Meet and greet your neighbors

Meet & Greet Free Printable Invitation

meet and greet your neighbors

If you're moving to a new neighborhood, you're bound to meet new people in the area. and prep you for a successful meet-and-greet with your new neighbors. You'll learn how to meet your neighbors and get them to like you. Hey Take a few moments out of your schedule to greet your new neighbors with a welcoming . Nov 22, If you recently moved to a new home, you may be apprehensive about meeting new neighbors. Read on for ideas that will help you get to know.

Add a little music, maybe a fire, and your party will be a hit! Ask Questions Another great way to get to know your new neighbors is to ask questions.

meet and greet your neighbors

Build a Rapport According to the Benjamin Franklin effect a psychological phenomenonperforming a favor for someone often results in liking that person. So follow this counter-intuitive logic by creating opportunities for your neighbors to do something kind for you. Get Involved in the Community The best way to get to know your neighbors? Dive in and devote your time to making where you live a place that all of you can continue to enjoy.

A local food co-op? Ask around, and find out where you can volunteer to immerse yourself in your new neighborhood as you meet other locals. Leave your comfort zone. As a neighbor for directions. The kindness and the directions you receive just might surprise you. Start a Little Free Library You may have seen these sweet, oversized birdhouse-style boxes that many neighborhoods around the world are erecting little lending libraries.

With a few books, some tools, and couple scraps of wood, you can build a Little Free Library in your front yard. By setting up a box full of books set up at the end of your driveway, you invite neighbors to stop by and exchange books and conversations!

So host a yard sale!

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Take a few moments out of your schedule to greet your new neighbors with a welcoming smile and brief small talk. This often takes the form of freshly baked cookies or other confections. How do you respond? In the form of a handwritten thank you note, of course!

How to Be a Good Neighbor 1: Meet Your Neighbors

Deliver this note and place it on the door or hand it to them, if you choose. You can also reply in like kind by baking them something in return. Be Friendly Every time you leave your home, make it a point to be friendly and approachable.

Some ideas may be to take walks around the neighborhood in the early evenings or on the weekends. Keep yourself open to opportunities to mingle with whomever is out. If you want to take it to the next level, go door to door and introduce yourself to new neighbors. Invite them to your housewarming party. You can also turn that housewarming party into a backyard barbeque where all of your neighbors are invited.

If you feel uncomfortable meeting and inviting your new neighbors one on one, enlist your spouse, your friend, or even your kids to join you as you canvas your neighborhood to hand-deliver invitations.

8 Things to Do When You Move to a New Neighborhood

Get Involved in the Local Community A great way to meet people who live in your new neighborhood is to get involved with super-local activities. This may include joining the neighborhood watch or getting your sweat on with a jogging team. You may also find this same information posted on a bulletin board in a local grocery store or coffee shop.

meet and greet your neighbors

Find Them on Facebook Sometimes, neighborhoods create Facebook group pages. These pages are opportunities for community members to keep in contact with each other and share important updates about the neighborhood.

If your neighborhood is represented on a Facebook group, send a request to join these group pages are generally closed. Bring Your Kids Into It Under the guise of getting your kids to make friends, push them gently, of course to introduce themselves with similarly-aged kids in the neighborhood.