Kensi and deeks first meet quotes

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kensi and deeks first meet quotes

They may not be the best communicators, but Deeks and Kensi had a special thing right from their very first meeting. Their relationship. Kensi: You don't even remember their names. Deeks: Cat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany, and Tiffany. How can you forget such a pantheon of crazy girl names?. Quotes. Showing all 1 items. Marty Deeks: Mam, this is, eh, Kensi. Kensi this is my mam. And those are words Kensi Blye: Hi, it's a pleasure to finally meet you.

Huh, you don't work out. Yeah, when people are shooting at us!

kensi and deeks first meet quotes

Come on, I think it would be great for you to be in a relationship. Sam, how many times do we have this conversation- you're my partner not my mother. What are the chances this isn't a suicide? I'd say about zero percent. What do you know that we don't? The words to every TV theme song?

I'm a firm believer that what you drive reflects who you are. What Admin Division is encrypted? The ones used to cover something confidential. Yeah, you heard me. I know you're taking PCH. I'm not sitting in traffic. So, I'll find everything I can about Yeoman Rush.

You two suck exhaust for the next two hours. Hey, what do you say we, uh, stop for donuts? You didn't say anything about donuts! Street racing's a growing problem. These kids spend more than the car's worth making them go fast. I was chasing a suspect! That was - that was our day off. You were late picking me up for a King's game. No donut, no love. We put the "cool" in school.

kensi and deeks first meet quotes

Wouldn't that be "chool"? The "h" is silent. You gotta admire their spirit. One tragedy after another, and they just keep moving on. You have to otherwise, it eats you alive. Give me a wrench. This baby's suffered enough. Sorry, didn't know you cared so much. Well, what can I say? Grease is my favorite perfume. It's just traffic school, how hard can that be? Remember those Libyans that took us off their troller? The Libyans don't sing.

Tokan was James' idea. None of the guys would race a woman. You know guys and their egos. Hey, what about me, huh? I-I got radiation poisoning. Come - come on.

kensi and deeks first meet quotes

I-I need medical attention. I'm gonna give you two of these, okay? Those were breath mints! Never underestimate the importance of good oral hygiene.

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We're only going to get one chance at this. Having said that, I've made some adjustments to the Challenger. It may be your car, Sam.

But Uncle Sam pays the gas.

NCIS: Los Angeles - Deleted Densi Scene Causes Uproar Among Fans

From what we've seen, Mr. You don't seem to need any help. So high above your pay grade, you wouldn't recognize the view. How was your flight?

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I hope you guys are better liars out on the street. I've removed the Supercharger from the Challenger. Why would you do that? Oh geeze, I wonder. Do I have to remind you of the nunchuk incident? You get hurt; you're driving yourself to the ER. That's all I'm saying. Wushu is the Chinese martial art with 18 arms or weapons. I prefer the steel whip or the meteor hammer, but you have to stay in practise with all of them. I mean, you never know when a horde of murderous Mongols are gonna come galloping over Laurel Canyon.

Eric blows a whistle from the balcony to the rest of the team Eric: All hands on deck. Oh, do I look as if I have gone daft? I'd sooner give a chain saw to a spider monkey. At least I took his Segway away. I'll speak to Mr. Sooner than later, okay. Because the next time he toots that thing, he won't be using his lips. Go with God, Mister Callen or whoever it is who watches over you.

kensi and deeks first meet quotes

I have a guardian angel. She's tiny, but very tough. You wanna be briefed on this? I can run it by Director Vance, if you prefer. One of the reasons I'm here is to protect him as a designated fall guy. That mad woman went off her rocker and acted autonomously. You're the first line of defense? Deeks was there, like any other day, than he was gone. Kensi promised she'd never give up searching for him. Her wish is that Alexander, the little boy Deeks never met, may one day know his father.

Mostly Densi but all the team are in the story. Updates are when I can squeeze in a free day from real life. Mentions of abuse NCIS: Rated T as it mentions the word rape, but nothing at all graphic. A bit of whump and angst of Marty Deeks. Cuz I love Deeks and he wears hurt and pain and angst so well. The team love to pick on Marty Deeks. Sometimes it's a bit much and a bit mean.

This time they went a bit too far. The team relax at a bar after their latest case and Callen's blogger comes back to haunt him. Takes place during current time frame for the show.

kensi and deeks first meet quotes

He comes to realize he's not alone. Deeks - Complete Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Gina Callen reviews Christmas a small ten year old boy reminds a man of the true meaning of christmas. Then we would get everything we needed and wrap it and put it under the tree with a tag with the day.

Christmas fic, updated daily!

The Top 3 Most Romantic Scenes

Written by Christina M. Kim, this entire episode is a fluffy Densi delight. There are two aspects to this scene that I love. The first is, of course, that they both remember what the other was wearing when they first met. But what I love even more than the remembering is the way they each deliver their lines. Kensi could make up anything here and keep her cover, but she blurts out the right answer in an adorable way. So he shares the truth with her, and we see her face light up. In the meantime, what are your Top 3 Romantic Scenes?