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Kensi did a good job of coaching Miller's sister, and between them, they were getting through to Miller. We got to meet Nell's older sister, caught up with Kensi's nemesis Asakeem SPOILER ALERT: On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 9, Callen's ex In the end, Callen and Joelle let everyone think she was dead. NCIS: LA - Fool Me Twice - Review: “They Deserve to Know the Truth” final thing to say before sharing his enticing granola bar: “Just so we're clear, I don't believe you. Like taking Joelle to the interview right now, so Sam and Callen can The Middle (); The Millers (); The Mindy Project (). NCIS: Los Angeles (season 6) The sixth season of the police procedural drama [2] Cast and characters Main Chris O'Donnell as G. Callen, NCIS Senior Special When Callen's girlfriend (Joelle Taylor) becomes a hostage following a Upon investigating, they learn that the agents were killed by a hidden bomb and that.

It was great that he decided with some helpful advice from Hetty to move forward with getting to know his half-sister and nephew. It bodes so well for his future and I was happy for him. I kind of wanted him to actually die so that the team could grieve just as all these actors are doing in real life.

On the other hand, it was incredibly moving to think of Granger setting off to make peace with his daughter. He showed so much vulnerability and yearning for what might have been in that episode and his performance really touched me. We might not get to see their reunion, but we can imagine it and be happy for the fictional character, even as we mourn the loss of the great actor who played him. Memorable Moments Did Callen seriously need to drive the ambulance like he was in a demolition derby while his partner was trying to prepare an injection?

It did look a little like Deeks could brush up on his Sayoc stick fighting skills when he took on Eddie and his cane. Can you really blow up an oxygen tank by shooting it? Also not sure about that military back-up Hetty called in. They sure got there fast! Was this filmed the week Eric Christian Olsen took his Hawaiian vacation? It felt like we got less Deeks than usual. And you all will be spared from my ramblings for the next couple of weeks as my fellow wikiDeeks contributors Brenda and Randy will take on the review duties for the next couple episodes.

Were you dismayed by the lack of Densi? The team strung together a bunch of rumors about various militants gathering in Los Angeles. At first, the thought was that they were going to attack Camp Pendleton. Los Angeles Season 8. It appears he has turned informant, which didn't go over well with his fellow terrorists. Kensi, either, come to think of it.

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She's a big-picture woman, but this was pushing it. This case provided the opportunity not only to bring in characters old and new but also was a great excuse for undercover hi-jinks. You gotta love those undercover hi-jinks. The character making a return was Asakeem, who was now a valuable asset, much to Kensi's chagrin. He's still a devout Muslim. But perhaps his time in captivity has helped him to no longer view his new benefactor as The Great Satan.

So this ragtag group of radicals, none of whom have apparently been extremely vetted, gathered in L. Their target was Asakeem, because, well, he knows some of their dirty little secrets.

But after a year in custody, wouldn't his info be just a tad dated? But's let not let details get in the way of the narrative. This Asakeem hunt allowed the squad to stage a kidnapping of him. Under the guise of intra-agency cooperation, the search for this vague jihadist group was also a great excuse to introduce Nell's overbearing older sister, Sydney, who works for Homeland Security.

Nell explained to Eric in great detail how her sister treated her when they were younger. While the administrator is showing Kensi the security set-up, Captain Westbrook starts racing through the hallway on his wheelchair. Westbrook is played by legendary stuntman Terry Leonard. Kensi is going to look at MSgt.

Garrison is in a parking garage opening the back door of his town car. There is a briefcase on the back seat. Thinking there was someone behind him, Garrison turns around with a gun from the briefcase. Callen is standing there. Callen knows it is about Pacey Smith. Smith served his time — in America give people a second chance. No reaction from Garrison.

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Garrison thinks Callen made the right decision — "you must protect family. He tells his father to stay away from Pacey Smith. Pacey Smith is tied up in the trunk. Garrison calmly explains that if they were in Russia, Smith would be dead. Showing Callen photos, Garrison has evidence of Smith meeting with drug dealers from a Mexican cartel and also hanging out with Alex and her son a few days prior.

She is tired of waiting for Sam. Sam introduces himself and a happy Agent Thompson leaves. Dechamps has a photo of a coin — a Double Eagle gold coin. Miller had a coin. Sam is outraged that a decorated veteran is being investigated for pocket change — Sam thought there was some sort of threat to the President. Dechamps, who specialty is financial crimes, explains that while the coins never made it into circulation, a coin or two shows up among collectors occasional.

The Secret Service has tracked them down over the years. Dechamps believes the coin has been passed down from generation to generation.

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Dechamps was looking for MSgt. Sam tells Dechamps what happened to Lt. Miller and asks if she interviewed him at the retirement home. Sam talks about someone at the home being in on the kidnapping. While Dechamps said they spoke privately, she saw an old man standing near MSgt. O'Boyle is playing cards with two other of his fellow residents with a woman watching them. O'Boyle asks who Deeks is and when Deeks tries to explain he was visiting is uncle, O'Boyle wants him to leave — Deeks talks too much.

The woman, Ginger, wants him to stay. Deeks hands O'Boyle the money and is immediately chided for doing so. Working in Ops, Nell approaches Eric about his mid-day appointment. That is not like him and Eric agrees but it was a last-minute thing. Before Eric can answer, Nate walks in hoping to check on his patient … Kensi. Eric seems flustered before he starts talking about how well Kensi is doing.

Beach boy Deeks is asked if he is folding. O'Boyle starts to cough when he hears this, pulling out a handkerchief. Deeks has a full house but O'Boyle has four kings. As O'Boyle collects his winnings, Deeks talks about his sick uncle who could use the money. The other players are shocked. Deeks explains the real trick was while the card trick was great, what really sold it was Ginger distracting the other men. Deeks tells Ginger she is a stone-cold fox but he has a ladybird of his own.

O'Boyle uses his cane as if it were a sword.

NCIS: LA - Fool Me Twice - Review: “They Deserve to Know the Truth”

Kensi and Ginger see this spectacle. As Deeks finally gets the cane away from O'Boyle, Kensi agrees with her prisoner. Ginger tries to run away again with no success. Smith is out of the trunk with the duct tape over his mouth yanked off.

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Smith is wearing a wire for LAPD as an informant. At the boat shed, O'Boyle and Ginger want their lawyer. Their lawyer, Deeks tells them, wants no part of their case. The two are con artists with multiple outstanding warrants in multiple states. Kensi explains that they are con artists who convince elderly people in nursing home after nursing home to put them in their wills.

Ginger has no problem with that. Older people have nobody to leave the money to and it is better than the government getting it. Deeks thinks the usual plan fell apart because Louis Miller has a grandson and the Double Eagle coin would go to him.

Kensi accuses them of finding out about the coin and tampering with MSgt. Deeks adds they left the grandson for dead. Kensi brings up the charges the two are facing — kidnapping and attempted murder.

Deeks add that O'Boyle is up on assault of a police officer charges as well. O'Boyle admits that he knew about the coin — he heard Dechamps questioning Louis Miller. The problem with inheriting the coin, however, was selling it. Ginger explains they saw a piece on 60 Minutes about the Dark Web and that devolves into a conversation between O'Boyle and Ginger about the Dark Web being in the clouds or a cloud or in the air.

Kensi brings things back to the case — asking if Marcus found a buyer on the Dark Web.