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meet and greet the cure mexico

The Cure Tour Dates just announced. Full information and ticket links. The end user commissioned Mexican-based security systems integrator IR The access control component of the project is built around the C•CURE event control credentials for its perimeter access control and guard tour solutions. Morehouse recently welcomed David Gray as the new Superintendent of Schools , and in order for the community to get to know him better.

According to Ernesto Ibarra, Director at IR Systems de Mexico, the installation included several different types of cameras to address specific needs of each area being monitoring.

The project included Illustra mini domes 93 unitsIllustra bullet cameras 31 units and Speed Dome IP 83 units. Two airports, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, required perimeter cameras SpeedDomes to transmit the images wirelessly to the control room. The power is obtained from solar panels.

A second phase added cameras," Ibarra said.

meet and greet the cure mexico

And Ibarra added that in total, combining the new American Dynamics-manufactured cameras that were added, with the ones that were previously installed, as well as the units developed by other brands, the GAP airports sum cameras installed at their locations.

Such capacity to integrate hardware from different manufacturers is what makes of this project an integral solution that brings a lot of value for the end user. None of the airports had installed an access control solution before, but the integrator presented a proposal that showed the advantages of the integration between the CCTV and the access control systems.

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The integrator used a combination of iSTAR Pro readers and apC Controllers that when combined with iClass smart cards enabled the airports to use the same access control credentials for its perimeter access control and guard tour solutions.

The advantage provided by these cards is that it did not require electrical power or network cable to connect each and every control points with the system because the information is stored in the card.

The project included readers to control doors and pedestrian access points, as well as vehicular access. The vehicular readers which can operate in distances up to This avoids the tag to be taken off from one vehicle and placed in another vehicle. The surveillance systems is managed from independent control centers located at each airport, with either one or two operators, depending upon the needs of each terminal, to manage the system on a daily basis Some airports, as Los Cabos International Airport, the command center includes six screens, while the Guadalajara International Airport has eight 40" screens that form two video wall.

What matters is that all the airports use the same platform. Airports are critical services where security plays a fundamental role and definitely this integration between CCTV and access control is offering a safe environment for employees and travelers. Since the project was completed, the end user and the integrator have continued to work closely together to identify possible expansion at the system based on future needs. Currently the administration of the security system is independently managed at each airport, but the PAC is considering developing a central location to have control all 12 airports.

meet and greet the cure mexico

PACknown as GAP, was incorporated in as part of the Mexican government's program for the opening of Mexico's airports to private investment. Each one of these concessions has a term of 50 years. Human Rights Watch OCTOBER 28, Where palliative care is available it is often due to the efforts of individual physicians or advocates rather than the result of a deliberate policy of the government, health system or insurer. Palliative care seeks to control pain and other physical symptoms and address psychosocial and spiritual issues people with life-limiting illnesses and their families face.

Ballet to cure the Mexico City traffic blues

The World Health Organization WHO considers palliative care an essential part of the healthcare system and recommends that countries implement health policies to promote it, ensure adequate training of health professionals, and make essential palliative care medicines, including opioid analgesics, accessible. As palliative care does not require expensive equipment or medications it can generally be provided at a relatively low cost. A wealth of research studies has shown the effectiveness of palliative care and some studies have found that offering palliative care leads to overall cost savings for health systems due to reductions in the use of emergency health services and hospital admissions.

The effectiveness of opioid analgesics, essential medicines for treatment of moderate to severe pain that are inexpensive and easy to administer, is equally proven, and in high income countries, they are widely available and used to address pain. Tens of thousands of patients with terminal illnesses in Mexico suffer unnecessarily from severe pain and other symptoms because they cannot access adequate end-of-life care.

meet and greet the cure mexico

We also reviewed relevant legislation, insurance policies, medicines lists and other policy documents. Another seventeen states have just one palliative care service, in the capital city in each case.

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For many Mexican residents, at the moment when they are most desperately ill, frail, and in intense pain, care is not available at all or only hours away by public transport. Opioid analgesics for chronic pain such as morphine are also almost completely unavailable outside state capitals.

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As a result, many patients end up without access to palliative care, even if their insurance entitles them to such care. As a result, many physicians and other healthcare workers do not have even basic skills in the care of patients who require palliative care.

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The lack of availability of opioid pain medicines is due in part to insufficient training but also to complex prescription requirements that discourage physicians from obtaining the license needed to prescribe these medicines and pharmacies from stocking them. These barcoded stickers can currently only be obtained in one place in every Mexican state and must be picked up in person, making this requirement highly burdensome to meet.

This has resulted in the vast majority of doctors, especially those living outside state capitals, not being authorized to prescribe these medicines. The government has announced it will replace this system to ensure easier access to barcoded stickers for physicians. Even when patients find a physician able to prescribe these medicines, they face difficulties filling prescriptions.

Very few pharmacies, especially outside state capitals, stock these medicines because almost no physicians outside state capitals can prescribe them and because of administrative requirements for licensing and record keeping. Furthermore, current dispensing regulations frequently force pharmacies to refuse to fill prescriptions on technical grounds forcing patients to return to their physicians to pick up new ones.