Justin bieber meet and gre ets 2015 round 1

Meet-and-greets aren't always good for the artists. Justin Bieber doesn't want to meet his fans, and for a very good reason. has been trending worldwide since the announcement (no.1 at the time of writing). That extra responsibility must take it's toll on an artist if they're expected do that every day when on tour. Fans who were reportedly willing to fork out a whopping $2, to come face to face with their hero will be disappointed to learn that Justin Bieber has cancelled all future meet-and-greets because he feels “drained and unhappy” from other people’s “spiritual energy”. Billboard Cover: Justin Bieber Says 'I Was Close to Letting Fame Destroy Me' Justin Bieber photographed on Oct. 14, at Quixote in West Hollywood, Calif. Bieber throws his arm around me and sways for the sing-along: “Yeah, Bieber shakes hands, makes eye contact and often greets strangers.

Justin Bieber Cancelled His Meet And Greets For A Pretty Serious Reason - PopBuzz

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