Sesshomaru and kagura first meet quotes

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sesshomaru and kagura first meet quotes

Sesshomaru and Kagura are canon. Also, Sesshomaru did the exact same thing when he first met Rin. .. I quote, "And there is no evidence that they needed to get her approval for anything, read the manga Bakuman if you. 1 Repeated quotes; 2 Season One. The Girl Kikyo: Inuyasha, after meeting you, I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became .. Sesshomaru: Totosai, it seems you're looking for an early retirement into your grave. Totosai: I. Sesshomaru and Rin Kagome Higurashi, Rin And Sesshomaru, Kaneki, Madara . GIF Inuyasha Love, Inuyasha Rin, Anime Life, Miroku, Inuyasha Quotes.

I should know the name, of the one I make a pact with. You have yourself a deal. Drop the sword or the next arrow's going in your heart!!

sesshomaru and kagura first meet quotes

It must be true. Kagome really is the reincarnation of the priestess. I've figured you out, Sesshomaru. Because you're a demon, you shouldn't even be able to grasp the Tetsusaiga. That left arm of yours must belong to a human.

You're using a shard of the Shikon Jewel to connect the arm to your body! If I can lop off that arm, you'll no longer have what it takes to hold on to the Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha makes attacks from many different angles, but Sesshomaru's greater speed allows him to dodge them all. As Sesshomaru smirks, an arrow from Kagome strikes his shoulder-plate, shattering it] Shippo: You got through his armor!

I was trying to hit the Jewel in his arm. Inuyasha, make her stop. Half demon though you are, the blood of a demon runs deep inside you.

Be proud of that. Do not accept human aid, even in death. Don't try anything, Kagome! Sesshomaru is totally ruthless! I can handle it!

It melted in his hand! Now I shall put an end to your interference!! I really thought you would've noticed it by now! That the sword is back in MY hands! Without the human arm, you're unable to hold onto the Tetsusaiga!

Do not approach any closer. The sword attacked of its' own accord! If I make a move for it The Tetsusaiga is presently beyond my reach, so there's no sense in staying. I won't argue with your decision. They must have given up! That's a lucky break. You gave that miserable human arm to Sesshomaru in the hopes that it would destroy him!

I merely wished to assist him I suppose that makes sense. Serves you right, for putting my master in such jeopardy! I may call upon you again He's hardly moved, the entire time! For him to say that, his injuries must be serious. According to the imp, it was Naraku who lent the hive to Sesshomaru. Naraku was the one who burned the Wind Tunnel into Miroku's hand, remember? Now, Inuyasha wants to destroy Naraku, to avenge Kikyo's death! No- he needed all his energy to battle Sesshomaru, and I knew this news about Naraku would infuriate him- and the last thing he needed was a distraction.

Let's not tell him right away, okay Shippo? Otherwise he'll go after Naraku, and he's just too weak and injured to do it!

We'll tell him eventually, but right now, let's concentrate on helping him recover. He's close at hand.

sesshomaru and kagura first meet quotes

Naraku, the cursed demon who disguised himself as me, to get close enough to end Kikyo's life! And now he's returned, and is hiding nearby. I didn't betray you, Kikyo! He shows up when there's a shard of the Shikon Jewel to be found.

I haven't asked how you're feeling. It's just a little lump on the head. You told me to stay away from Sesshomaru, but I didn't listen, and only made things worse. If I had run away like you told me, you wouldn't have been so seriously injured. Okay, now he's officially freaking me out. Inuyasha glares at her Shippo: You heard the story.

About how Naraku deceived me, fifty years ago. He's the one pulling the strings behind Sesshomaru. I guess it's no surprise; Inuyasha's more aware of Naraku's movements than anyone.

I've made a decision. Things are getting more dangerous by the day- Kagome: Yeah, you're probably right. We're in serious danger! This time, we were lucky, but who knows about next time?! Well, I'm not afraid. Naraku's a terrible demon! We've got to do what we can to destroy him- Inuyasha pulls her forward and hugs her Huh? I thought I was going to lose you. I wanna see- Miroku: This isn't something for children to see. I'll hang on to the Jewel. What do you think you're doing?

