to keep herself young forever and plan to have her murdered to keep the Golem from tormenting them.

Tired of her drab room which her mother doesn't want to spend money on beautifying, as she's in between jobsa girl named Becky finds a painting of a girl looking out the window of a Victorian-era bedroom and becomes so enamored with it, she decides to go inside the world of the girl in the painting — only to find that life on the other side isn't as perfect as what's been painted.

On a family trip with their parents, bratty kids Jeremy and Chelsea stumble upon a strange hotel headed by a cult of child-hating adults who have brainwashed their parents into despising them and are planning to have them sacrificed to a white void hidden behind a large painting of the hotel's founder.

The Cupid mythos gets a dark, yet hilarious R. A snooty homecoming queen Katea loveable, but dim jock Halftimeand an apathetic Goth girl Audrey are stuck in detention, and when Kate goes missing and strange images and noises begin haunting them, Audrey and Halftime soon realize that their after-school punishment is from a higher power, who wants them to atone for a homecoming voting scandal and a parade accident they caused that claimed their lives.

Bitter and angry over his father abandoning his family and his mother too busy with work to care, a boy named Chad becomes addicted to visiting a traveling funhouse, where he can let out his frustrations with sadistic glee by smashing a model replica of a family arguing at the dinner table, but the more time Chad spends at the funhouse, the meaner and more addicted to the violence he becomes.

Is the funhouse turning Chad evil or are his inner demons making a monster out of him? As a souvenir from her traveling parents, Jordanna receives a box of knitted figurines known as "Worry Dolls" that magically fix people's worries — which prove disastrous when the worry dolls' magic does too good a job at fixing frets, like smashing Jordanna's violin, making the live-in nanny disappear, and turning Jordanna's parents from jet-setting business workers into clingy and obsessed stay-at-home parents.

Three kids take a shortcut through a haunted patch of woods that trap all of them into a "Groundhog Day" Loop while an unseen ghoul scratches and infects one of them. After his father creates a coat rack out of the old tree in their backyard, Ethan and his brother, Brett, find themselves back in the days of the Wild West, where an outlaw named Mad Dog McCoy, who was hanged on that same tree for killing the town sheriff, challenges the boy to a showdown at high noon.

In this, the highly-anticipated sequel to "The Dead Body" from season one, Jake now mortal is being haunted by Will who is now a ghost and a Grim Reaper-esque wraith curses Jake to rot. And when Jake has Will's crush, Anna, targeted as his latest victim, Will must muster the energy to not disappear in order to save her.