Obito and rin meet again for first time

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He returns to the afterlife, sees Rin again, weeps a few tears, and - Rin grins deviously. . He glances at the clock on his wall and, for the first time in years, realizes that he was . Obito forces himself to meet Minato's eyes. Rin Nohara (のはらリン, Nohara Rin) was a chūnin of Konohagakure and a member of Team Minato. She was forcibly made into the jinchūriki of the Three Tails. Being Anbu and a guardian to Naruto doesn't seems like a great idea. In Shippunden Ep Naruto meets Hiruzen for the FIRST TIME while.

But here and now, he was Uchiha Obito, who was late to training with his team. No doubt, Kakashi, still the ill-tempered little midget he had been all those years ago, had already began to gripe. That was when he hears the knock on his door. Rin and Kakashi are at his doorstep, and it takes Obito so much just to not cry, right there and now. For decades, he had thought that his tears had all been expended in the aftermath of Rin's death.

Maybe, they had simply been saved for now.

obito and rin meet again for first time

And then, Kakashi speaks - and Obito's world is turned upside down. They remember, and the next few moments pass in a blur. He tells them the truth, tells them that he survived, because he cannot handle the look of guilt and pity they give him every few minutes when they had no idea what he had done. When Minato-sensei enters, and - he remembers as well, and Obito knows - knows - that he cannot keep this from his team. The Sharingan swirl into being in his eyes, and even as Rin cries in alarm, he pulls Minato-sensei into a genjutsu.

Minato-sensei figures it out quickly. Namikaze Minato had never been a stupid man. Obito doesn't know what to expect. The first time his sensei had learned of his survival, had realized what Obito had become - well, Obito had been left bleeding out in the middle of the battlefield. Only his activation of the jinchuriki technique had saved him, and even that had been a close thing.

He stands without speaking, waiting for the other man to make the first move. Being a genjutsu, even if Minato injured him, maimed him, killed him here Not that Obito didn't deserve anything his sensei would do to him, but in order to make any kind of amends for his sins, they had to know who and what they were facing. Even if Obito died here, Madara would only find another pawn. Obito's Sharingan takes in his every move - the slight twitch of his hand toward his kunai pouch, the gritting of his teeth as he took in the revelation - but the man makes no move to attack.

It was you, that night? Obito had been thinking of what he had done, that day so many years ago, as he sobbed into Rin's broken body - - and what was he to say? It's not an easy thing, his fall to darkness.

Yes, Rin had died. Yes, Kakashi had been the one to put his hand through her heart - the true reason behind the act, Obito had only found out later. But he had not started a war because the girl he loved had died. It had been a combination of factors, of the seals and mental conditioning Madara had forced upon him during his captivity, of the childhood spent in the midst of war and bloodshed, and yes, of that - that day.

A place where everyone could be happy. And, because it had been because of him in the end that Madara had targeted Rin, not because of Minato-sensei, not because of the village - "He arranged Rin's death so I would believe him. The other man freezes in his step at the revelation, and when he looks at Obito again, it is with - no, it couldn't be - sympathy in his expression. But just as quickly as it appears, Minato-sensei - no, Minato, because Obito did not deserve to call him by the former, not any more - frowns, his expression shuttering off.

In one fell swoop, he had destroyed his village and orphaned the biological child of the only two parental figures he had ever had.

After that, there truly was no turning back or so he had thought, before a certain blonde menace decided otherwise. Even here, he can see the large army of shinobi against which he had faced for his new world - and, in the distance, the towering figure of what could only be the Juubi.

obito and rin meet again for first time

He looks away before he can take in the two humanoid figures standing on top of it, and meets Minato's eyes. The man freezes, and that is how Obito knows that his 'Uchiha Madara' appearance had given way to his unmasked form.

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Madara had been resurrected by then with Edo Tensei - he had died about a year after he first took me in. You failed, didn't you? Technically, at the end, he hadn't failed in his objective.

But by then, that objective had been to make sure Kakashi and every one of his students got out of the war alive - not that Minato knew that. Madara had put a control seal on me the moment he had dug me out from under those rocks.

He had made use of it throughout my time with him, I have no doubt, but now he exercised full control I subverted his technique at the last moment, and I used it to seal the Juubi within myself. Even without looking, he knows that the skin of his body had turned an unearthly pale, his hair a bleached white.

Before Minato, now stands the monstrous form of the Juubi jinchuriki. Obito hears an intake of breathe from the other man, but presses on. And, that's where Naruto comes into the picture.

He can't seem to look away from Obito, a look of horror on his face. The blonde stares in stunned disbelief as he talks about Naruto, the idiotic brat who had been too much like himself for comfort who had seen something worth saving in the monster before him.

