The doctor and donna meet again in heaven

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the doctor and donna meet again in heaven

It is also a chance for the Doctor to once again see the other lives he could be living, were he he'd been saying to her when they last met in Bad Wolf Bay, was deliberately intended to be an leaves Donna's house, but Doctor Who Magazine writer Benjamin Cook suggested to Russell . 'Death in Heaven' ( Photo: BBC). "Turn Left" is the eleventh episode of the fourth series of British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was written by showrunner Russell T Davies and . The Doctor watched as Sylvia and Wilf returned to Donna as he watched on sadly. He shouldn't Running over he began to see the golden light surround Donna as everyone stood back. "Do you remember the pepper pots in the sky? " Gwen . She asked as the Doctor's head snapped up to meet hers.

Donna realises the Ood are slaves, not servants. The Doctor tells her it's not too different from her time, to which Donna says is not true as she doesn't enslave people. The Doctor quips it's the people who make her clothes. Angered, Donna asks the Doctor if he takes humans with him on his travels just to take cheap shots at humanity.

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Apologising, the Doctor remembers that he couldn't save the Ood the last time he met them, and never thought to investigate why a species would apparently voluntarily give up their freedom. Now that he knows the truth, and figuring he owes them one; the Doctor resolves to liberate the Ood. They then observe Halpen. Knowing he's the boss, they decide to stay out of his way. Halpen reminisces about his first time to Warehouse 15 when he was six years old, and is still horrified by those memories.

Ryder checks the computers and finds no changes in the brain. Halpen is then interrupted by Solana, who informs him that two of the buyers claimed to be members of the Noble Corporation - but the company does not exist. Further, they are now missing. Halpen orders security to search for them, but discreetly.

Breaking into one, they see that it contains numerous Ood just standing. Donna wonders why the Ood won't just go free. They reply that they don't understand the concept. When the Doctor mentions the circle, all the Ood, in unison, say that the circle must be broken, so they can sing. Just then, they are spotted by Commander Kess, who raises the alarm, against Halpen's wishes. While Solana lies to the buyers and tells them it is just a fire drillthe Doctor and Donna run.

Donna is captured and taken to a container filled with Ood, who have turned to red-eye. Meanwhile, the Doctor is being chased by Kess, who is joyfully trying killing him with a claw. Though the Doctor tries his best to evade it, he eventually falls.

He is saved by Solana, who shuts down the claw's power and reminds Kess that Halpen wants the two alive. Security eventually lets Donna, who is about to be killed by the red-eye Ood, free. However, the guards forget to re-lock the container, and the red-eye Ood escape from the container too and promptly kill the guard next to the door. Kess and his men open fire as the surrounding containers open as well, giving the Doctor, Donna and Solana time to escape as bullets ricochet everywhere.

After making it out, Solana confirms everyone on Earth either knows of the treatment of the Ood or doesn't ask. The Doctor asks her to help them. Reluctantly, she points them in the direction where they make the Ood turn to slaves. However, she defects again and calls out for the guards to apprehend the two. The Doctor and Donna head off to the area she pointed out. Kess manages to contain the rabid Ood but believes the entire batch is contaminated.

Seeing no alternative, Halpen orders Kess to get gas canisters.

The travellers encounter a group of natural-born Ood. By the time the Doctor finds the area, he hears the Ood song getting stronger, though Donna still can't hear it. After they break into the room, they find several Ood in a cage. The Doctor tries to introduce them as "Doctor Donna asks the Doctor to let her hear the song.

After he is able to open her mind to it, she quickly wants to stop hearing it. It is a very sad song of captivity. He closes her mind to it again; however, she realises that the Doctor can still hear it, which saddens her more.

While Halpen and the team attempt to break into the room, the Doctor enters the cage and discovers that these are "natural" Ood, and carry a hindbrain in their hands; he explains that it works as their medulla oblongota, the part of the brain that gives a being their personality. To both of their disgust, the Doctor and Donna realise that the corporation is removing the brains and replacing them with translation spheres; it's effectively a lobotomy to remove the Ood's free will.

Donna notes that she spent a long time looking for the Doctor, hoping the universe would be a wonderful place, but didn't realise how many issues and horrors await also; she asks to go home.

Hearing Haplen's men finally break down the door, the Doctor ushers Donna into the cage with the Ood and shuts the door. Haplen arrives with security. With his usually cheeky bravado, the Doctor asks "What're you gonna do?

Well, you're too late! Halpen claims that the Ood welcomed being turned into slaves, and would be nothing without humanity. Donna snaps at Halpen, calling him an idiot; the Ood are peaceful, and only wanted to befriend humanity.

Instead, Halpen's family exploited and mutilated the poor creatures. And I kind of guessed about the whole marriage thing," Shaun asked curiously whilst giving Donna a week smile. He wasn't angry just.

the doctor and donna meet again in heaven

Chuckling slightly she answered him relieved that he had got rid of the awkwardness she knew that was coming," half human ,half time lord. Only one in the universe as far as I know but I'm glad he's not alone anymore. I think I'm going to go now. Explain to everyone and cancel the paper signing and everything," Shaun explained as he stood up, Donna nodding her head as a few tears slipped from her eyes.

Standing up she kissed him on the cheek before watching him walk out of the door. Laughing slightly she decided she was going to save him before her mother smacked him.

Walking towards the library she stopped undetected in the doorway. Wilf, Sylvia and Sarah Jane were sat on the three piece brown sofa one side of the library, Martha was sitting on Mickey's lap which was next to the sofa, Gwen sat on the arm of the sofa as Jack and Ianto sat crossed legs on the floor in front of it.

