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safetysuit meet and greet

Hey guys @safetysuit ~ I see your tour dates listed here and there but not on your site yet. Will you be offering your own Meet and Greet. AltWire [Derek Oswald]: SafetySuit has been a band for over ten years . AW: Coming up for those who don't know, your Meet & Greets on the. SafetySuit: Meet & Greet, Tickets, Signed Setlist - Melanie C. “It was so great to meet Dave, Jeremy, Tate, and Douglas from SafetySuit.

Nothing taints success more than being ungrateful or unaware of the people around you. And to always strive to be better.

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Thankful for all the great bands that have invested in us and given us something to aim at. Did you have any pressure on you when making the album?

SafetySuit - Perfect Color [OFFICIAL Lyric Video]

At least nothing more than we always try to put on ourselves. It pulls more out of you. Some bands choose to stick with one producer for an entire album; others choose to go with a few different ones.

safetysuit meet and greet

I think it definitely made it fun. We got to do it in different cities, with different producers who all had different vibes. It was a huge learning experience too, definitely broadened our perspective. Wish we had more time to do it. Where did the idea for the Hallelujah EP come from? Fell asleep one night and in the dream I heard the string part, the full band, all the builds and how this terribly broken song could become something almost triumphant.

SafetySuit was writing for the third album all the way back in and recording in Has the new album been completed for some time? We have enough songs for two new records at this point! Timing is everything, but the record should be coming sooner than later.

Doug dislocated his shoulder on tour with Daughtry and had shoulder surgery while you were making the new album. Did that cause you to push the album back? Unfortunately yes, that was a year long rehabilitation. No way to play shows in that time period. And the Daughtry dislocation was just one of many for me.

That surgery was a long time coming. Anticipation for new SafetySuit music has grown for a few years.

safetysuit meet and greet

It continued throughout the next year, as Crew became a local phenomenon, drawing up to people per night on the local circuit. But to grow as a band, the band needed a new direction.

safetysuit meet and greet

The group wanted space to think, to grow and, most importantly, to focus. Despite the new locale, the lack of a local fanbase, no deal and no manager, the group assembled in Tennessee and obsessively began to rehearse.

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So the gigs began — at nice places, dives, theaters, clubs, wherever, often times a week. And, as expected by the band, the fanbase grew. Labels started sniffing around. And the group discovered what would become its second home, a local haunt called 12th and Porter, where the group began a residency.

SafetySuit – “Looking Up”:

Twenty minutes before the show, somebody came into the green room and announced there was a line around the block. All I remember is …I walked out on stage that night, the lights went up, I saw the crowd…and the whole thing was a blur afterwards. I was in a zone the entire time.

safetysuit meet and greet

When the last note of the last song hit, I sort of woke up. He doesn't mess around, he tells it like it is…and he plays golf. It feels like that album that'll live in your car stereo for months on end. But the title, like the band's name, has its own story.