The boy who had the sheer charisma and heart to convince a damned man to come back into the light. It spoke to just how revolutionary Uzumaki Naruto was for the shinobi world, when even the boy's father found the sheer power of his charisma unbelievable. In fact, Obito was doubtful that even his younger self saw the world in such optimistic terms. Had Naruto ever had to kill an enemy, or had he been able to convert all of them?

Madara took advantage of my moment of weakness, and turned on me to engineer his own resurrection. His hands clench into fists just at the memory.

By then, he had already been jolted by Naruto from the steadfast certainty that two decades of blind faith had instilled within him. The knowledge that Rin had died because of him Obito couldn't help but grin. No, if nothing else, Uchiha Obito was stubborn. I would be a fool to continue following Madara. I turned on him. After that, all my efforts were centered on getting Kakashi and his team out of the war alive - an incredibly difficult task, as you can imagine.

That's how I died, incidentally - I took a fatal blow meant for Kakashi. That was the last thing I remembered, before waking up as a boy again. Obito forces himself to meet Minato's eyes. He could no longer hide his many sins behind the promise of a new, better world.

This was the only one he had, and he would accept the consequences of what he had done. Obito, what reason do I have to believe you? For all I know, you're telling me all of this just for the opportunity to put a knife in my back. After all, you already did it once before. I don't expect you to believe me.

I don't expect you to forgive me - not for what I did to you, to K-Kushina-nee, to everyone else. I just need to - I want to take Madara down, along with the creature that's manipulating him. I know more about him than anyone else alive. I know his weaknesses. You singlehandedly waged war against all shinobi in order to make your own new world.

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It was impossible - or so he thought, and it is in this brief moment that he feels a sense of resignation. The other man could not take his revenge here, not in Obito's world of illusions, but breaking out was a matter of a simple 'Kai' and no thirteen year old, regardless of the age and experience of the soul, could stand against a vengeful Yellow Flash in his prime. Obito followed soon after, but Minato stayed frozen in place, horrifying images flashing through his mind. Flashback A small silver haired boy, no older than six, clinging to his father's corpse where it lay on the study floor, his sword in his stomach.

Blood soaked the little boy's clothing and tears were streaming down his face. Daddy please, don't leave me alone! I don't want to be alone! I can't leave him, he's all I have left! He left the room, Kakashi struggling in vain to return to his father's side. Please, I have to stay with Daddy! Present Minato was pulled out of the past by Rin's heartbroken sob. Kakashi, please answer me! Minato forced his body to move and ran to his students. He gently pulled Rin's hands away from Kakashi's wound before she killed herself trying to heal someone who was clearly dead.

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Minato gazed sadly into his student's dulled onyx eyes before he gently laid his hands over them and closed them. She flung herself into Obito's arms and cried into his chest. He wrapped his arms around her trembling form and held her whiled she cried, tears streaming down his own face as well. Minato gazed at them sadly for awhile, then gently turned his silver haired student's corpse over on his back so he could better examine the wound.

Rin and Obito turned to look at him. He wouldn't take the easy way out! You of all people should know that Sensei! Some monster, did this to Kakashi! We've gotta find out who did it and avenge him! The boy was in denial. His mother died shortly after his birth, and his father died when he was six.

Perhaps it all just became to much for him to handle. There's just no way Kakashi would just leave us like this! Maybe the ANBU will pick up on something we didn't. But we need to report this. She had never seen his face so serious before.

Rin Nohara

Kakashi wouldn't just leave us voluntarily. We're gonna find out who did this and make them pay! C'mon, how 'bout I walk you home. We'll make those bastards pay! Upon seeing the wound he let out a sad sigh. He sighed again and layed a hand on the boy's cold forehead. For a moment, neither man spoke. Sandaime finally broke the silence. I will have ANBU start the investigation right away, though it's fairly obvious what happened. Minato," the man's expression softened. As he handed Kakashi's body over to Sandaime, he couldn't help but feel like he was handing over the corpse of one of his own children.

Overcome by his emotion, his performed another Shunshin and teleported to his home. There, he collapsed on his bed and started sobbing. Kakashi curled up defenseless in a corner of the study, eyes wide and terrified.

Obito could only watch as a faceless shinobi advanced on the trembling chuunin. Obito wondered why Kakashi didn't fight back, and flinched as the figure harshly kicked the boy in the side, sending him to the center of the room. Obito felt his heart tearing as Kakashi curled tightly into himself, trying not to show his tears.

He ran to his teammate's side and tried to lay a comforting hand on his shoulder, but his hand passed right through him.

Obito watched, helpless and horrified as the shinobi took the tanto that was in his hand and shoved it mercilessly into the boy's stomach and twisted it, rupturing several organs.

Kakashi bit back a scream as blood spilled out of his mouth and stomach in a torrent.