Ready for love meet ben and ernesto

Ready For Love Season 1 Recap: Episode 9 - Meet Her Parents

ready for love meet ben and ernesto

Episode Guide for Ready for Love 1x Meet Ben And Ernesto. Episode summary, trailer and screencaps; guest stars and main cast list; and more. Ready for Love: Bill Rancic Blogs About Ernesto and Ben's First that's cheating or not, but Ernesto found it endearing and wanted to meet her. Last week on Ready For Love, we got to meet the families of all the guys Ben and Mandy couldn't convince Ernesto that she was in it to win it. Watch Ready for Love Season 1 | Prime Video

Her mother is very honest with Ben about how she feels about their relationship, when Ben tells her that he has the truest intentions and when he thinks of Allie he think of her as his wife. Allie gets a little time with Ben and she tells him how she feels, I really like her and they are really cute together.

In front of the matchmakers, Allie tells them that she told Ben that she loved him and Matt was impressed by this. Matt is still convinced that she is too confrontational for Ben, she gets very defensive when she is around Ben and the matchmakers.

Matt then thanks her for proving his point.

ready for love meet ben and ernesto

Matt then points out that he is not there to make her feel bad about herself, he is there to find the right person for Ben. Angela is now the topic of conversation on stage and Tracy is very impressed with the visit with her family and the way she handled it. She is also commended for the way she avoids the rest of the drama. This week instead of the matchmakers choosing the bottom two, the guys will be picking them. With Allie he said he can feel the love between them but he feels like something else is missing and wonders if the affection will be enough to hold them together.

He sends Tarryn home! Her parents and her best friend, Becka, are all meeting with Tim, they are all very welcoming and he seems to get along with the family very well. Tim is now bringing Tim to her art school and he models for her students and they seem to all be having a great time. He had a great time with the family and her students. They are very welcoming to him and they are just as quirky as she is, they show Tim a video of Jenna as a kid singing and dancing in front of a camera.

They then take him out to the yard to have a chat, her father asks him if he is falling for Jenna and he said that he is falling for her but she has been very reserved about her feeling towards him.

Tim asks them if they know something different, her father said it was a secret. Sarah has an identical twin sister and she asks Tim where they were when Tim felt the strongest feelings for her, he mentioned Santa Barbara. Sara and Tim then take some time together and they have a chance to talk a bit, after a bit of a chat, they break their promise not to kiss until the end. They are really cute I think it will be Hailey and Sara going into next week!

In front of the matchmakers now, Sara is the first one to talk about, Amber thinks that Tim fit in best with her family, Matt says that she is definitely ready for love and she has shown more love than she should be capable of after what she has gone through.

Tracy then talks to Jenna and says that she has never seen this look in her eye, the look like she is falling in love!

Sure enough she admits that she is indeed falling for Tim. So who does Tim save tonight? He tells them that the reason he decided this was because he wanted them all to know where is heart and head was. Tim tells Jenna that the thought of seeing her in a white dress at the peacock garden was a very happy thought for him and before he can continue Jenna cuts him off and tells him that she has something very hard to tell him.

She thinks that because she may be going home she needed to tell him that she is falling in love with him and all she wants to do is make him happy and all she wants to do is make him happy for every last moment of her life. Jenna is then saved! Sara or Hailey will be going home, he tells Sara that they had some great times this weeka and he wants to see where it will go with her!

He sends Hailey home!!!

ready for love meet ben and ernesto

When they first walk in Ernesto is bombarded with all of her trophies and pictures, like a shrine. Her dad asks him what he does for a living, and then asks if Ernesto is a US citizen! Then her father asks for a few minutes alone to get to know him better, he hooks him up to a lie detector!

Holy crap, this is too funny! The first few questions are like his age, whether he is employed and if he lives in Miami, he is then asked if he has kissed any other girls on the show! Ernesto tells him he has, then he is asked if he has ever cheated, he said no and that was the truth, I feel like we are watching an episode of Maury! Ben is taking Allie to meet his friends in the city, well as soon as they sit down, she is put in the middle of a game of 20 questions.

ready for love meet ben and ernesto

She does really well answering them all and one of his friends actually applauds her for being so open with her feelings towards him and putting herself out there. They seem to really like Allie, so do I but I really like Angela too, if I had to pick on I would say Aliie, just because she can fit in with his friends and family.

She then tells him that she has really enjoyed this journey and knowing that it could all end breaks her heart, but Ben tells us, that she fits right with him in every way! Angela also feels the same way, she said she is a nervous wreck.

Both the girls tell the matchmakers how much they appreciate their feedback and their guidance.

Ready for Love

Tracy tells them that they are both spectacular women and as far as she is concerned they are both winners! We are going to take another break and then we will find out which ladies will be going home with these amazing guys! Apparently he is really convinced by one of these ladies that they are the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Which one is it going to be though, that is what we all really want to know, right?

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Allie is the first to meet Ben in the Garden, on her way she is watching highlights of their time together on the show. Now Angela is starting to walk towards her elevator to the garden and we are watching her highlight reel. They are really milking every second of this show, haha! We want to know who he picks already! Ben starts talking to Allie, he tells her how amazing she is and how comfortable he was with her family and the time they spent in Dallas, he also tells her that he has very deep feelings for her.

Then the moment of truth, he tells Allie that his feeling for Angela are so much deeper, he wants to give Allie his heart, but Angela has it already! She tells him that in case she is going home she needs to tell him that she loves him, he grabs her hand and tells her that they need to get out of there.

They walk out of the studio and there is a helicopter outside, they get into the helicopter and then…. They get into the helicopter, taking a trip, they touch down in Malibu at the winery where they first kissed.

ready for love meet ben and ernesto

They walk to the exact spot where they first kissed and where he first started to fall for her. Ben is telling her that him meeting her was meant to happen, he brought her there to make another memory together. He then gets on one knee and tells her that he loves her with every ounce of his being and asks her to marry him! Everyone at the studio is crying! Now we find out what is in store for Tim and the girl he chooses!

Tim is waiting in the Garden and we do the same highlight reel for both Sara and Jenna, Jenna is the first to go to the Garden and then Sara. Sara is the first one Tim sees in the Garden, he tells her that she is the most amazing girl he has ever met. She tells him that she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with him, and then she kind of recants. He tells her that after a really long week and after thinking long and hard, his heart lies somewhere else! Tim tells Jenna that what started as a kiss nine weeks ago turned into this wildfire for her.

He tells her that he wants to fall asleep next to her and see her when he wakes up every morning.

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She tells him that every second she spends with him reassures her that this is where she needs to be. They get into the elevator and go up together, kissing, what an entrance! When they get onto the main stage, Tim sings Jenna a song he wrote to her about their journey through this.

He uses the time they spent together in the lyrics to this song, it really is a sweet song! After he is finished singing to her, she tells him that she loves him and he says it back!

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Then he gives her a necklace to wear, the necklace has a key to his place on it! I am so sad to see this show end, but very happy for the three guys and their ladies! Ben and Angela, Tim and Jenna, Ernesto and Shandi are the final couples at the end of this long journey to find love! Bookmark us or friend us on Facebook or Twitter for all our latest updates.