Kagome, go back to your own era!! Inuyasha, what have you done?! What have you done?! I've sent her back home The Mystery of Onigumo[ edit ] Kaede: I need to speak to ye.

I have given much thought to this ever since my sister was revived by the evil witch Urassue. Kikyo explained that it was ye, Inuyasha, who had taken her sacred Shikon Jewel. Do ye not think it strange? The one who disguised himself as ye could have made off with the jewel yet he did not. He tricked ye into terrorizing the village, then Kikyo bound ye to a tree with her sacred arrow. Was the trickster attempting to pit ye against each other or was it Kikyo who was the true object of his malice?

Was he trying to fill her heart with hatred and bitterness? But when her heart became tainted and hateful, the Jewel also became sullied and it, too, filled with malevolent power. At the time, there was but one man who wished for such a terrible outcome. Shall I take ye to the place where this man once resided? Kikyo had come to her own decision. She was harboring a thief?

Because she pitied him. He was unable to move. I know not if he fell from a cliff or how he sustained his injuries, but both legs were broken. The man went by the name of Onigumo. I owe ya one, Royakan- for getting me out of that hut, where my so-called friends the monk and the hag locked me in! Naraku's True Identity Unveiled[ edit ] Inuyasha: Answer me one thing before I avenge Kikyo's death: Naraku, why do you bear such a grudge against me!?

Kaede, age has not been kind to you, I see. Do ye know me? Onigumo, is that not your name? Now that takes me back. Nay, I am Naraku, not Onigumo; though it cannot be denided that I was born of Onigumo fifty years ago. Because the priestess Kikyo was so powerless, the region teamed with demons. Her strength had diminished because she had fallen in love with a certain half-demon.

Inuyasha: Were Sesshomaru and Kagura a Thing?

She submitted to her childish desires and had attempted to use the Shikon Jewel for her own purposes. For that, she was punished. And, Inuyasha, you suffered the punishment as well. You are to blame for everything that happened!! You deceived Kikyo and I!! You tricked us into trying to kill one another!! How was it that the trust you two held in each other was so easily destroyed?

It was anger and bitter anger that set you against one another. Even Kikyo could comprehend it. She should have chosen to live and used the power of the Sacred Jewel to save her.

Instead she chose death. Had she pleaded for her life, her pathetic, wretched wish would have been easily granted. Then she would have understood the ultimate truth of darkness.

It is claimed that the sacred Shikon Jewel grows more beautiful when it is tainted with malice. Kagome, look inside him!! How many fragments are there!!? I know there are lots. Wait, there's even more than I can count!

Hey, Naraku, wanna see something really scary!? I'll slit you from head to toe to show you what malice means!! A spider on his back? Inuyasha said he saw a spider-shaped burn mark in the middle of Naraku's back. The thief Onigumo suffered from terrible burns. Perhaps that proves that Naraku is Onigmuo. A spider on his back. That shall serve as Naraku's own sign. Kikyo's Wandering Soul[ edit ] Inuyasha thinking: Kikyo didn't use the power of the Sacred Jewel to save herself.

Kikyo chose death over life. She chose to follow Inuyasha. The demon Urassue desired the spiritual power of a priestess. So she took the ashes and soil from my graveside and fried my body in her quill. The soul that has transmigrated into this body suits me well. Are you unable to cross over? You are a dead young priestess. You must now pass to the Netherworld. Will you not overlook my presence here? I merely wish to live in peace in this small village. If you wish to live in peace, then why must you gather souls of the dead!?

You require those souls in order to sustain that body of yours! What action will you take? I take it, you won't leave. I shall return you to where you belong!! I shall do it for your sake!! You cannot escape this demon-binding spell of mine!!

