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Where Are They Now: 15 Little Known Facts About Sophia Grace And Rosie

Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland are in Australia as fame, taking advice from Ellen DeGeneres and being kissed by Justin Bieber. We all meet at the forest to splash in muddy puddles and climb trees: me. That is exactly how the girls Sophia Grace and Rosie started out. was excited, showing them love, screaming delightedly at meeting the girls. . In October , a video she did title Reacting to Myself on the Ellen Show Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Hugh Grant, Justin Bieber and many more stars. The girl. Oct 28, Explore Jean Brooks's board "Sophia Grace & Rosie" on Pinterest. I absolutely LOVE these two little girls! . Singer Justin Bieber (C) with Sophia Grace Brownlee (L) and Rosie McClelland (R) in the They make me so happy every time they .. Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Zac Efron At Ellen DeGeneres.

It just might get noticed. Just look at how many kids have been discovered through the videos they posted. The child then goes on to become an overnight Internet sensation. That is exactly how the girls Sophia Grace and Rosie started out.

Their aunt posted a video of them performing a Nicki Minaj song that went viral.

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Ellen DeGeneres noticed them and hosted them on her show. You'll never guess how different they already look. You probably wouldn't recognize them if you saw them on the street. Ellen reigns when it comes to daytime television and she can turn a random guest on her show into a star overnight. Her award-winning talk show is famous for using the Internet to scour for new and young talent. From singers, dancers and hilarious personalities, Ellen can find just about any talent.

Sophia Grace and Rosie sure have Ellen to thank for their rise to stardom! The girls are cousins who both hail from Essex in England. He further states that his daughter was very quiet in class, but started coming out of her shell a few years later and even started singing around their house.

The dad even blows his trumpet a little by claiming that he introduced Sophia to rap. Sophia Grace and Rosie went to the same school, which was only a ten-minute drive from their homes. When they returned home after the Ellen show everyone was excited, showing them love, screaming delightedly at meeting the girls.

They were now famous! She decided to make a video of the girls. She went further and got some tiaras and tutus out of the dress-up box, which is the look the girls are now popular for.

Talk of a supportive mum and auntie! Initially, the idea was to put only Sophia Grace on the video.

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However, since they enjoyed spending time together, they eventually added Rosie as a last minute thought. Rosie just danced while her mum filmed the video. What transpired next was something we are increasingly seeing in this YouTube age with the plot ending up to be one of a kind. The views kept accumulating and in early October the family received a call from the Ellen show.

The video has over 52 million views to date. Ellen, the famous talk show host was wished a happy 60th birthday by the two.

DeGeneres was amazed by the sweet message the girls sent her and even stated that she felt old cause she knows tons of people who have kids and seeing the girls all grown makes her feel a tad bit old. Well, I have a tutor. I don't have a tutor. I go to school and I don't know how I fit it all in. What is the best part about being in the public eye? You get to take pictures with fans and sign autographs. You get to know so many different people, and lots of celebrities know us by our first name now.

Katy Perry always kisses us. What is the worst part about it?

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There's not a worst part. Sometimes I want to sign everyone's autograph, but there's not enough time. When Justin Bieber kisses you and the paparazzi put it all over the internet and all your friends back home see it!

I was so embarrassed. They all thought it was cool, but I didn't. I still like him as a friend, though.

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Who is the most exciting person you guys have met? My dad likes him and I really like his music as well. My favourite person I met was Rihanna. Rihanna is pretty cool.

She kissed [me] on my cheeks. Do you get stopped everywhere you go, around the world? Yes, and then when other people come up to us, it attracts other people, and then they come over and it's like a big crowd. Sophia Grace, your new single was released last week.

Tell me about it. It's called Best Friends and it's about having a best friend. What was it like to release your new single? It's such an amazing feeling when people tell me they've downloaded Best Friends on iTunes! What was the hardest thing about making a movie? Learning our lines was hard, but I think the hardest part was being away from all our other family for five weeks.

Has it always been a dream to be acting in films? Yeah, it was a dream. I just wish we were allowed to do our own stunts. They got someone else to do them for us, but we really wanted to do it ourselves. Did you take acting classes? I never took acting classes. Yes, I take acting classes, but it's more of a fun class with other children, so I have lots of friends there. So what do you guys hope to do when you grow up?

Will you continue performing? Yes, I want to be a singer and an actress. I want to be a singer, an actress and a vet. If you could be in any movie, what would it be? The Mask, because it's really funny and I absolutely love Cameron Diaz. What do you do for fun?