The daily lives of high school boys ending a relationship

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the daily lives of high school boys ending a relationship

Daily Lives of High School Boys (also known as Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In: Variation. in High School Boys and . may have a crush in Hidenori, but Hidenori sees this kind of relationship between . "Ryan and I met our sophomore year of high school in at 16 years old. We are at the point in our lives where we have spent more time together than we to play football at Vanderbilt University at the end of our senior year. From walking to class together to now guiding two little boys as they grow. So, read on, and by the end of the article hopefully you will have gained some insight and you are involved with “The Loser” in a very high risk relationship that will You will be hurt and damaged by “The Loser” if you stay in the relationship. Male losers often begin with behaviors that move you physically or hit the wall.

the daily lives of high school boys ending a relationship

Strong and violent, she is the ringleader of the girls who shave off Motoharu's beard. She went to Sanada Central High before graduating half way through the show.

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She is also highly concerned about not getting a boyfriend. Risa Hayamizu Motoharu's older sister. She is always seen asking Motoharu what to have for dinner and usually cooks for her brother since their parents are not at home.

She gets along well with Motoharu unlike most of the other siblings even though she also loved to bully Motoharu in the past. She went to Sanada West High before graduating half way through the show. Showtaro Morikubo He is the classmate of Yassan. He also lives close to Habara's home and was bullied by Habara in elementary school. Junko Minagawa Fellow part-timer at the same pizza place that Tadakuni works for, she has a complex for her looks.

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When she takes off her glasses and opens her eyes wide, her reflection from a convex mirror makes her look like a completely different person. She goes to the same school as Yanagin and holds the position of number one grade-wise, while Yanagin is number two.

the daily lives of high school boys ending a relationship

He claims that he is pretty popular and, like Tadakuni, hopes to one day see the girl in the convex mirror one more time. Takahiro Sakurai The older brother of Hidenori and former leader of the main cast. Yoshitake's older sister, Tanaka, has a crush on him, but he prefers not to get close to her. He tries to set Tanaka up with one of his college friends, but has difficulty since almost all of them are perverts. Supposedly he wanted to be a pilot when he was young. He is pretty blunt and turns out to be just as thick headed as his two sons.

In fact, it adds more to the realism of the show and how high school boys tend to exaggerate normal situations in their mind. Add that to the fact this anime is a HUGE parody of anime as a whole, taking in various anime tropes and destroying them before your very eyes. Oh you were expecting this to happen? On the subject of characters, there is no better way to describe the main cast as extremely human. Each character has his own little quirk that makes him instantly relatable to someone.

I found myself constantly laughing and thinking along the lines of: Tadakuni whose last name is never revealed and in fact parodied by the show itselfHidenori, and Yoshitake. Tadakuni is your straight man, the guy who is dragged into the crazy and manic antics that his two best friends get themselves in to.

Hidenori is the bespectacled one, the playboy of the group and generally the inner monologue heavy guy who analyzes situations over and over again in a very comedic fashion. And finally, we have Yoshitake, the blonde dyed member of the group who is usually the idiot and goes along with whatever the situation around him dictates.

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Aside from those three, the anime introduces many many characters throughout the course of its run, giving us a well varied and excellently written cast. It is also important to acknowledge the main female characters from this extensive male cast. While their skits are not as funny as the male ones, they are still the parts of the series where backstory is heavy handed and offers some insight into the past of some of the characters which, at least in my book, is a step in the right direction.

On the topic of animation, the studio responsible for animating this is Sunrise Inc.

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Add that to the fact that most of the characters sport some weirdly exaggerated faces to go along with some of the jokes makes said jokes all the better. A curious thing to note about the animation is the decision to shadow the eyes of the majority of the small female cast.

This, I found out much later, was surprisingly parodied by the show as well in one of the later skits.

the daily lives of high school boys ending a relationship

The voice cast does a beautiful job with the characters as well. Most of the voices are blown out of proportion for some of the jokes, which makes the delivery of them all the better.

the daily lives of high school boys ending a relationship

Miyu Irino is present here as the voice of Tadakuni, showcasing his amazing talent, and Kenichi Suzumaru is here as well, giving his voice to the bumbling idiot that is Yoshitake.

Aside from that, the music is also very well executed.