I shall extinguish your light and save your soul from eternal misery!! Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss[ edit ] Kikyo: Is he not here with you? I came on my own. Inuyasha set off to find you earlier. He must be trying to come here. What is your relationship? What did she do to me? This will end your interfering. The demons who were making off with the souls. It's a spirit shield. Kikyo must be on the other side.

Kikyo, is it really you? I fear he has not come to save you.

His purpose lies in seeing me. You will not interfere. Are you still planning to destroy Inuyasha!? He's not your enemy! Someone pitted you against each other on purpose!

Inuyasha would have never taken your life, Kikyo. From your competence, you expect me to be rejoicing. Will my murderer's death bring me back to life? The dead have but one wish: A wish that will never be realized. However, this dead woman can wish for one thing.

I wish for a heart, the heart of the man whom I shall never allow to forget me. That is my desire. You'll never allow him to forget about you? It is clear Inuyasha wishes for my death. That is a good thing because it means he feels remorse for dispute. Let him feel remorseful. I shall never allow him to forget about me. Time will not advance. Thus allowing me to exist in a dimension where time is frozen. I can live on inside his heart during my frozen recreation.

You're always on Inuyasha's mind. Why can't you be satisfied with that? He hasn't forgotten you after all these years! He thinks of you all the time. Isn't that good enough? When Inuyasha and I parted, we despised one another. The love you speak of is but a shallow emotion. Nothing can fuel the desire for enacting vengeance. So you were the one doing it. Gathering the souls of the dead women. This body is molded from the earth and ashes of my grave site.

It must be sustained with human souls if I am to remain here. Inuyasha, you must despise me. I have drawn in the souls of the dead, and it is my hatred of you that fuels my actions. You many very well despise me but the feeling's not mutual. I never stop thinking of you! Not even for an instant!! I could never hate you or think less of you. It's your spirit I care about, not your appearance. Truly, Inuyasha, you wouldn't? You wouldn't despise me if I used these hands to steal the life from you?

Inuyasha, after meeting you, I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I've longed to embrace you like this when I was alive. Kikyo's sent is so familiar. Her fragrance is just as it used to be.

The only difference is that she has no warmth. Her body is cold from death. And she's sad and lonely. We are unable to turn back the hands of time. So please allow me to embrace you a little longer. I can't save you. I can't do anything to help you, except stay like this. If only time could stand still. Would you agree to that? If I did stop time? I don't care as long as Does that girl mean more to you than I do? Inuyasha, never forget the feel of my lips against yours.

For it was real. What ails you, Kaede? Do you fear your own sister? I heard ye had fallen from a cliff. I did not imagine ye would survive.

Yet something left undone in this world keeps me from moving on. Do ye still hunger to take Inuyasha's life? I have just met with Inuyasha moments ago and almost succeeded in stringing the life from him. Speak to me, Kaede. Tell me all you have to offer about this Naraku person.

Everything began with the evil desires of Onigumo. He called forth the demons' and was devoured by them.

Thus was born the monster Naraku. However, the wolves gave chase to her and she was soon overcome and killed by them. He picks up the scent of blood and discovered Rin's corpse in passing. Her death did not interest him and he had planned to continue on his way, but he recalled the girl's smile from earlier, which made him pause. To satisfy his sudden curiosity, he tests his sword Tenseiga and he slew the messengers.

Feeling his task complete, he stood back up and continued on his way, ignoring the questions from Jaken. Rin followed him, and became a part of his entourage from then on. After discovering the head, they ask who did it. He simply picks up the head, scaring Rin though she might have faking it. He states that he's going to take the head somewhere. He orders Rin to stop screaming. She immediately obeys him and they follows him. Rin notices in the sky that the moon is just about to disappear and quickly sees a shooting star.

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One of Naraku's puppets appears and tells him that if he does not wish to see Rin harmed. Sesshomaru simply ignores him, and passes through Naraku's barrier in pursuit of the villain. Rin is kept in a nearby house, but she and Kohaku gets outside at Naraku's command. Kohaku resist his orders long enough for Sesshomaru and Inuyasha to intervene. Sesshomaru, loath to follow Naraku's plan, let the boy go. Kohaku is then taken by Kagura, while Rin rejoins Sesshomaru. She leaves and Jaken is forced to oversee her actions.

