Motionless in white meet and greet 2014

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motionless in white meet and greet 2014

Motionless In White have released VIP Upgrades for their tour - this includes Meet and Greet, August 28, · uk. On March 14th, I met my favourite band. Motionless in White. They mean. Motionless In White LOUD. been longing to feel those connections that were formed in our daily groups every day since the last day of Warped Tour , and .

But then I didn't compliment anyone els because it would've been weird. So I gave them my phone and they took the photo I stood next to ricky and ghost because ricky is my favourite But I was like 'thank you' and they were staring at me and I was so happy!

Motionless in White

Than I walked out of the venue and stood back in line. I saw Nikki when I walked out so I went and took a photo with him. At first he was sitting and then he stood up and he was so fucking tall! I was like 'holy shit youre tall' and he took the photo with me. Than I saw Sabrina Chris' gf we talked for so long and she was so nice and I loved meeting her!

motionless in white meet and greet 2014

Than I met K for like the 3rd time we talked and laughed and we took prom pictures together. Than Ryan and ricky walked out of the venue to smoke and my friend JT and I were like 'I want to hug him!

I only hugged ricky and the tour manager looked at me and I was like 'are you mad? Than we waited for the doors and our tickets it was awesome.

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So Ice Nine Kills who played first and I was pretty close to the stage and Spencer got up on my face and sung to me it was awesome! Than New Years Day played and I loved it so much!

I took an awesome pic of Nikki and it was awesome! So at some point Jeremy got near me and I told him I loved him and he did a heart with his hands and fist bumped me!

motionless in white meet and greet 2014

I was soooo happy! Than For Today played and holy shit they actually were great.

Motionless In White Meet & Greet and Signing

So Mattie held my hand so many times and he looked at me and smiled which made me so happy! But before that when they were doing sound check the drummer was killing it and I told him he was awesome and he made the best face ever! Josh Balz also crowd surfed and kicked my friend and went over me and I honestly didn't give a fuck.

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Ricky was right in front of me and I was the luckiest person ever. Neil added the band to his stage on the Warped tour with the new record in hand and the band quickly caught the attention of Shawn Milke from Alesana who offered to manage the band. Shortly thereafter Bob Becker of Fearless Records contacted Zach Neil to make an offer to buy the band's recording contract and sign the band to Fearless.

motionless in white meet and greet 2014

The band was never actually signed to Tragic Hero Records. The record's first single, "Abigail", was released premiered on Revolver Magazine in August 30 and was the released on iTunes the day after.

We agreed to let TJ go," along with an explanation about how they experienced many disagreements with Bell throughout the years of being a band. In the tours Motionless in White performed after Olson's switch to rhythm guitar, a man with an unknown name began playing bass, finally confirmed as being Devin Sola, who now goes by "Ghost", a substitute bassist.

Sola was officially confirmed as the band's new bassist on November 27, Metallica The Black Album: Covered" on the song, "My Friend Of Misery. He has left the band on good terms, and there is no sign of internal rifts.