Kafka on the shore ending a relationship

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kafka on the shore ending a relationship

It's easy to get sucked in by Kafka on the shore, by Haruki Murakami; there's a quest Later on in the book, close to the end, there's another event that might explain It's relationship to the entrance stone makes no sense, because Miss Saeki. They both end up dead. Over the two-year relationship with my Murakami-fan boyfriend, I was constantly reading books that ran on themes of. Keywords: Murakami Haruki, Kafka on the Shore, psychoanalytic readings Introduction . More than just an end to the euphoria of high economic growth, it was a . In particular, Kafka's relationship with Saeki, which it is suggested at times.

Just as he finished telling me and my co-workers this story, my boyfriend walked into the bar and joined us. It was nice to be able to put things that way and not have to explain myself. I enthusiastically continued my Murakami exploration.

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The next book I read was Kafka on the Shore. It took me a long time to read because I was losing the ability to focus.

kafka on the shore ending a relationship

I was also fighting a lot with my boyfriend. He hated seeing me read when I was over because he felt like it took time away from him, and since time was so precious and rare in his line of work medicinewatching me read annoyed him a lot.

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Honestly, I felt the same way about how my boyfriend was treating our relationship at the time, but I was too young and blindly committed to leave. We went to dinner at Blue Ribbon in Park Slope, ate three hundred dollars worth of food, and fought in the cab on our way back to the apartment over the difference between smoked and regular salmon.

I remember a couple of stories from that book, which I had picked up and read whenever I was alone at his apartment, waiting for him to come home from class or work. There are two that stick out for me: Both the film and story are terrific; they examine the effects of human solitude.

kafka on the shore ending a relationship

They were written over the previous summer while I was vacationing with him in Korea. I immediately left the apartment, flagged down a cab and car-pooled back to my apartment with a crazy white lady who kept trying to have a conversation with me about the weather and the MTA strike while I was busy crying.

It was December, and my anthropology final exam was canceled due to the strike. The cab ride from Flatbush Avenue to Avenue A cost me twenty dollars. That same night, my boyfriend suggested that we meet at the Brooklyn Bridge. When we did, we were surrounded by a crowd of commuters. We talked about our relationship but never came to any satisfying resolution.

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The next and last book I read by Murakami is After the Quake. He is a devout disciple of Chekhov's idea that 'if a pistol appears in a story, eventually it has to be fired'.

He has talked often in interviews of allowing his stories to lead him where they want to go, from one sentence to the next. It is a risky, jazz-like strategy and it leads to dead ends as well as open roads.

Not surprisingly, Murakami is drawn as well to the idea of seismic dislocation, the kind of life events that make anything possible. His two non-fiction books dwelt on the victims of the Kobe earthquake and the terrorist gas attack on the Tokyo underground. In each case, Murakami interviewed victims with the kind of attention he might have reserved for interrogating characters he had invented.

What was it exactly about their lives that had changed? What new sense of narrative did they feel? The dramatic act of fate in Kafka on the Shore falls on schoolchildren out with their teacher collecting mushrooms at the end of the Second World War.

A plane passes over, or at least something very high up, and all 16 children fall to the floor unconscious like actors in 'some weird avant- garde play'.

When they come round hours later, none can remember what happened.

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All but one of the children are unaffected by the incident, but that one, Nakata, has had all his memory, and his ability to remember, erased. The narrative itself is deceptively simple. You get what you read, almost. But what prohibited me from reading it as simply a fantastical mystery novel is that the words seem to hide the intentions of the dark forces acting on the people in the story. And I wanted to know what those intentions were. Which leads me to expand on the last three adjectives.

Kafka on the Shore

I think my biggest incentive to finish the book was to see how Murakami would conclude his story — whether all the loose ends would be neatly tied, and if so, how. Here are the questions that I had and tried to answer for myself after finishing the book Warning: When Kafka described his loveless childhood, however, I never got the feeling that his father was so demonic like Johnnie Walker was. I am still doubtful enough to resist answering affirmative to the question, however.

What with the eating of cat hearts, freezing decapitated cat heads and speaking through a big black dog.