Shadow hunters alec and magnus meet the fockers

The Journey Of Malec Through Season One Is A Total Roller Coaster! - Shadowhunters | Freeform

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet the fockers

Shadowhunters - Official Recap Of Episode Magic, Moles and Malec! - While they are talking, Alec gets a text from Magnus and rushes off to meet him. Alec and Izzy are talking about the impending arrival of their parents for the. Shadowhunters - The Journey Of Malec Through Season One Is A Total Roller Coaster! - Magnus sees Alec for the first time and is very impressed. . After talking to his parents, Alec now has to consider the ramifications for his family's. There, he met the stubborn Shadowhunter Edmund Herondale who fell in love .. Alec would introduce Magnus to his whole family (including his parents) to.

Magnus calls Alec to invite him over for a drink. Alec is thinking it over but has to hang up when Clary runs away. Magnus likes the challenge! Magnus makes up excuses to get Alec to his apartment. Is "virgin Shadowhunter energy" even a real thing? Jace calls Alec to ask for his help.

Alec isn't sure if he can do it. But then Alec arrives just in time to give Magnus the strength he needs. Such a beautiful moment! And he holds Magnus when he collapses from exhaustion. The love is real! Magnus admits he lied to get Jace to call Alec. This is a HUGE surprise Our boys have cocktails together! Izzy asks Alec about his night at Magnus' apartment. But his lips are sealed! Magnus asks Izzy for advice on wooing her brother.

And finds out that the Lightwoods want Alec to get married! Magnus sees Alec shirtless. He is frozen in admiration.

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet the fockers

As we all are! Alec opens up to Magnus about his inner struggles! Sadly, he also puts his shirt back on Magnus tells Alec to follow his heart. He has so much wisdom to share! Alec is injured and Magnus offers to heal him free of charge! That's a big deal for this business-savvy Warlock.

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Jace and Izzy ask Magnus to help them borrow Alec's Stele. He is so torn! Magnus almost gets caught in the act by Alec! Alec admits he is engaged to Lydia and Magnus looks very upset. Couldn't you have broken the news more gently? Alec seems very conflicted after Magnus walks away. Go after him, you fool! In the Alternate Universe Alec lets Magnus crash his party!

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet the fockers

They have an instant connection. They share some magical teacup cocktails. Back in this world, Alec asks Magnus to defend Izzy at the trial. Magnus is the only one he trusts to protect his sister.

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Magnus agrees to help but he demands a sacrifice from Alec. He has to trade his bow for his sister's defense. At the trial Magnus tries to prove Izzy's innocence. He knows how much she means to Alec. Alec is so grateful for everything Magnus has done to help Izzy! Magnus admits he likes Lydia. But he still doesn't agree with Alec's decision to marry her!

Sure Alec, blame Clary instead of your crazy controlling parents! Seeing his little brother for the first time in ages! Mumbai is really far away. Wondering how his little brother gets up to so much mischief! Stop setting things on fire, Max. Letting Magnus convince him to stay for just one more drink! That's clearly what he wanted all along.

Trying to distract the policewoman by flirting with her! Seriously, how did she not fall under his spell?

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet the fockers

Toasting his alt-world relationship with Magnus! Wish we could have seen more of this! Thinking about how much he loves a challenge! Alt Alec still counts as Alec. Being proud of Izzy for standing up for herself at the trial! They are, and always will be, siblinggoals. Celebrating Izzy winning the trial and enjoying the glitter explosion! Even though the celebration turned out to be a bit premature. Telling Izzy that the Mortal Cup had been returned and the charges dropped! Although his smile is really directed at Magnus.

This was a huge moment for Clalec. Telling Izzy she's a pain in the ass! She's planning your whole wedding, Alec. Could you be more ungrateful?

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Repairing his bromance with Jace! Thanking Lydia for understanding that he can't marry her! Kissing Magnus in the middle of his wedding to Lydia!

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet the fockers

OK, so we don't know for sure if he's smiling.