The Doctor sat on Donna's old armchair opposite the eager looking people. Jack had supplied everyone with popcorn and chocolate as Wilf was already keeping hold of Sylvia. Donna just stood there as she shook her head at the sight in front of her. The Doctor was uncomfortable and Donna needed to relieve the tension somewhat so she walked into the room and nicked the popcorn off of Jack before going over and sitting on the arm of the armchair her husband sat.

Looking back over at the people's faces she saw the horrified expression on Jack's face and winked at him before sending a reassuring mental nudge to the Doctor. Everyone now turning their heads from Donna to the Doctor in perfect sync.

Setting the popcorn bowl on the floor next to the arm chair Donna grabbed his hand before whispering in his ear.

the doctor and donna meet again in heaven

Everyone sat mouth agape. Everyone except for Martha as the Doctor and Donna shared their first kiss since before the metacrisis.

the doctor and donna meet again in heaven

Jack wolf whistled as Wilf beamed proudly keeping a secure hold on Sylvia who was fuming, popcorn was falling out of Mickey's mouth as Gwen and Jack muttered, "lucky girl. Chuckling slightly he tucked a strand of hair behind ear before kissing her forehead and bringing her to sit on his lap as he wound his arms around her waist as she rested her head on his chest glad to be listening to his double heartbeat again. Wilf sending the Doctor a sympathetic smile as Donna's eyes slowly shut.

Donna was still sat on the Doctor's lap her legs strewn over his and her face buried into his chest as her fists had a tight grip on his shirt, her eyes tightly shut. The Doctor had a loving gaze on his face as he ran his hands through her hair as one arm was wrapped around her waist coming to rest just over her stomach. Screwing his eyes shut he placed a lingering kiss on the top of her head.

The group 'awwed' as Sylvia softened her haze and lowered back down to the couch as Wilf found it safe to let her go.

As a thank you," he smiled gently as he picked Donna up for the second time that day and carried her to bed. Kneeling down so that he was face to face with his sleeping wife he kissed her forehead again before exiting and making his way back over to the lounge. Standing at the doorway he grinned as he saw everyone chatting away with a cup of tea in each of their hands.

Walking back in he was stopped by Sylvia placing a hand on his arm. Flinching he turned around with his eyes screwed shut awaiting the slap. Instead he was engulfed in a hug as a shock of surprise adorned his face everyone else burst into laughter. Chuckling to himself he wrapped his arms around Sylvia and returned the hug. Letting him go she smiled slightly at him before saying, "if you don't mind Doctor me and dad are going to go home.

The exact same thing he had shown Donna. Wilf was in awe as was Sylvia as he begun rambling on about the facts. Opening the door he smiled as Sylvia and Wilf began to walk out the door, "home sweet home," Wilf exclaimed as he turned back to smile at the Doctor. The Doctor's absence also allows the space-going Titanic to crash into Buckingham Palace during " Voyage of the Damned ", killing millions in the subsequent destruction of London.

Britain rapidly descends into a dystopia, with many Londoners displaced and forced into assigned cramped living quarters under martial lawwith the government soon transferring all non-British citizens into internment camps. Rose Tyler mysteriously appears to Donna to warn her of these events, but never reveals her identity to her. Rose's advice saves Donna and her family from the destruction of London.

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Sometime later, Rose appears again and tells her that she needs Donna to come with her, but that doing so will result in Donna's death. Donna refuses, and Rose tells her that she will be back in three weeks.

the doctor and donna meet again in heaven

Three weeks later, Donna and Wilfred are using his telescope when they realise that the stars are disappearing from the sky. Rose appears and Donna is now convinced to go with her. Rose takes her to UNIT and explains that the stars are going out in every universe and that the fabric of reality is collapsing, allowing Rose to travel between universes.

Rose insists to Donna that the Doctor is the only one who can stop it.

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The set that Donna transports back in time and the beetle on her back, on display at the Doctor Who Experience. She insists that Donna should travel back to the day she made the fateful turn and choose to turn left again.

Donna is transported back minutes before she would make that turn, but too far away to contact her past self in time. She makes the decision to walk out in front of a passing truck and let it hit her, creating a traffic jam along the right-hand turning, causing her impatient past self to turn left instead. As Donna lies dying on the ground, Rose whispers a message into her ear for the Doctor. The alternative universe disintergrates, and Donna wakes up back on Shan Shen.

The beetle falls off Donna's back and dies and the fortune teller runs away after uttering some terrified words about what Donna will become. The Doctor hears Donna scream and turns up in the booth. After examining the beetle, the Doctor comments on how it was odd for an alternative universe to form around her, explaining that the beetle worked for The Trickster with the job of changing people's lives in various ways.

His remarks cause Donna to recall Rose and her message, which she delivers to the Doctor. Rose had told her two words: A panicked Doctor, realising who Donna must have met, runs out of the room to find the words "Bad Wolf" written everywhere once again. Ben Righton also reprised his role as medical student Oliver Morgenstern, his last appearance being in " Smith and Jones ".

Writing[ edit ] "Turn Left" is a "Doctor-lite" episode: He compared the main concept of the episode — life without the Doctor — to the film Sliding Doors. Davies hoped to pose a question to the viewer: All the Colasanto family in the back - Old Mamma, 2 women and 1 man in their 50s, 1 woman and 1 man in their 30s, 2 teenagers, 1 kid.

Wilf stands back, watching.