Rin recognizes them and the wolves accompanying them as the ones who had attacked her earlier in the series. The air around him is filled with sparks as the barrier tries to purify him, and even though he acts as if he's unaffected by it, inwardly he admits he can't get much closer to the mountain.

He isn't overly bothered by this, due to the fact that Kohaku's scent comes to a dead-end anyway. He turns and heads back to Rin and Jaken. He does so and sees a cheerful Rin coming back. Surprised by his deduction, she pauses. Lured by the Black Light On the slopes of Mt. Hakurei, Sesshomaru confronts Jakotsu at the edge of a hazy gorge.

Jakotsu makes the mistake of declaring that fact as he commences his attack on Sesshomaru, who powerfully retaliates. Concerned that Rin will be caught in the battle, Sesshomaru orders Jaken to remove Rin from danger. Jaken takes the child, and they start to cross a suspended bridge to the other side of the chasm.

The escape is short lived: Suikotsu approaches the pair ominously from the other side. While Sesshomaru gracefully dodges and attacks Jakotsu, Jaken struggles with Suikotsu. The feisty goblin manages to ward off Suikotsu with his ninja stuck, but at a price: As Jaken and Rin flee back to Sesshomaru, Suikotsu strikes again and the bridge collapses plummeting the three into the vapor below. He wastes no time jumping into the abyss to rescue Rin.

Back at the bottom of the gorge, Sesshomaru discovers a river. The scent trail reveals that Rin was carried away, but he finds Jaken. Sesshomaru sets off in search of Rin with Jaken following on his heels. It turns out that Rin was carried away, but not by the river - Suikotsu has her. Rin uses the carnage as an opportunity to escape but is snared by the lurking Jakotsu.

Sesshomaru travels towards the village, too, having picked up the sent of the Shichinin-tai -- where they are, Rin is sure to be. The Exposed Face of Truth While the group settles in to recuperate, back in the mountain village the paralyzed Suikotsu menaces the cowering orphans. Jakotsu observes the scene and as Rin attempts to flee, he captures her and she struggles in his clutches. A single Saimyousho buzzes in, communicating to Jakotsu that Sesshomaru is on his way.

Jakotsu orders Suikotsu to forget the children and they leave: They plan to lure him into Mt. The clash between Sesshomaru and Jakotsu escalates. Jakotsu taunts Sesshomaru, threatening to kill the captive Rin if he makes a wrong move. Sesshomaru smirks in reply. Angered by his reaction, Jakotsu swings his sword. Sesshomaru launches his defense flinging Toukijin aside, and charging Jakotsu headlong.

sesshomaru and kagura first meet quotes

Although wounded, the Shichinin-tai are still determined to make good of their threat to kill Rin. As her blood stains the flowers around her, Kagura wonders why her body is failing her.

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Looking up at the sky with blurring vision, Kagura realizes that she lacks the energy needed to heal herself again.

Kagura begins pondering to herself if this was the freedom she sought for so long. He then laughs that Kagura is now dying vain after trying so hard to become free. Sesshomaru stands in front of the dying Kagura. Elsewhere, Kagura still sits in the flower field, noting that it's quiet; a cloud of miasma is coming out of her from the back, implying that her body is disintegrating.

Hearing this, Kagura becomes shocked; he knew she wasn't Naraku, and he still came out of concern for her. This makes Kagura happy. However, when a second cloud of miasma escapes from Kagura, he realizes even Tenseiga cannot save her. He asks Kagura if she's leaving, which she says is true as she's had enough. She falls back, dissolving into the miasma as her feather ornament comes undone from her hair.

As the feather heads upwards into the sunlight, Kagura's voice is then heard saying: He says in a surprised voice "oh This prompts Jaken to defend his master, saying his heart is perfect. Totosai explains that the blade must now be handed back to him, as it's now to reforge Tenseiga into an offensive weapon.