Port charles caleb and livvie meet joe

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port charles caleb and livvie meet joe

Port Charles (TV Series –) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. They came up with GREAT storylines, such as Joe's battle with possible HIV, and . Lynn Herring is great, "Livvie" is the typical "soap bad girl, and "Caleb" . I really hate that this soap is being cancelled when it was starting to meet its potential. The following is a list of characters who appeared on the ABC daytime soap opera Port Charles She met and fell in love with Jake Marshak and stopped looking for acting jobs. Reunited with Joe and moved to Appalachia. . In Easton reprised the role of Caleb on General Hospital, where he goes on a murder. Spin-off appearances, Port Charles Port Charles; General Hospital Caleb then meets the girl, Livvie Locke, in an alley and exerts a hypnotic, erotic influence.

Caleb realizes who she is, and decides to wait for her to come in. But when Mosser's assistant shows up, Caleb escapes through the window. Caleb then heads to the Pier and finds Heather with Danny Morgan.

Heather mistakes him for John. Caleb realizes that Danny is Sam's son, while Heather claims Danny is hers. Caleb plans to use Danny to get Sam [5]and chokes Heather to that end. He then throws Heather into the water, and tries to leave with Danny.

port charles caleb and livvie meet joe

But Todd shows up and stops him, believing him to be John, as well. Caleb tells him to leave, but Todd refuses. The police show up, and Caleb escapes. Anna and Sam arrive and Sam gets Danny back.

Anna arrests Todd, who proclaims his innocence. After the police leave, Sam is left alone with Danny. Caleb approaches her, and tries to pass himself off as John. But Sam calls his bluff, telling him she knows he's actually Caleb, and to leave her alone. But Caleb insists they're meant to be together, and traps Sam and Danny. Caleb's wife Livvie Locke died and Caleb became deranged.

Clay was then institutionalized after committing seven murders and vowed to reunite with Livvie Sam Morgan's look-alike. Lucy, John, and Rafe arrived at Wyndemere where Lucy blows their cover.

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Caleb takes Sam into the closet and then eventually into the tunnels underneath the mansion. John finds Caleb that has Sam on a bed-shape table. He has bitten Sam three times which Caleb has stated is required to refreshen Sam's memory. Caleb ties John up and had Lucy by the throat, but Sam distracts him by stating his name.

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John wrestles him for the silver arrow and eventually stabs Caleb with it. McBain takes Sam upstairs to the living room. Lucy stays, wonders why Caleb is dead, and then starts to leave; Caleb's ring glows. Lucy and Anna go to check on the body to make sure that he is indeed dead.

They both conclude that he is dead. However, after Lucy and Anna leave, Caleb's body on the table is shown as the medical examiner who resembles Caleb takes Caleb's ring off his finger, puts it on, and it's revealed that the body was none other than the medical examiner, while Caleb is revealed to still be alive walks away.

In middle May, Sam Morgan arrives at a Manhattan hospital where Michael Corinthos says that Morgan Corinthos is taken after being beaten up by the gambling ring thugs. Morgan sneaks out while Michael tries to find him. Rafe and Alison have a difficult time letting each other go.

Alison discovers special candles an ancestor of hers made. When she lights one that says, "love" she feels close to him. Rafe makes a deal with James, an entity from hell, in order to come back to earth.

Livvie Locke (Kelly Monaco)

But there was a twist. Rafe's memory was wiped out and he had no memory of Alison. The deal that is, if he does not fall in love with Alison again within a certain amount of time, he will have to give up his soul. When Rafe returns to Port Charles, he has his memories restored up until the time of his death. He has no idea that he is an angel. Livvie LockeAlison's former best friend, takes advantage of the amnesiac when she finds him. She convinces him that they were lovers and that they had plans to marry.

But Rafe begins having flashes of a blonde woman with whom he believes he shares a connection with. This woman is Alison. Meanwhile, Alison is being hospitalized after a collapse due to an aneurysm.

When Rafe stumbles upon her in the hospital room, he recognizes her from his dreams. He impulsively kisses the comatose Alison, waking her up.

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Alison is shocked to realize that Rafe has no memory of their relationship and that he believes he is engaged to Livvie. Rafe and Livvie marry at his and Alison's barn, which he mistakenly thinks is his and Livvie's special place. When Livvie realizes that Rafe is starting to remember Alison, she sleeps with a supernatural creature called the Avatar and becomes pregnant. She tells Rafe they are expecting a child.

A confrontation with Alison causes Livvie to fall down a flight of stairs. Though Livvie's fall is accidental, she blames Alison. Rafe, believing that Alison has tried to break him and Livvie up, tells Alison to stay away from them. Soon after, Livvie has a miscarriage. Rafe found himself falling in love with Alison, despite his devotion to Livvie. Alison explains that they had been together before Livvie interfered, and they were very much in love. Rafe contemplates everything Alison has told him and confronts Livvie.

She accuses Alison of being jealous and that everything she said are lies. Unconvinced, Rafe decides to continue his friendship with Alison and finally declares his love for her. With his task accomplished, Rafe regains his memory, just as Livvie arrives to find the couple in an embrace. Aiming a gun at the two of them, Livvie is crazed with anger.

Rafe pushes Alison away as Livvie shot the gun, and is fatally wounded. Depressed about losing Rafe again, Alison decides to leave town. As the train she was riding on took off, she sees a figure outside her window.

port charles caleb and livvie meet joe

They've had kidnaps, going back in time, vampires, angels, magic candles, a cute angel who found his way back to his true love and a evil spirit called the Avatar! The story themes change every 13 weeks.

This Friday just ended a book entitled Torn. And Monday it's going to start the next book called Naked Eyes. This show is seriously under rated and you should really check it out! It's on at Once you start and understand who everyone is, you won't be able to stop! Check it out, it's really great! Port Charles -- Choose a Writing Style! The show started off VERY slowly, with storylines progressing even slower. About a year into the series, the writers decided to spice things up a bit with a truckload of new storylines, such as Courtney Kanelos making her way to Port Charles, and the most irritating storyline of daytime television: This was definately the worst plot I've ever seen.

When things looked bad, new writers came to the show and saved it. Character development was at its peak. Enter "Port Charles Fate.