Mayhem fest 2013 meet and greet

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Review - Bangor Maine - July 17,

mayhem fest 2013 meet and greet

Rockstar Mayhem Fest Lineup Confirmed (ROB ZOMBIE, Metal Injection will be doing a ticket giveaway for each stop of the tour. To get. Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, the world's biggest hard and heavy music touring festival, has announced its electrifying sixth-year. View average setlists, openers, closers and encores of Rob Zombie for the tour Mayhem Festival !.

Mario Rubio, Thrown into Exile guitarist, discussed his education and experience with their sponsor Musicians Institute, a California college. Merchandise tents also give fans the chance to meet the new bands, get a photo, get an autograph, and maybe swap a story if there is time.

This connection and accessibility, again intimacy, is part of the metal festival culture, and bonds fans to their favorite bands.

mayhem fest 2013 meet and greet

Then there is the music, and that is everything to fans and performers alike. Metal styles range from speed to thrash to death to black to nu and beyond. One band may be deep and grinding while the next is shockingly fast and crazed.

True metal fans differentiate between the styles, and I am not even going to attempt that feat. I can tell you this much, however, metal fans find something in the music that makes sense to them. They may be into metal for the speed of the guitars or the hugeness of the sound or the guttural vocals. For some fans, they want the shocking stage performance — the wilder the better.

Lyrically, metal tends toward the gut wrenching, middle-finger-in-the-air subject matter, and this expresses something palpable and affirming to metal fans.

Mayhem Festival 2013

It just makes sense to their life experience and neurological wiring. As multi-dimensional as the fans may be in their connection to metal music, performers also come to metal from all along the musical spectrum and life experience scale. The artists Maine Music News met were professionals committed to their art and the future of metal.

mayhem fest 2013 meet and greet

I will say, as a little tease, that we had all the important questions lined up plus I had the chance to ask all the seemingly stupid and off the cuff questions that only I could ask.

Gracious and polite to the core, the Mayhem artists obliged with honest and sincere responses. So what was the show like?

Opening right on time at The minute a band hit their last note, the other stage was in full swing. The crowd shifted back and forth, gaining in size as the afternoon went on. Thrown Into Exile had the toughest spot of the day — first. No matter, though, vocalist Evan Seidlitz is a polished front man able to rile the crowd and encourage their connection to the show, literally setting the tone for the entire day.

Their music is heavy and fans immediately responded with appreciation. Thrown Into Exile photos can be found here. Next up was Huntress with the first female vocalist of the day. Huntress pulls heavily from classic metal but incorporates a great deal from newer metal styles also.

Their newest single was written with Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead fame. Huntress photos can be found here.

Rob Zombie Average Setlists of tour: Mayhem Festival |

They completely blew me away. I was really excited when I saw the lineup for Mayhem Festival and I could not wait to go and it was a mind blowing day. This was a 4 hour drive away from my home. My sleep the night before was horrible due to me being so excited for this day so I only had around hours of sleep and I had to wake up around 4: I arrived at the venue early, around I had early entry pre-order laminate tickets which let me in 15 minuets early into the venue. The early entry doors opened at 1pm and the first thing I did was purchase the new Slipknot greatest hits album "Antennas To Hell" to meet the band afterwards.

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mayhem fest 2013 meet and greet

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