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If you already have an m countdown account, sign in with that. If you get stuck for any reason, you may private message me for help. You will probably want to edit your profile, and add a profile picture too. I advise adding a profile picture it doesn't have to be of youbecause it will make things way easier.

You'll understand why as I explain more. You can purchase one, dozens, or hundreds of albums. It will say in the description before you purchase.

For every album you buy, you get one tile.

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The top 5 supporters the people who purchase the most albums will get a gift. Don't expect to be a top supporter if you aren't buying tens or hundreds of albums. You can purchase your album s any time from when it is posted on Mwave, until the time of the live stream, unless otherwise stated. During checkout you can leave a message for the artists to read. Be careful, you cannot edit your message after you complete your purchase.

MEET&GREET - Only at Mwave

If you do buy, PayPal works the best. As I wrote above, every album you buy equals one tile. What in the world is a tile, you ask? It's a mosaic tile board with 49 tiles on each page. If you buy an album, one of those tiles on one of the pages will be yours. Your profile picture will occupy that space, that is why it is important to have a picture.

It will be easier to find your tile s. When you click on a tile, you can see the messages other fans left. There are multiple pages of 49 tiles. To scroll through click the arrows.

At some point during the live stream 15 tiles on each mosaic board page will be selected to receive an exclusive Mwave photo card. If your tile has a pink boarder around it that means you were chosen to get the exclusive photo card. For every one of your tiles selected, you will get that amount of photo cards. ARI Aristotle audio file. ART Canon Crayola art. ART Ray Tracer file. ART Xara Studio drawing. ASD Lotus Screen driver. ASF Lotus Screen font. ASP Procomm Plus setup and connection script.

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