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Foley new champ at SummerSlam

Mrs. Foley's little boy has done it again and made us look oh, so bad in the process. Debra meets up with D'Lo and decides to accompany him to the ring. I recently got to meet Mr. Robertson at Jackson Square in Hamilton, Ontario. My wife and I were Once again thanks Dewey for sharring so much with me. The show got started in full swing with Mark Henry and a returning Big Show realigning to take on Rybaxel in a tag team match. The formidable.

Davey Boy Smith gets pumped for his return to the WWF after recovering from a serious back injury and infection that left him bed-ridden in hospital. I'll show you all. And I'll show Bret.

WWE Raw - CM Punk vs Curtis w/Paul Heyman Axel + Brock Lesnar - 8/5/2013 Full Match HD

When I really get mad, I get furious. Make me motivated and I'll go for it. I'm not afraid of anyone. If Bret's got a problem with me, he knows where I live. Dogs rolling in manure and loving every minute of it. The guy there told me they'd sell out their mothers and brothers and sisters to the slaughterhouse, just for those mini donuts. Kind of reminds me of I won't go there this week," Bret also wisecracked. Davey can't understand Bret. Davey does not think his comeback is in any way defiling the memory of Owen Hart, who died in a WWF match earlier this year.

What have I done to him except stick by him?

I can't figure out why. He even called my wife on the phone and said: If I see you on the street, I'll run you over, you I went with him to the WCW. As he talks about his match, he proudly displays battle scars from a Japanese Death match with the legendary Leatherface that occurred not even a week prior.

He and Leatherface have worked together on several occasions, and have become close. Dunster is quick to point out though that their friendship is left behind when they enter the ring. Dunster believes that Burke is the best in the industry.

He said 'you're very talented, but you many never get to go anywhere. He's currently on tour with Real Action Wrestling in the Maritimes. As soon as his match starts, the soft-spoken Dunster becomes a louder, more aggressive man in Massive Damage.

Damage walks to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons that will be used during the course of the match. The character combines the intensity and look of Rhyno with the suicidal moves of Sabu. While Dunster is mindful of keeping his character and real life separate, he admits that at times it is hard to keep them apart. Massive Damage gets the tables ready during an IWA show.

He sees the objects as being more of a crowd pleaser than dangerous items. Dewey said to me "This is where people will see you, make the best of it. Dewey, Jason, Mark, For everything Your Friend Always Referee Harry. And thinking back on that time I can honestly say that the Missing Link was by far my favorite heel character.

In a time when being a babyface meant being a superhero, the Missing Link provided the ultimate villain. I remember watching him while he was a part of the World Class Championship Wrestling promotion in good old Texas.

He was the first heel I ever appreciated because his maniacal nature was so intimidating that you had no choice but to be drawn to the character just to see the extent of his craziness.

In today's wrestling world, he would still stand out. In this fans mind, his legacy still lives on.

Bryant Allyn Davis I recently got to meet Mr. Robertson at Jackson Square in Hamilton, Ontario. My wife and I were waiting to see a movie, when Mr.

SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: Massive Damage

Robertson sat down beside us. I knew him from his tv appearances when I younger. Robetson was a gentleman and did appear to mind that I was in awe. He told me he has been working on a book about his career, and I for one can't wait for it to come out. If this man writes like he speaks, it will far out sell any of the 'hack" books out there today.